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  1. For all the Lucas Oil Late Model Action updates be sure to check out @sills18 on twitter and I'll also be re-tweeting if your already following me. If you haven't yet add @sills18 and @fastlaneradio on twitter....
  2. have the DVR all set to record!!!! Pretty cool it is on CBS!!!
  3. Kimmie, you ever get my message on facebook?
  4. Thanks Jon! you did a god job too....
  5. Race them at Chemung and/or even at Wyoming County/Perry.... There is a ton of opportunity's to have a dirt/asphalt challenge.. I'm all for it...
  6. Awesome Kimmie, I can't be at two places at the same time.... LOL I don't always go to just the stands, but had friends with me so that is where I was this time.... I have a few other things up my sleeve too for the next trip (which I have not figured out yet).. I'm just glad that it is racing season!!!
  7. Count me in, I'll get there a day early just because this sounds very exciting!!!! WICKED HOPE THIS HAPPENS!!!!
  8. Good one, it was a good thing i didn't take a pic when him and his brother were working on the Number Nine video Racing golf kart machine...lol He almost had a breakdown. lol Just image the hood open on a car and two people with thier heads inside looking and the image of looking from behind them...lol All in good fun Bob...
  9. Yeah It is late, sorry to all, but worth the read> http://thewritetrackracing.blogspot.com/2012/04/write-track-canandaigua-motorsports.html Any feedback or comments let me know, and if you want something different or whatever for the next blog, I'm up for suggestions. Blog is a storyline type with pictures also!!
  10. and better yet right now i'm digging through some of my old programs that i used for the fantasy league, i'll let you know what i find it might help you out in a big way.... keep your fingers crossed
  11. Well John that is a bit hard as there is teams in two columns on each side of the page.... WAIT that is a good thing though!!!! LOL I'll deal with it and forgot that your doing it by hand...
  12. Yeah Justin i kinda figured that... I'll not say any more comments on that one other than, I guess that's racing!! Go get 'em next week!! (this week) lol
  13. John is there anyway to list each races results from highest to lowest after each event? I noticed that is not an option, so we can see on a chart(i know you tell us all in emails and postings) who had won and etc... It would be cool to see who beat me and exactly what place i was in for each event?
  14. I'll be the first one to respond... Matty D - "Race fans picked me to win on facebook, really thought I had this!" Jim Davis - "Man Who the heck is this kid and what kind of chassis is that? Hey Matt you have any idea? Matt/Jim - " this is our house what the heck happened? " Matt/Jim " Just another case of being the first losers again " All in good fun