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  1. I made the point when this came up this past season that CNY SDS racers tend to ignore Fonda unless they have to be there and have for years. This season the best Sheppard in dirt racing will be at Dundee that weekend, lol.
  2. I think he’s referring to the WoO LMS being there for both days in 2020, but his point was sarcastic.
  3. Almost every racing series in existence has a rule about drivers racing in a competing event. Acting like this was just a WRG thing is disingenuous.
  4. I don’t think Brett ever officially used that as an official slogan, though. I think it’s more something that fans came up with because his engine options allow for basically any steel carbureted motor.
  5. They all run exactly the same divisions.
  6. The people that currently own The Wheels have no interest in keeping the place in running order,. Wanting to promote races there is absurd.
  7. Special shows ain’t so special when they happen that often.
  8. Josh Bayko

    Coil Car

    I think the MD3 noses and the bodies in general looked way better back in 2008. They were still basically straight and symmetrical with a flat deck that was at 36”. It’s all that’s taken place since then where the decks have crept up to 39” and the deck went from flat to dished where it’s flat to the driver and raked up to the spoiler, and the noses are mounted crooked and one ear is 2” and the other is 14” and the whole car is crooked so it’s sealed off in the corner.
  9. Josh Bayko

    Coil Car

    The nose itself doesn’t matter so much without the flat or very slightly raked deck.
  10. Josh Bayko

    Coil Car

    Late models will always carry so much more speed through the corner because of aero. All of the development of four links in late model racing has been to take advantage of how much downforce the body provides. Modern lates don’t really resemble the old wedge cars, but when they’re on the bars and the spoiler is 50-60” in the air while the nose glides maybe 1/2” off the ground they are effectively wedge cars all over again. I do agree that independent front ends in a big block would largely result in four link cars becoming the norm and the attitude of the cars would be very similar to late models, but getting 13–15” of droop in a mod would be pretty counterproductive aero-wise. Mods already make so much rear downforce that giving them even more rear downforce would pull the front end up so hard that you straight up wouldn’t be able to hold or seal the nose.
  11. Josh Bayko

    Coil Car

    The aero and tire differences would still keep them pretty far apart.
  12. Josh Bayko

    Coil Car

    A northeastern dirt modified puts out 8—10 times the torque of a Volkswagen.
  13. I think sealing the nose off in a Northeast style mod isn’t so much about overall downforce as it is about just keeping the nose down. They’re so rear aero dependent that it almost creates lift in the nose.
  14. Josh Bayko


    The easiest way to get the nicest Integras is to get friendly with Mr. Daugherty.
  15. Josh Bayko


    Nobody’s shocks are box stock, the brand itself doesn’t mean a whole lot.