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  1. Lernerville - three headliners Sharon - fantastic facility Tyler County - strictly for the hardcore PPMS - it could be absolutely amazing Eldora - the granddaddy
  2. Marshalltown is my favorite place to watch races from online. It’s definitely only bucket list of tracks to visit now.
  3. Smooth and slick with a cushion and a strip of brown along the bottom.
  4. I prefer time trials to pill draw at big shows as a fan, especially if there’s an invert. If the drivers know what the invert is before qualifying, it’s always fun watching guys try to hit the invert with their laps.
  5. I don’t have a problem with it either.
  6. I’ve seen crew members and/or others draw qualifying pills for drivers that aren’t there yet at a ton of big time late model races.
  7. The double heat passing point format is now used at the DTWC, I80 nationals and the North/South. It’s been very well received amongst fans, but many of the racers still prefer the old way of qualifying to set up the heats, but they show up at those races anyways.
  8. The format means jack squat if the track is locked down into a single groove.
  9. Lernerville runs its three headliners first before it’s one support class.
  10. There was a bounty on Lance Dewease at Port Royal just last night.
  11. If they spent 10 milllion on the facility already, the other 7 million the state supposedly promised him isn’t going to come close to building anything.
  12. Not to mention a ton of those racers at the nationals are traveling hours and hours to get there. The diesel bill alone is in the thousands at that point.
  13. The Eldora Million paid a million for first and 50k for second. It was just the standard Dream purse with 900k added to the top.
  14. Cornett is still real popular, but Durham and Clements seem to be the current hot ticket. Pro Power isn’t as popular anymore, they’ve had some durability issues with their Ford stuff. But in reality, it really isn’t the builder so much as it’s the design. Ford motors are kicking ass these days.