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  1. So, take this year's schedule, move everything up a day, and run the SB race and BB race more toward a night time start. That would leave Sunday for a rain date.
  2. It's not often you will see the higher ups in an organization out there doing the dirty work. On Sunday staging, none other than Brian Carter coming up to our vehicle and letting us know how they were doing things, and making sure we were in the right line. Turn into Gate 6 and there is Jeff Hachmann directing us on which line to get in. All week long we saw Brian in the camping area checking over things and making sure if anyone needed help, they got it. One of the roads in green lot had washed out a bit. They brought in the material to fix it, and it was none other than Brian up on the roller helping get the road back together. Is it perfect? no. Are they doing the best they can, yes. Let's see what improvements next year brings. Maybe electric to the green lot spots???
  3. Reserved seating is available at the gate. $35 top two rows only. There is a no blanket policy in place. You cannot go in before the gates open and save your seat.
  4. I think the track had grip & wasn't the slick track those guys are used to and like...
  5. You might want to start paying better attention then.
  6. Not sure of the "back" story, but if NASCAR knew the prescription was legal for the other person & that person told them it was them who put backpack in the vehicle, then I would say they screwed up. Can't always wait for the court system to make a decision.
  7. Seeing as they belonged to another NASCAR sanctioned driver, not likely.
  8. In my opinion, they could have held him while they investigated a little bit further before filing charges.
  9. Hate doesn't look very good on you. The only "money" was what had to be paid to a lawyer to fight a bogus charge to begin with....
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