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  1. with 2" of rain i hope they have enough sense to pull all the haulers from the pit area. i can see a major problems with leaving them all day sun. by sun. night. can we say mug bogs.
  2. i have not seen this posted anywhere else but monday oct. 14th larry dalmada sr. passed away at the age of 74. he was born in fulton co. n.y. and had raced at fonda speedway along with his brother ray dalmada. he drove the team car to ray which was the 644. rays was 643 and later on they added the 645 . i do not no if larry was in the fonda hall of fame. maybe if ed bidding could chime in and give us some more info on larry. his obit is in the leader hereld last week.
  3. a fonda thread already 8 pages and 8 long months to go, i'm loving it. lol
  4. is there an albany show this yr?
  5. it was once said a few yrs. ago his fuel bill for his trucking co. was 1 million a month. i believe he's not hurting for cash.
  6. if any of the red cars come to fonda i think it would be pat ward.
  7. i don't think so. he has all his track equipment for super dirt week and is tied in with dirt.
  8. rumors started to fly around fonda area, jake is rocky in your cars this coming season?
  9. at one point in time didn't vicari work for glenn at super dirt week on track prep. i remember him on the grader at syracuse, maybe in the early or mid 80's
  10. i see in todays leader hearld newspaper that the USAC east coast sprints will be at the ridge june 30th. and the wingless racers alliance group on june 16th and aug.11th. any thoughts?
  11. yea, and after he flags he'll blow up the bleachers just like the mile.
  12. gee i did not see glenn d. name on the list. maybe thats why no cnyrp, or any construction co. associated with the project. more to it i suppose.