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  1. I’ve known Danny for about 20 years and one thing I can say is you’ll be hard pressed to find a guy more in love with short track racing than the Pimp. Add to it that he was just a great guy and it makes the news all that much harder to digest. He always had time for you and truly appreciated you coming to Bridgeport. There’s a huge hole left in NJ racing today. RIP Brother, you’ll be missed in so many ways. best, JP
  2. From what I understand, the 41 team will run the full tour but Gravel will only run a partial schedule with them. Some rumors swirling around about who else will fill in the gaps for the 41 but nothing concrete. I suspect we’ll have the full insights next month. JP
  3. New Egypt allows BB and SB combos but the ticket there is the SB with sail panels. You won’t find a whole lot of big blocks running there for that reason but one can run one if they choose. As for the change are Bridgeport, I think it’s a great move. It’s big money to run there and the track is tough on motors. Guys are pretty much flat footing it around the track. The racing on the 3/8ths was better, IMO, which likely is prompting the move along with driver support. They’ve done a great job with the facility and I think this will continue the tradition of valuable upgrades and edits to
  4. What’s wrong with some of you? Every team makes business decisions based on their budget and an expected outcome. Unless you’re filling a teams pockets with cash what gives you the right to dictate where they go? Be happy racing still exists and that people are dumb enough to shell out hundreds of thousands of dollars for pennies in return. Just have fun and enjoy the show.
  5. What do you care what the race pays to win unless you have a car in the race or you’re a driver? You’re paying for a great race with the best drivers in the business and that’s what you’ll likely get. Worry about your own wallet - IE your comment on $9...
  6. Come down here to NJ and ask some of the locals what they think of Ryan’s passing. He’s a good wheelman but he doesn’t mind rough riding. Ryan would’ve absolutely done the same thing and I’m sure he gets it given he was being lapped and Matt was racing Larry for the lead. No idea if Matt will be allowed to race but if you listen to him speak about Larry I think he has a lot of respect for him and his driving abilities so it feels like it’s time to let it go... but not my playground.
  7. My nephew races quarter midgets for me and if Wall hadn’t cancelled for Sunday I was going to skip it. I was finishing up the car for this week last night and made the decision to bail regardless. 105 heat index standing on blacktop for 8 hours is tough on us but even tougher on the kids. I think it’s a good call.
  8. I can’t make it due to work obligations but it should be one heck of a show, great field of cars from NY, NJ and PA. Would love to see Warner pull off the W.
  9. AS and Brewerton both have great fields this year and one other I’d throw in is Big Diamond. Different region but a number of guys that can win.
  10. I know that some of you know a great deal more about racing history than I do so what is the longest win streak anyone can recall? With Matt at 10 is this a record or did someone win more in a row in the past? Cable, Pauch, Barefoot? JP
  11. I’m sure he was frustrated but the interview definitely didn’t paint him in a great light, IMO. He’s getting close to that first win, though.
  12. I’d say that there is no stock answer. There will be a huge disparity based on the driver, # of tracks, series, etc. And there’s also the other side of all of this as far as sales and marketing capabilities. Plenty of drivers fall short in this area. Back in 2005 my brother and I built a marketing plan to build a sportsman team. We had everything lined up and decided we were both too busy with our careers to do it but we had a primary sponsor signed up at $10k for a single track (and a rookie driver) as well as several associate sponsors in the $1,000 to $1,500 range plus a handful of ot
  13. It’s supply and demand, more race tracks than fans. We’ll continue to see tracks be purchased and redeveloped given owners can make more money selling than racing (and get rid of a whole lot of headaches). Down here in NJ we have three tracks left and one of those would be toast if the owners could find a buyer.
  14. Not good for Bridgeport to be losing a quality car. I wouldn’t be surprised to see Martz have a few decent runs once he settles in.
  15. Can’t argue with that and ultimately it’s not my money to spend. I’m just glad to see that Jake is still fielding a car.
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