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  1. According to some northern/southern tier folks, the border is the infield at a Stateline.
  2. Nobody has ever made any real touring modified traction here in western PA, either, and we actually have a decent amount of local big blocks.
  3. Their crowds pale in comparison to what Port Royal gets for big sprint and lm shows and it’s a much different world.
  4. Anything that isn’t sprint cars or super late models is a tough sell in central PA, and late models really only became any kind of draw there within the last 5 or 6 years. Add in an iffy forecast and it only compounds the problem.
  5. The WoOlm tour lists all money won with the WoO, but doesn’t list anything with for Lucas. Lucas lists the total money won on their tour for the top 20, but nothing with WoO and neither count unsanctioned shows.
  6. The outlaw schedule allows him to hit every race on both tours and unsanctioned that pays 20k or more, and he won a bunch of those even with skipping some of them.
  7. “Partnering” with a track means the track is paying at least half of the purse. A show like Port Royal would mean that the track is still paying out effectively a 25k purse.
  8. The only way a track owner or promoter isn’t paying the purse is if the sanction leases the track, and leasing every track on a tour is a business model that has never worked. The last guy to try it was John Kennedy, and we all, including Brett Deyo, know how that turned out.
  9. Glenn sold out almost twenty years ago. You people really need to get over it.
  10. You have no idea how the racing business works. If you ever actually read anything here instead of commenting in every thread, you might occasionally learn something. Track owners or promoters pay the entire purse and a sanctioning fee for almost every touring show in every division. It’s now the racing business has worked for years. If a race has a title sponsor, the track has generally made that connection themselves.
  11. Getting big time sponsorship for a series that runs almost exclusively in one state is really unlikely to happen these days. Marketing budgets have been slashed and companies have to pick and choose where they think they’ll get the most visibility.
  12. The Thursday crowd at Port Royal was terrible that weekend. Makes sense to switch it to two days. The Firecracker getting boosted to 50k is being paid by Big River Steel. I suspect most of the other boosted purses are being paid by sponsors too.
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