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  1. how many big blocks you think they get.
  2. Are you jealous or do you like to complain it is what it is get over it.
  3. Great job this weekend
  4. Maybe it's a bi tax write off for this year. LOL
  5. 22racing team you got all the answers get your ass down there and fix the problem. At least we are seeing racing not like other tracks. All this rain every week can't help. Of course if you didn't complain you wouldn't have anything to do.Also when was the last time you saw the 50/50 that great. Ask Pete JMO
  6. Fonda for 8,000 to win in just 30 laps. Has to be more exciting JMO
  7. It's over with what does it matter now.
  8. How much is Kyle and Howie putting into the night.
  9. Solution to the pro stocks running in the track after intermission tell Pete they aren't going to do it every week let pete use the mods one week and the sportsman so on so forth.JMO
  10. That goes to show you that money buys you everything . and that all lawyers are crooked like politicians
  11. rick4b

    fonda tonight

    Best part of the night was when he watered the track at intermission and got people wet on the walkway.