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  1. MSenecal26s

    New Egypt 10/5

    I read this on one of the other message boards: expected invaders that include Jimmy Horton, Dominick Buffalino, Wade Hendrickson, Richie Pratt Jr., Matt Stangle, Tim Apgar, Danny Carlough and Stan Frankenfield. Pennsylvania’s Brett Kressley, Mike Gular, Frank Cozze, Duane Howard, Jeff Strunk, and Alex Yankowski, New York invaders Danny Creeden and JR Heffner, Massachusetts invader Andy Bachetti and Matt Hawkins representing the first state of Delaware.
  2. Corey Cormier 358 and sportsman per his facebook page.
  3. Randy Fillipowski was the race director.
  4. Confirmed this morning via the Orange County Fair Speedway facebook post that Mike Sanchelli offered his resignation and the resignation was accepted. The post is written by Chris Larsen.
  5. Ordered reserved seating yesterday, 4 seats on the aisle, row 4 or 5 by the flag stand. Still seating available!
  6. MSenecal26s

    SDS engine rule

    The engine rule in discussion is exactly what lured Ryan Godown from the STSS to the SDS this season.
  7. Looks like the 'weapon of choice' theory will be in place for the Devils Bowl race. Drivers can run both and then later decide which car to use in the feature. I am interested to see how this plays out.
  8. The surface will not be the same as Accord. In Accord's defense they have had a great surface this year that has produced a fast track and good racing with minimal tire wear. (Side Note: Accord did receive clay from the same location a few years ago) The clay is coming from the Accord/Kerhonkson area along Rt 209 and there were around 300 truck loads delivered to OCFS. The new clay was tested multiple times to ensure the best clay from the site was purchased.
  9. Accord Canceled @ 630am
  10. Afton Canceled - will try to practice sunday or monday now.
  11. Doppler Durham's Weather
  12. Accord Speedway is welcoming rookie sportsman and offering a 'grace' period to use up their existing tires before switching over to the American Racer track tires.
  13. MSenecal26s

    Malta tonight

    Anthony Pereggo in the Graham Racing #18
  14. Looked like Danny was in a new Troyer car at Can-Am. Was this owned by Graham? Seems odd that they would sell off all their Troyers, split from Britten (Troyer loyalist) and switch to Teo, just to go back to a Troyer?