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  1. Anybody know when the schedule will be released?
  2. He's run a Bicknell all season at Lebanon Valley. It looks like with his own equipment he may be phasing out the Teo's and replacing them with Bicknell cars. His regular Accord ride (as shown in the gobbler ad) is a Teo that he ran almost weekly at Accord, owned by Jim Winchell.
  3. I dont know. Sorry. I know I stopped at 5800 for the Teo lol
  4. DKM = 7500 TEO = 6750 Troyer TD5 = 10,500
  5. Correct, had to be pre-registered.
  6. Drivers get in for free! Love this show and looking forward to going on Saturday.
  7. MSenecal26s

    Mike Maresca....

    It's been interesting to see how the new Bicknell car has helped Mike step up his game. He's been very impressive since bringing that car out.
  8. MSenecal26s

    Five Mile Point

    Found this on the Five Mile Point Speedway Website: "Five Mile Point Speedway for sale or lease. (serious inquiries only - please email - fivemilepoint1@aol.com) owner financing possible..."
  9. MSenecal26s

    A New DTD

    I'd like to see the DTD page serve me a cold beer everytime I log on. Keep up the great work!
  10. MSenecal26s


    Is that accurate that BK is out? I thought it was odd that he elected not to race eastern states, when I saw Strunks name on the roof of the cars I thought that was odd too. I know Strunk has ran for Zubi's before so I thought maybe it was just for the weekend?
  11. I remember a few years ago when the Saturday portion was rained out and mixed into Sunday. What a long, long day that was!!
  12. MSenecal26s

    Hard Clay Finale

    Still laughing about "Kung Fu Mike Mahaney" being announced lol
  13. Confirmed via Bicknell Racing Products facebook page, Phelps has a new Bicknell.
  14. Rumor has it Ronnie Johnson is also making the switch?
  15. MSenecal26s

    New Egypt 10/5

    I read this on one of the other message boards: expected invaders that include Jimmy Horton, Dominick Buffalino, Wade Hendrickson, Richie Pratt Jr., Matt Stangle, Tim Apgar, Danny Carlough and Stan Frankenfield. Pennsylvania’s Brett Kressley, Mike Gular, Frank Cozze, Duane Howard, Jeff Strunk, and Alex Yankowski, New York invaders Danny Creeden and JR Heffner, Massachusetts invader Andy Bachetti and Matt Hawkins representing the first state of Delaware.