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  1. Charlie DeAngelis was a mastermind with dirt modifieds and an absolute pleasure to be around. When the Dutchess Overhead Doors / Jimmy Horton raceteam closed up shop, Charlie did some 'freelance' crew chief work. The team I was on, Barry Davis #9D, hired him to come help us out for a few weeks. We sure did have a lot of fun with Charlie!!
  2. Penn Can is suppose to have their opening night event this Friday Night (Hearing with fans?)
  3. I've put a little 'Racing Stimulus' post up on my facebook page. Any driver planning to go to this event can comment on my post and their name will be eligible to win a gas card donated by my race team. The gas card started at 100$, there have been 2 donations of 25$ each, making the total 150$ now. I'll do a live facebook draw to determine who gets the gas card. If anybody here is racing the event or knows someone who is, please send them my way. I'd like everybody to get a chance to win and hopefully we can get the donation amount higher!!
  4. I donated 50$ bucks from my raceteam, I'll gladly pay the 50$ to watch 2 nights of racing. Hopefully it's great racing.... And if its not, well its still better than what we are watching now!!
  5. Penn can has canceled, rescheduled until next weekend.
  6. "NY on Pause" was just extended to May 15th. That kills those early May predictions sadly. I
  7. I have a dedicated iRacing computer, it's built just to run the simulator. Single monitor, high graphics and it was only in the 500$ range. If you do some digging you can find a lot of good info out there and get connected with the right people that eat, sleep and breath the iRacing life. Building a PC specific to iRacing is not as costly as some people have made it seem. If anybody would like the name of the person/company who built my PC just PM me and I'll get you that info. For Facebook users check out the Everything iRacing group. There is a ton of information there!
  8. I am iRacing but just started. So far its pretty bad @ss!
  9. There was 'chatter' of this going around the local speed shops the last few weeks. Local being Accord/OCFS area. It was also unofficially reported last week on the OCFS Observer facebook page that Matt would be at OCFS.
  10. He's run a Bicknell all season at Lebanon Valley. It looks like with his own equipment he may be phasing out the Teo's and replacing them with Bicknell cars. His regular Accord ride (as shown in the gobbler ad) is a Teo that he ran almost weekly at Accord, owned by Jim Winchell.
  11. I dont know. Sorry. I know I stopped at 5800 for the Teo lol
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