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  1. You're right Donnie...An opinion better left unsaid...My sincere apologies...
  2. And I'm sorry , you were tearing it up in what class where and when ? Please , do tell...
  3. Yes Andrew you are correct , I can't drive for chit...3 years of having fun was just a horrible time...
  4. Ooooh stop Outlaw...It's just my own personal nickname for the place...It's much kinder than what I call OCFS...
  5. I have no idea wtf your talking about with the 4cyl race car comment... If you must know, I have already thrown my name in the hat... All anyone would have to do is speak normal and say the "fastest 1/4 mile on dirt" less than 100 times a night to do a better job... You must be a friend,,,if so,,,you're a good friend for sticking up for him,,, but lets be honest here Krash...
  6. I just saw on the GRMP website schedule they are racing again this week and possibly next ... Very ambitious against the big races going on... I wish them the best...Gotta love the speed there... And in passing , who the hell is the kid with the mullet behind the microphone and doing on track interviews? What are they thinking ? Worst ever...Made me wanna leave...
  7. I'm sure he will not be the only one leaving the dust bowl behind...
  8. http://bdmotorsportsmedia.com/2017-halmar-north-region-standings/... Here are the standings in the North through August...Anyone in the top 15 or so not at Oswego I would presume would be in attendance... Ricci's possibly ...Not sure if Matty D is at Oswego or not...Did not see any photos of the BBL car as of yet...
  9. I've come to the conclusion that these race car drivers are like NBA players. None of them EVER commit a foul themselves, but are very quick to complain and take action when they feel they get fouled.
  10. Perhaps the powers that be at DTD can reach out and get an interview and post the news to the front page...
  11. "Listen , There's only a few guys out there that I'm gonna let use their car as a weapon. Everyone else is not welcome"...
  12. I'm sure the biggest name in the sport will not be blackballed from this show. I'll buy you a beer if he is . And YES , I can afford it.
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