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  1. Apparently Matt is all washed up and should get a haircut and a real job.
  2. Josh Bayko

    Droop rule?

    The idea is two fold. First priority is trying to limit rear downforce some. Modern late models have manipulated the attitude of the car to the point of they are now almost a modernized version of the wedges from the early 80’s. Second priority is lowering the center of gravity of the cars, which ends up being pretty high at full droop. There have been quite a lot of flips in the last few years and they’re hoping lowering the CoG should keep them right side up a little better.
  3. Josh Bayko

    Droop rule?

    Droop in a late model is how far the LR will “droop” from the chassis when a car is on the bars when on throttle. It pushes the spoiler way up in the air, from the 39” the deck sits at ride height when stopped to, previous to the new rule, upwards of 60” in some cases. What the WoO has done is limit that droop measurement so the most it can measure from after an event is 50 1/2”.
  4. Because then he’s already back at the pit. That’s a big no no.
  5. It was a cleanish night for him, but racers tend to have long memories.
  6. It’s really not. Erb just screwed up. Sheppard and Lanigan went to tech with no issues. Richards even noticed what was going on and went to tech instead of his hauler, just in case.
  7. I don’t know how it currently works at Volusia, but it did not work what way at Lernerville when they owned it.
  8. Whitener is one of the dirtiest drivers in dirt late model racing. He gets raced that way because he races everybody else that way.
  9. There are no sanctioning fees there, WRG still owns the joint.
  10. There is no physical difference as far as the cars. They’re even using the UMP tires for the WoO races. The only real difference this week is the purses (UMP races pay 7k, WoO races pay 10k) and where the points count (UMP has a national points fund and the WoO obviously has its own point fund)
  11. He typically runs the southern regional tours. Has a bunch of fast times over the years but only a few wins.
  12. He’s a weapon most places he goes. There’s a lot of speed there, he just has to get it under control.
  13. Eckert actually started off in 410 sprints.
  14. Maybe the Fonda faithful could sue somebody for their extreme butthurt?