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  1. Oops. https://markets.businessinsider.com/news/stocks/flosports-announces-acquisition-of-dirtondirt-com-1028512824
  2. I heard a rumor concerning Howie and Glen getting together. Probably just that though, a rumor. Either way, I'll be there to support Deyo and the STSS.
  3. I plan to be there. First trip to the Grove, looking forward to it.
  4. Who said anything about a few years ago?? Currently, it is false, sorry.
  5. Bob Baldwin

    Who Compares?

    Until 2000, the SDS ran all summer and ended with SDW. SDW was then the second race in the Fall Mr. Dirt title run. All the Mr. Dirt races were 200 laps, starting with the Coors natl. 200 at LV.
  6. Bob Baldwin

    Dippel LV

    Hearn 4th, Berger 5th. Congrats to Dippel on a big win!! A win I believe he'd have gotten, even if he had not broken the re-start rules, but... Hope you brought this to his attention in victory lane, Gasket??
  7. IMO, in this instance, the track doesn't owe you anything. It would be a nice gesture to have given you something, but to boycott because your date had a medical issue is rediculous. Was the race postponed or canceled due to her illness?? I'm allergic to bee stings, if I go to the track, get stung and have to leave, do they owe me a refund??
  8. I would assume because they all brought Hoosier tires. NES uses American Racer. I, too, wondered why only Stew made the trip over. Wasn't tires though. From the event info sheet. New Egypt Speedway’s Modified March Madness Meltdown Saturday, March 19, 2016 50 Laps $5,000 to win $400 to take the green Engine Rules: Big Block, Open Small Block, Small Block Modifieds Tire Rules: LF 33 RF 38 American Racer/Hoosier D300 or harder; LR 44 RR 48 American Racer/Hoosier D300 or harder. No outlaw or drag tires will be permitted
  9. Jimmy Horton Can't wait, our first trip to Georgetown. Anything we need to know?? How's the food?? Should we bring our own??
  10. I prefer Ocala over Volusia. Every time I've been to Volusia, it was not great racing. The one time I went to Ocala, the sprints and IMCA mods put on a great show. Lots of close racing.
  11. :blink: If I go to Black Rock? will that ruin your day? No sir, enjoy the race. People that always think that their getting screwed amaze me Bob. No one claimed they were "always" getting screwed. I've been screwed once, and that promoter will never get the opportunity to screw me again. But because he got away with it, others believe they can too. And it's they're, not their. Like I said the fairest way would probably be to run the rest of tonights show tomorrow afternoon. Then go around with security and make sure everyone is outside the gates. Check all around. Then open up the gates for people with tickets to the WoO. Or. They can run the WoO race tomorrow as scheduled. Then find some other day to open up the track. Next weekend. Next year . Whenever. All stubs good. Figure how to pay the employees. electric, insurance somehow. Your not really going to get a whole lot of new ticket buyers probly. Why? Well because the people that normally buy, already did!! Whatever you do, don't add it to another show. Because you won't have the money to pay. Just ticket stubs. And if you charge new people to pay that nights show. Then the first timers will cry that it not fair your getting their show free. But guess what? Life aint always fair. People cant always get what they want.[/quote]