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  1. no derrick was in Virginia for a kart race with jr....I did sub for him...Tim Clemons did not sub....he just happened to be up that weekend and wanted to try out a crate....your only allowed a sub once as far as I know
  2. and if you want to be and beat the best....run in the BB or 358`s...not sportsman
  3. I don't see a problem with Brett running this race because it was an open race and rules allowed....but I also don't think it should have been allowed....and someone said "on a level playing field" they would welcome racing with him or any other top mod guy.....does anyone really believe that 99% of the sportsman teams are remotely close to being on a level playing field with Brett?...not just his driving ability but all the tech he has at his disposal along with the best of everything?
  4. natives are getting restless.....race season cant get here fast enough...lol
  5. is posted on FB that leon has passed away
  6. get that new "hans" air filter  yet jack?......lol
  7. lol....hell...just go buy 3-4 more
  8. Ronnie had motor issues from what I heard
  9. Should have just saved your breath gasket. Apples don't fall far from the tree
  10. I have the post ...copied right from his fb....but I wont put it up here or stoop to his level and send it to his boss...I think anyone that's involved in racing has seen or heard whats in it...or if you've known him or about him for any length of time...this comes as no surprise...that's why I was so surprised that he got that ride...or can get sponsors of any kind
  11. ^^that's the shame of it all...^^^
  12. he only threatens people online or the ones he thinks he can bully.....hes got no balls or talent...read the fb post he put up...real classy...I couldn't believe he got a ride and this confirms mine and others doubts that it wasn't going to last long
  13. I believe he was pushed off to get started in the heat race and should have started in the rear..