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  1. Canada is putting people back to work at a far faster rate also.
  2. Not sure how that works. I know natives that have crossed and they are required to quarantine when entering Canada. One that I know of was in regular contact with rcmp when he came to Canada months ago, not sure how or if it is enforced now.
  3. Must. I know of two. One delivered a car and trailer to New york had to quarantine for 14 days, the rcmp contacted him regularly. Another came back and quarantined but not sure if it was enforced. Two of the people he traveled with tested positive.
  4. Natives are allowed to cross but must still quarantine for 14 days when entering Canada.
  5. I wouldd be fine with electric assuming it is appropriate financially and as an engine. The noise it not a concern to me. Twenty+ years ago when people were building their own engines I may have felt differently but now with crate motors and engine builders taking over I don't see an issue.
  6. http://humberstonespeedway.com/?fbclid=IwAR3vj_YOoqsCTvYQZozaXKBUZBmcV7MwY66DUkql6LFI9jnWyVLkKmob5WI
  7. I don't want to participate in this but everything I have seen Cuomo said horse and car tracks can open without fans. No different than any other sport.
  8. Full throttle speedway (varney) has announced fun races, meaning no purse.
  9. Sunset speedway is planning to rent their track out for testing. They are limited to three cars and five people per car. There will not be racing anytime soon in Ontario.
  10. The economies will be slow to open, entertainment venues with mass gatherings will likely be the last to open.
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