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  1. Accord Canceled @ 630am
  2. Afton Canceled - will try to practice sunday or monday now.
  3. Doppler Durham's Weather
  4. Accord Speedway is welcoming rookie sportsman and offering a 'grace' period to use up their existing tires before switching over to the American Racer track tires.
  5. MSenecal26s

    Malta tonight

    Anthony Pereggo in the Graham Racing #18
  6. Looked like Danny was in a new Troyer car at Can-Am. Was this owned by Graham? Seems odd that they would sell off all their Troyers, split from Britten (Troyer loyalist) and switch to Teo, just to go back to a Troyer?
  7. Perreggo will be at OCFS Saturday in Brian Smiths 44 car.
  8. Orange County Fair Speedway has a nice sign on the side of Rt 17. Last time I saw it, it was promoting last years eastern states event. Not sure if it has been updated for this season yet.
  9. Looked like the show was a success this year. I think there was something like 72 cars on hand and there was a very good turn of race fans on Saturday.
  10. Rumor has it that the Petruska 66 will return to OCFS. Speculation is that Tommy Meier will be the driver this season.
  11. From the Devils Bowl Facebook Live interview with Brett Hearn last night, he will announce his plans in 2 weeks.
  12. Originally it was announced by the GRIT series that they had a race scheduled at all-tech on this date. (For the 602 sportsman)
  13. I got to meet C.Bell at Volusia, he is a great guy and expressed a lot of interest in driving a North East Dirt Modified. I tried to get him to come try my car over at the North Florida Speedway. With the excitement building for the Centennial at OCFS, the purse and the track's connection to NASCAR it wouldn't surprise me one bit if we saw Christopher Bell and some other NASCAR talent finding rides for this show.
  14. Cant wait to get down there!