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  1. Some of them have finally gotten away from the intentional coil bind.
  2. The stacked springs and bumps pretty much came from dirt late model land. They’ve been messing with that for a few years now, and pretty much have it down to a science these days. In their case, it’s pretty much to manipulate the attitude of the car to keep the nose down and the spoiler up. The goals of the stacks are almost assuredly different when it comes to modifieds. It would be pretty interesting to see the differences in stack setups between the two divisions.
  3. I don’t believe he’s ever run Middletown weekly, has he?
  4. I know a guy with all of that and a track that he can use basically whenever he wants to test, and he even says it’s not as big a deal as people think.
  5. I’d argue that guys like Taylor absolutely did what they could to keep the small teams being the small teams back in the late 80s/early 90s. It really wasn’t that different than it is now, other than more people being interested in northeast modified racing. The bigger issue for northeast modified racing is getting and keeping younger people involved, and that one isn’t going to be fixed by “making the sport cheaper”.
  6. There’s been money at the top of every racing division since auto racing’s inception. Acting like it’s a new phenomenon is absurd.
  7. But you don’t understand any of it.
  8. I didn’t contradict myself. You lack in understanding.
  9. You’d need the same rule package in both series for that to be feasible.
  10. Four link, shock, and spring technology has come a really, really long way in those 30-40 years. It’s apples to oranges.
  11. That’s kinda what’s going on here, actually. 4 links and stacked springs are a rabbit hole that your average weekly mod guys really wouldn’t be able to dedicate the time or money to get working to the best of its ability. Not to mention it’s all pretty useless with a solid front axle and less than ideal aerodynamics to begin with, so the trial and error has to be even more specialized and expensive.
  12. Find new solutions. Obsoleting equipment before the end of its lifespan doesn’t save anybody a penny, and contrary to popular belief, hits the lower budgeted teams way, way harder than it hits the big money teams.
  13. Going back into the past is a horrible way to move into the future.
  14. I think spring rules in a division with suspension straight out of the 50’s is silly myself, but I don’t make rules.
  15. Allowing stacks means you absolutely need a smasher, and a good smasher is about 2k.