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  1. Same here. I only remember missing one opening day at Weedsport from 1972-1984 (1978). Probably ran in to you at one time or another without knowing it. As far as a single race, I'd have to say the USAC race at Syracuse in 1974. There was nothing like seeing Unser and Andretti go at it. For an 8 year old, there was nothing like it in the world.
  2. That's what it was originally built for anyways.
  3. I was crewing a sportsman at Skyline that year, and I seem to remember he either was spun or got damaged somehow coming up through the field and finished 2nd. I was never a big IMCA fan, but I tried to get our car ready early so I could run up and catch some of the IMCA features. He was in another zip code that season.
  4. If IMCA counts, Chris Fleming had a 13 or 14 race win streak between Brewerton and Fulton in 2014. Although the competition was quite what Matt has.
  5. If you read the Utica Rome book, it's been an issue for a long time.
  6. BigFeet13

    Bob Miller Might Know?

    It's in his book too. He said he only had to take his shoe off the first night out with the car. They repositioned the pedals after.
  7. This is the driver roster the first time I went to Rolling Wheels, 1973.
  8. Pauch's car, since it's hand lettered.
  9. I just read the Utica Rome book. They had quite a few seasons that were almost complete washouts. Never heard of a track losing them all.
  10. Sheppard. Runner ups, Friesen, Rudolph.
  11. BigFeet13

    I love to complain

    Now that I agree with. Now I watch with the sound turned off.
  12. Gee, like he was a saint before his drug trafficking conviction.