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  1. Big blocks get paid more than any other regional division. A whole bunch more.
  2. There’s gonna be 2 Dreams and 2 Worlds too. I don’t see how they pull any of it off without crowds.
  3. This idea that states that have totally shut down are going to suddenly open back up after the vaccine is incredible naive, especially when that state in question is responsible for the majority of American COVID deaths.
  4. I doubt the truck race is anywhere near good at Knoxville. Eldora was okayish because the fast way around the place is up next to the wall and the bottom allowed for lots of sliders and other passes. Knoxville is almost flat and the outside is not worth it there in a glorified street stock. It’s really likely to be a 70MPH freight train around the hub.
  5. The stark reality is that any track that isn’t owned by somebody willing to lose thousands of dollars a month will probably close for good if tracks don’t open to fans in 2021. There were tracks here in PA that were very close to failing if they didn’t blatantly ignore the governor’s orders and run anyway this past season.
  6. They typically have grills that fold out from the bottom part on the side. That’s what you’re supposed to cook with.
  7. The dude that Tim drives for now races himself sometimes and sponsors all sorts of racers in the south too.
  8. Them S&S rigs are unbelievably sharp. They also cost 750k, so they had better be unbelievably sharp.
  9. Most niche motor oil is refined by one of the giant oil companies, and is largely supported by fleet contracts. The def market in particular has been very lucrative.
  10. This idea that the SSTS was designed to be fair was some grade A marketing for something that was never the case.
  11. McCreadie is the official house car, and has been for a few years now. Before T-Mac, the official house car was Justin Labonte. Davenport was never the official house car driver. McCreadie’s current team owned by Donald Bradsher has substantial resources. It’s probably not quite as big budget as the Landers team, but they’re certainly not hurting for anything. The big difference, in my opinion, is that Kevin Rumley shifted from Landers to the House car two years ago.
  12. The head to head stats with Jimmy and Brandon on the few races they actually run together every year are pretty even. Brandon is slightly ahead, but it’s very slight.
  13. He won 9 of the 15 races he ran in his grandpa’s car this season.
  14. Davenport has fallen off a rock this year. Rumor has it he might be moving on again. McCreadie and Richards have already won WoO titles before they decided to switch tours. Owens has flirted with switching tours the last couple years. Would be seriously interesting to see him and Sheppard to go head to head for a season. I don’t doubt that if Jimmy and Brandon switched tours that they’d both dominate the other tour.
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