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  1. I use a kindle fire for the forum using chrome. It has delays when scrolling sometimes but recovers fairly quickly. After reading these and not having the brush show to change theme, I requested desktop site and the brush showed. It only had two, the standard I was on and bravo 6 or something like that so I took that. It gave me the dark theme, while printing on black/charcoal background. I don't like that one so I thought I would change it back but then I didn't have the brush icon anymore. Went to my desktop and it doesn't have the brush icon either so I'm stuck right now wit
  2. I think there is no way they would allow Lucas LM because they would be so much faster than the cup cars.
  3. If it was weight why wouldn't they say that? And what else could it be?
  4. Well with the 14 day quarantine for a bunch of states (NC specifically), the participants crew etc. would have to come 14 days before the race.
  5. According to their Facebook page, still just pits.
  6. I have Roku on my TV and use the DTD application for Roku and it works great.
  7. Bob Pickel (spelling) had a stretched Tornado. I think that was what it was. One of the full size GM front wheel drive cars. They basically grafted a low trailer into it. I don't have a picture
  8. Yes and no paint brush on mine either Although I like the up arrow to go to the top rather than having to scroll
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