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  1. Darrell Welty

    STSS Port Royal?

    The whole US chart. The jump is kind of scary. Maybe the measures that we are taking will help
  2. Me too, got back on in time for features
  3. My dirt vision is not working? Anyone else having problema?
  4. Where is that damn ignore this thread option
  5. Darrell Welty

    Sportsman Deserve Credit Too:((

    I watched East Bay all week on Lucas Oil tv (on roku) and they ran through very quickly, hardly any down time. Then when they go live on MAV on Friday and Saturday, it is forever. Like you say commercials (many) between each race
  6. Yes, fence down took some time and then the usual stop on the track to get a yellow. I understand it with a flat tire or some issue that could be fixed quickly but when the engine goes boom and your on the edge of the infield, just pull into infield and let the race continue
  7. Darrell Welty

    STSS Race Monitor

    I know there is a little icon in upper right that I have to click to get it sorted correctly. It seems to show in order they were picked up before they actually started running.
  8. I broke down and paid the 85. Running on roku (wish dirt vision had an app) and no lags or problems with the steam. I agree on drone shots, use it for the 4 wide maybe and to get a look down into crash damage. like most racing on tv and streaming, I don't agree with the directors need to follow the leader for the last two laps when he has a big lead. Meanwhile the announcer is talking up the great racing for the last qualifying spot but we can't see it.
  9. Is there a yearly or monthly subscription for dtd tv? Or Is it per event?
  10. Darrell Welty


  11. Maybe I'm old fashion or just stupid. Watching the STSS show from BAPs, Bouc's motor is blowing up, he can just coast into the infield but instead just stopped on the track to bring out yellow. Not like a flat you could fix, it was terminal