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  1. Enough is enough, this topic has caused me a ton of grief by people believing what is posted on here comes from me. For clarity, my son Matt and I are the ONLY people who represent Glen Ridge or Fonda. I should not have to come on here and explain this, but after what has transpired over the last 24 hours with the loss of two KOD series races, I feel it necessary to inform all the people who post and read, that this is just a forum and not an official outlet for information concerning Glen Ridge or Fonda Speedways. For any official information I will have either Ron Szerba or Tom Coughlin formulate a press release or I will post it on our facebook pages. In the future if anyone has a concern or question call me or message me. Peter Demitraszek
  2. Glen Ridge will hold its awards banquet on December 5th at the Elks Lodge located at Eight, 4th Avenue in Amsterdam, NY  beginning at 5:30 pm. Tickets are still available for the event until December 1st, 2015 at $30.00 per person.  Any racers or fans are welcome to  attend. Ticket info: make checks payable to Peter Demitraszek, 1 East Main Street, Fort Johnson, NY 12070. No unpaid tickets will be held at the door.  Any payments received after November 30th the tickets will be at the door so they do not get crossed in the mail. Thank you and looking forward to the 2016 season with some of the best racers and fans around. Pete D.  
  3. The Grand Daddy 60 lap 602 crate race - $2000 to win $250 to take the green, $500 for fifth, $400 for 10th. Gates open at 11 am on Saturday and along with the sportsman feature there will be a 30 lap non winners modified race, a 30 lap cruiser race, a 25 lap midget race and a 50 lap enduro race. A $20 dollar car entry fee for the sportsman, a $35 dollar car entry fee for the endure and the pit fee for Saturday is $35. no license required. But the racing all starts on Friday at 6:30 with a 35 lap pro stock race, a 25 lap street stock race and a 25 lap 4 cylinder cruiser race. Interstate Auto of Albany is adding an additional bonus of $244 to the first non winner in the 2015 racing season, pro stock class across the finish line. Now that's a unique idea for a special bonus. Pit fee on Friday is $30 with no license required. Friday night will also be warm ups for any other classes that will be racing on Saturday. Saturday will also feature a live band from noon till 2pm, 1st GRAND DADDY racing programs and shirts will be available and one lucky fan will get to draw the feature invert on the front stretch. And Saturday will see our guest announcer "Cowboy" Paul Szmal back in the tower. Tom and Sharon Spencer of Adirondac Leather and Don Warner of Don's Towing have been working hard along with us to make this a great day with a great payout for the sportsman class. Heat race money, B main money, fast time award, lap money and a unique trophy to the winner of the GRAND DADDY. Thanks, Pete D  
  4. Matt you should know your facts and you should never talk to a second tier employee for your facts. Fact this race was discussed back in July and that why it was on my schedule. Ken Marshall does NOT run or OWN the CRSA--Mike Van Dusen does.
  5. With rain predicted for today and tonight we are cancelling the  racing events at the speedway for September 12th. Racing will return Friday September 18th with the A Verdi 602 Sportsman Division going 40 laps for $1000.00 to win, Modifieds, Cruisers, Pro Stocks and the return of the CRSA SPRINT CARS for the first time in 2015. Friday September 18th will be Krash Mender Night at the track.  
  6. Tonight at Glen Ridge its MIDTEL-INOC night with the KRASH MENDER modified class running 40 laps for a total first place of $2500.00.  STR Trailer Repair has put up a $500.00 bonus on first place bringing it to $2500.00. Jim Becker driver of the number 9 Midtel-Inoc has also added an additional $500.00 to the purse to be split up between positions 6th thru 10th. Stewert Freisen, Danny Creeden , Elmo Rekner and Jim Nagle have all confirmed that they will be in the house tonight. A special thanks to Jim Becker and Mike Sowle for their support with this event. STR Trailer Repair has also put an additional $250 up for A Verdi 602 Sportsman winner which should attract a couple of outsiders in preparation for next weeks $1000.00 to win A Verdi sportsman feature. The sportsman winner tonight is also going to gain a guaranteed seventh place starting position in the "GRAND DADDY 602 WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP" in October. Richie Tobias had called during the week and asked if we would add a SLINGSHOT Tour Race to the schedule and so the fans will also be treated to an additional class tonight as these guys invade the speedway. Our Cruiser / Truck class which is very popular with the fans will also be back in action this week adding to the racing action. Nick Stone and Todd Hoffman have been working hard to assemble a list of drivers for the PRO STOCK race which is also on for tonight.  Fans and racers please be aware that the fair is going on and traffic is a problem. Alternate routes if coming by the Thruway use either the Amsterdam exit ,27 or the Canajoharie exit 29 and follow Route 5 S to Route 30A South which will bring you to where you pass under the thruway in Fultonville avoiding the traffic. Route 5S is a good road in either direction and traveled by big rigs all day. TODAY IS A GREAT WEATHER DAY FOR RACING WITH COOL DRY TEMPRATURES PREDICTED FOR TONIGHT. GRANDSTAND ADMISSION WILL BE HELD AT $10 FOR ADULTS AND GATES OPEN AT 5PM. PIT GATES OPEN AT 4:30PM.
  8. On Monday our official press release will be let out on the position on the track. So until then you can all have fun with this topic. Pete Demitraszek
  9. And I forgot to mention NO ONE IS THROWN OUT-- this looks like a very bad racing incident.   Peter Demitraszek
  10. OK. I have had enough of all you keyboard cowboy's with your shoulda, wouldka, coulda. The wreck in the sportsman feature last night took place approximately 60' past the green flag. The entire field had not even passed before the yellow/red came out. There are 0, ZERO laps recorded  in this race. 13 of the nineteen sportsman cars needed to be towed off the speedway. It was going to take about 45 minutes to clear the speedway because cars were locked together and to let the safety workers do their due diligence looking after the drivers. I made the decision to cancel a race that really had not yet even started. Where is it written in any book or rule book that a race HAS to be run. Fans will get what they paid for next week. The drivers will be paid next week. And life will go on. They MAJORITY of the people exiting the grandstands told me I did the right thing. Have you all forgotten who helps pay you racers for your efforts each week? It's the FANS. We continually strive to involve the racers in decisions concerning rules and rule changes and make this a friendly track to race at. All the aholes that constantly come on here and bash Glen Ridge do not have a dime invested. You want to race at I- 88 ? GO. Jamie is a great guy. You want to race at Albany Saratoga? GO. I have all the respect for Howard and Lyle in the world. Howard wrote the instruction manual on short track racing. People who don't even attend the races at Glen Ridge on Fridays somehow feel they have a right to discredit and bash us each week because they can hide behind a screen name (except Jake). I personally think you all have small ball syndrome similar to small man syndrome except that the small man still has the balls to say it to your face . If you do not race there or attend the races there your opinion means squat to me(except Jake).  We try to promote a family atmosphere at the speedway and as we all know families all have their own set of problems.  Dirt Track Digest will soon be loosing another customer as I do not want to advertise any more with an entity which promotes this type of negative environment for our sport.    Facts; 64 car was the leader and as such deserves that respect ( a lot of what's wrong with racing today is that LACK of respect). There was a nice even start, the 64 pulled ahead and tried to move up the speedway and was caught by the LEFT front tire of the 49 car in the edge of the rear bumper. And I will say at this point the 64 HAD POSITION over the 49. If the 49 car did attempt to miss the 64 it is not obvious in the video but it does look like the car behind the 49 was pushing him. The result the 64 was turned in front of the entire field eliminating 13 cars from the field (of a race which was 60' past the flag stand).   Next- handicapping 101- the 49 car started on the outside pole by virtue of being the second lowest in handicapping points from the last three weeks and qualifying through the heat race, the 64 being the lowest handicapped number from the past three weeks and qualifying thru heat race started on the pole for the feature. What's the problem?  Our handicapping is pretty simple and even posted on the web site. To further squash any more controversy on the handicapping, the last three weeks handicapping points and totals will be posted with the points standing each race night. Finally if anyone wants to take a course on handicapping Joe Achzet will be available (for a small fee) to refresh your handicapping skills.   I do not like the constant controversy as it takes away from the real goal which is to provide great entertainment for the FANS and I will purge any person who does not share my same goal and vision.   I have a couple of race teams that are upset right now, but I have more with significant damage to their race machines. Everyone has to ask them selves if the shoe were on the other foot would I want the same consideration? Has any other track ever thought of the racers or the fans? I have been to a lot of tracks and races and its always the show must go on. Any one remember Dave Buanno laying in the dirt in the pits and having to wait for the safety crew to get there because the show HAD to go on??? How about sending the next race out while the safety crews were attempting to stabilize the man? My rant is over. Peter Demitraszek
  11. Typical Friday 6:20 Promoters Meeting 6:45 Warm ups 7:30 Heat Races Pete D.
  12. That's right its FIVE DOLLAR FRIDAY at Glen Ridge this week with all grandstand seats just $5. You can't beat the price to see some great short track racing. It is also "kiddie ride night" and "banner night" for the kids. Something to entertain everyone. The Vintage Cars will also be in action this week at the speedway and this is their last race before both clubs come together on July 31st. There will be a meet and greet with some old timers--CD Coville, Dave Lape, Andy Romano and Ray Sitterly to name a few will be on hand to sigh autographs and tell some tall stories of when racing was racing. We have recently lost a lot of name drivers, Maynard Forrette, Rene Charland, Bob Savoie, all a part of racing history are now gone. Next week July 10th will be a "Bob Savoie" Memorial Dash at the track with some old friends and memories. If you only attend one race at Glen Ridge this year don't miss this one.   See you all at the races Pete D
  13. Why don't you all let me worry about John and you just show up and enjoy the evening. Pete D.
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