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  1. wow a 100,000 fans at a race a promoters dream. maybe at indy
  2. just seen that the gov. of n.y. has canceled all fairs including fonda. just curious bret has to shut down i believe 2 wks. for the fair, take out all the peremiter fenceing etc.,will the fair board let him keep up his stuff and run some special shows to make up for this mess?
  3. they only have one hauler they put the food in the upper area where the two trucks are transported. the remainder food was put on the bottom where the equipment to work on the trucks is stored in cabinets they did this to even out the load distribution. i would love for them to bring that hauler to fonda some sat. night and park it behind the one z trailer for fans to tour the insides. i bet there are a lot of dirt fans that never seen the insides of one of these transporters.
  4. went by fonda sat. afternoon about 4;00 and water truck was on the track. gates were closed and there was stewart and jessica's hauler in the pits. later stew was doing some hot laps in the 44. track showed little dust from what i could see from standing on the bridge. was turning some good laps as far as i could tell. hmm, could we be close to some action at the track of champions?
  5. no it doesn't matter it was just a quick observation being the race team is headquartered in the south and stew and jessica live 25 min from me. but what do i know. there are so many smart asses on this site that just can't wait to snap at you because you ask simple questions. a forum full of professors with brilliant minds. carry on.
  6. hats off to halmar, stewart and the rest of the HFR team. yesterday afternoon the HFR toyata truck transporter pulled in to the montgomery county sheriffs office in fonda and dropped of pallets of food for the local food pantries. from what i read they made stops at different locations in n.y. check out there facebook page for pics. what i found odd is that the transporter had n.y. plates on it being the are from the carolinias .
  7. george,i think the way this season is stating out,( does not look good) i know the fans in the north east are craving just to see there first race. you have been to fonda as long as me and ralph said open the season with a good paying race 50 laps or more and i will fill the place, because people are starved for racing. the next week you will have only the dihards in the stands. maybe that theory applies here with lower ppv. volumes speak word = money.
  8. you know people like you and others amaze me. take a look at these poor nurses and doctors in the trenches of this out break and tell them that this is fake. or heaven forbid you don't have a love one you just had to bury. take a look at hart island where they are burying people in pine boxes stacked up because of no space and not enough money for a funeral. carry on soldier.
  9. you know, my parents brought me up to never wish anything bad on another person. it can and will come back on you. can you say karma?
  10. the bad part about that is god forbid would be nancy pelosi.
  11. try riding in the back seat of those gator pace cars all the way to hagerstown md. and to the grove. there was no seat had to set sideways across the back
  12. a question for jake spraker. do you still have the bus/hauler that marcel la france owned and in later yrs. was then owned by john marsh. i thought i seen it in the lot across from your business?
  13. mr. miller, outlaw please lock this topic. i hear this he said she said crap almost 24/7 one thing we know it's killing our loved ones. i come on this site to read and talk racing. damn, give it a rest. thank you
  14. yes, been there done that. this was before they put the cable back from the edge of the track. we used to walk out to the edge and at that time the infield was higher then the track. you really had to have ba$$s to stand there for more than a few laps, you would swear the drivers were looking in your eyes as they cocked them sideways. it felt like you could reach out and touch the wing as they went by.
  15. infield at 5 mile point. talk about screwing oneself into ground and the hearing loss for a wk.after.
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