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  1. Overton is such a monster that Kyle Larson opened his post race conference last night by saying : “I’m just glad Brandon Overton wasn’t here taking all our money”
  2. They tend to stay around home unless something pays 20k and up.
  3. Madden was better on restarts than Overton. Pretty much everybody was better on restarts than Overton , but within five laps Overton was back to being a step ahead of everybody.
  4. 273k to be exact. But it won’t be official until tomorrow.
  5. Maresca still has a super late model, but he’s only run it once or twice this year and it’s stored and maintained out this way. I’m not so sure he makes it OCFS for this show. Viper will probably have Max Blair go to help get him used to the traveling for next year’s WoO RoY run.
  6. One of the things that will very likely see some cancellations over tire issues is the UMP Summernationals. That tour alone uses thousands of tires in a month.
  7. I crewed on a car that had Hoosiers on the back, a McCreary on the RF and a Goodyear on the LF at Syracuse.
  8. Liftgate stackers really became the thing to have largely because they can hold an insane amount of tires compared to a standard enclosed trailer or scissor stacker.
  9. Open tire rules wouldn’t actually help the situation, like, at all.
  10. Is my understanding that's limits in tires per day are going to continue at further events this season.
  11. You love moving goalposts when you’re wrong.
  12. Asphalt late models are still the biggest feeder system, as they have been for decades.
  13. It’s not that the locals whine about WVMS, they just don’t go. It’s why the previous ownership group tried to shorten the place. I suspect this group will also eventually attempt to shorten the place. When that happens, I hope they look to Bridgeport for inspiration. A banked 3/8 would be perfect for the area.
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