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  1. Darrell Welty


  2. Maybe I'm old fashion or just stupid. Watching the STSS show from BAPs, Bouc's motor is blowing up, he can just coast into the infield but instead just stopped on the track to bring out yellow. Not like a flat you could fix, it was terminal
  3. Darrell Welty

    Billy Decker

    Finished 2nd last night at Thunder Mountain
  4. Yea I won something
  5. I think these are two different tracks. Deyo is at all tech speedway, the one for sale is north Florida speedway. They are very close together but different tracks
  6. You know there are those on this board that just like to bitch about anything. In a way, I blame you for this thread going way off the deep end. If you had titled this "Congratulations Erick Rudolph!" and then in your message said what a great job he did by sweeping his qualifying and the a-main against the best in the northeast, you would have a bunch of people also saying great job etc. etc. You started out negative and that's where it went.
  7. Darrell Welty

    New DIRT Rule

    Anyone trying to run both AR and the DIRTcar sportsman at Outlaw with the same car will either have to put weight on and off or run heavy with AR's or have the fire system so the weight will be 2400 for both runs.
  8. Darrell Welty

    New DIRT Rule

    On Speedways description of the product, I love this: "Some parts are not legal for use in California or other states with similar laws/regulations"
  9. Darrell Welty

    New DIRT Rule

    I guess I overlooked this because it does not say what the suppression chemical is, and it is specified in the rules. Funny it says for Lucas Oil Late Model Series but does not mention WOO. And their site (firebottleracing.com) says it should be sent back annually to be inspected.
  10. Darrell Welty

    New DIRT Rule

    Must be I'm not looking in the right places. Any I've seen that are 10#, automatic and SFI certified are over $800. Am I missing something?
  11. Interesting, so Matt Sheppard won't be at Outlaw for the rescheduled Hoag memorial race
  12. Bob, I know they ran some back when but I never knew mini-sprints were involved. I always thought it was 3 wheelers and motorcycles.
  13. Darrell Welty


    Here is one of the pics showing 2nd turn: