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  1. [quote name='smallguy' timestamp='1342126009' post='389920'] I would offer opinion, but as I type this, my Mrs. Is in the hospital having scheduled back surgery. Sometimes life outside racing is far more important, if you get my drift... [/quote] +2 Internets for Dr. Who -5 Internets for typing anything at all if things are that dire IRL. There are certainly more important things in life than this, and I wish your wife all the best on her recovery. However this is a bit of a cop-out as it would have taken additional seconds of your time to actually type an oppinion /vs/ what you posted. I value everyone's oppinion, even the one's I don't agree with. It's unfortunate that you were unable to take the breif moment to state your's. Sincerely Rusty
  2. [quote name='NiagaraRaceFan' timestamp='1342119467' post='389886'] hold on here, you have really missed the point! Yes, many of us who consider ourselves to be thoughtful and constructive posters have indeed voiced opinions that the mods need to be stricter... about language and tone and intent of certain problem members who disregard the forum rules of conduct. It's a completely seperate issue from what has happened here. Topics related to a specific event were censored or deleted outright because of what basically comes down to a personal disagreement between the 2 parties. You are not "cleaning up the topics" as defined in the rules of this forum. You are following a directive based on someone's ego being hurt. What ever happened to integrity and being bigger than the other guy. From what I have read it seems like A/S made a poorly informed decision. There was a compromise position available that would have kept both parties in good faith with each other but that was shunned in favour of throwing a hissy fit. Those who say that the owners have every right to do what they wish with the site are absolutely right. Those of us (until we are deleted or quit) are free to point out the poor judgement involved in this decision. I am really surprised about how many people are blindly loyal in this situation. I enjoy DTD, but when things start getting censored then where does it stop... at what point is it no longer enjoyable? Topics relating to Doug's Dirt Diary were also deletd last week and it was for the same reason - that there is a personal disagreement between the 2 parties. At some point isnt DTD going to have a disagreement with every track and individual that is part of the sport? Then what happens - we cant talk about dirt car racing...? For now we have to pretend that a certain track doesnt exist. Nonsense. [/quote] Thanks for posting. It makes me feel better knowing that someone else understood what I was saying. I in no way was trying to say that every action the admins take is heavy handed. You bring up two great examples where I believe they were. In response to the admin who stated that there were 10 pages explaining why malta threads were being deleted. The thread in question was a response to someone asking why posts were disappearing. My point was... BEFORE you as the admins enforce a change in the rules (even a temporary one), there needs to be a sticky at the top of the forum explaining the change to your users. This is a simple courtesy that is standard practice on well run forums. Whether the folks here agree with the change or not, we as a community deserve to know in advance. Thanks Rusty Stevens
  3. Forum 1. the marketplace or public square of an ancient Roman city, the center of judicial and business affairs and a place of assembly for the people. 2. a court or tribunal: the forum of public opinion. 3. an assembly, meeting place, television program, etc., for the discussion of questions of public interest. Blog 1. a Web site containing the writer's or group of writers' own experiences, observations, opinions, etc., and often having images and links to other Web sites. So is DTD a forum or a blog. I've participated in user communities since computers all had monochrome displays. Many administrators treat forum's as if they are private blogs with user generated content. Yes this is thier playground. They invited others to come in and play. The administrators' job is to keep the kids from hitting each other or playing in a way that hurts someone else. If there was an official cease and desist order, the admins would need to censor any posts about a particular subject. Unfortunately what happened in this case was a reactionary censorship based on a track refusing press credentials. Or am I reading the info incorrectly? If a subject is going to be prohibited on a forum it is a coutesy to add the prohibition to the rules list, and to make a public announcement. Simply deleting posts "just because" is akin to kicking over any castles that you don't like when other kids come over to your house to play. The other kids are going to be upset, ask why, and stop coming over if the behavior continues. I personally don't give the front page more than a quick glance before coming to the user community. I come to this URL for the community generated content, and frankly feel that the administration is starting to get a little heavy-handed. Everyone has an oppinion, and the discussion of those oppinions is what fills the pages of a forum. Thanks Rusty Stevens
  4. DTD vs. Malta DTD vs. Forum Subscribers To soon? Rusty Stevens
  5. Have to agree with you there. This is the first motorsports related hobby that my wife has actually liked. Have you gone to the pits and talked with the drivers in the classes you are interested in? I'm finding that is the best way to get info. Good Luck Rusty [quote name='smaxtell' timestamp='1339457839' post='381717'] Just got started into dirt racing last year thanks to a great racer Jon Ellsworth ( just throwing a little plug in ). I am looking into getting into the 4 cyl class at Can Am or Raceway 5. Any help from current racers in this division would be appreciated. Best thing is I have a wife that is into it too....lol...which makes life a lot easier. [/quote]
  6. Mike, This wasn't directed specifically at you, I replied to the thread and didn't unquote (my bad). Things seemed fine until we got some silent stares, and pursed lips in other pits where we were previously welcomed. You appear to have a (slightly) sarcastic side. Taking some of the comments that were made (jokingly) in the context of the overall quiet and terse feel of the other interactions, Sarah and I went home questioning things. Seeing how this thread was the only thing that had happened since the last time we were at the track it seemed like an appropriate place to ask. We weren't sure if some folks were having a bad night / we had stopped at a bad time, or if there was an issue. I never intended to indicate that the PureStock folks are an unfriendly bunch. I've stated just the opposite of that on a number of occasions. That's what made what must have just been a bad day on some folks part seem wierd, especially in light of this thread. As far as not introducing ourselves to you, I appologize. We both thought that we had introduced ourselves to everyone there. As for needing to research who I am you could have just asked me. We've had strangers come up and introduce themselves who already knew our names, it's easy enough to forget who we've formally introduced ourselves to. Thanks for the reply Rusty [quote name='BigMike52b' timestamp='1340158294' post='383536'] I do believe Rusty is talking to me Eric. At least I think so. When he wrote the above response He quoted something I said(even though it wasn't said to him). I will have to first come straight out and say that this to me is more the makings of a personal messege but its up here now ...this sort of thing makes the whole class look bad espescially if you are just somebody reading this and have never been to the pits at CMP and if it was true I wouldn't care or respond but it's NOT THE CASE..And what annoys me further than anything though is that this really had nothing to do with the original topic in any way . And I am definitly puzzled here too because I talked to "Rusty" and his family Saturday night. At least I believe that it was "Rusty" because even though I have seen you in the pits with your nice family before,You have never actually Introduced yourself to me by name. So i had to once again do my homework to find out just who you were And when I did I really couldn't believe that when you walked away that you felt that way. Because,for one thing, I had no idea that you were part of this thread because you never told me at anytime that you were "rusty stevens" on here or nor did you say that you had responded to this thread. Second of all. Rusty, When you guys walked up, I enthusiasticly spouted "Hey hey!!How are you guys!!(remember i didnt know your names)" to you and your family??We joked about "long time no see" type a stuff and then i told you how marc was on the road making the mad dash back from Virginia beach as we spoke!!!I was all pumped up from moving Marcs car off the trailer and parking it and I was stating to you guys "I like REALLY that car!I'm ready to do this!!!!"! We were pumped right?!So I thought huh?..Then I told you guys I was hot lapping the car for him and how I hadnt even drivin my sons car in like 4 or 5 years and I may be racing the car because I had lost communication with him earlier in the day because his phone died on him and I didnt know quite where he was? Is this ringing a bell Rusty? I sure as hell hope so because I myself remember it well! Why you ask? Because I was pumped after that because I had fun with you guys for the few minutes that you spent in my pits in fact it was probobly the highlight of my night and my weekend!!!!....Ummmm, That is until I came here and read this...But bak to the story! This was all about 10 minutes before hotlaps were to start and I hadnt unloaded any of the stuff out that I needed for the night of the hauler and I was by myself that night if you remember...so if I hustled away after that or If I seemed hasty I do apologise Rusty....And let me tell you, Marcs car drives way different than mine omfg! When I was waiting to go out for hotlaps with marcs car he walked up and let me know he made it..and at first i was like "$hit,oh well I race it some other time!lol".. but when I got in from hotlaps I was SURE glad he made it back in time!!!lol! Sounds crazy I know but its true!!haha! ..ANYWAYS! Marc ended up getting in a little squirmish in the heat . So I was one busy guy after the heat race right on through until it was time to go out for the feature. We had to remove the nosepiece,bend a bunch of bars back, repair and refill the radiator,repair the air dam in front of the radiator. while making time to grind the tires,check the toe-in,re-set air pressures and fuel the car up and countless other things before the features rolled out, which btw can come along really fast at CMP because the program doesnt drag out over there ever!! So If you guys came back up and I didn't see you and acted "chilly at best" well then too,Well by golly Rusty, I am truely sorry for that as well. All night long people stop by our pits. And we welcome it and We love it!Many visitors are members on this board. A couple of them got there a little earlier than you sat in chairs that I brought and we hung out and casually conversed..... but this was like an hour before hotlaps. ..... But even though I see many of the same people every week, not every week do I get to spend the same amout of time with each one of them. Sometimes i dont get to talk to anyone at all because two cars keep me busy, You se what I am getting at Russ? It's not always easy being a racer so Again, for that I apologize to you on behalf of not only myself but also the CMP purestock pits! Believe me we will be rolling out the red carpet for you guys next time I see you coming!I'm gonna shake your hand, I'm gonna give Sarah a big hug! Heck I'll even let you guys sit on my car and start it up if you want! hows that huh?? I thought so!....lolol...Thank you for reading this everyone!! See you at the races!! BigMike52b!!! [/quote]
  7. They do run it by Dirt rules, however, because it isn't an actual sanctioned class they might have allowed a one off run with the wrong tires. Guy shows up to the track with the wrong tires. "Sure you can run tonight, but get the correct tires if you come back", sort of affair. Wally has told me that he would do this for new folks in the other non-sanctioned classes, so it isn't a stretch that he might do it with the legends. Of course this conversation is all theoretical in nature, as there is no confirmation that A/R's were actually raced. I simply offer one plausable explenation if they were allowed. Rusty [quote name='Casper60' timestamp='1339989749' post='383072'] Still run by DIRTcar rules. If that were not the case I would have had AR's on the car last year. [/quote]
  8. Jon, You guys were absolutely fine. We enjoyed talking to everyone there, and came out of the experience having learned some things. Thanks for the offer, I will check my schedule and try to set one of those days aside. Thanks Rusty [quote name='Deacon Of Dirt' timestamp='1340008755' post='383087'] Rusty, we are open and hospitable in our sportsman race shop. Stop over Thursday or Friday night this week as we will be working on the new car. I am sorry I could not spend as much time when you last came over I was triple booked but thurs and Friday are dedicated to the new build. [/quote]
  9. So... we mostly stayed out of this public discussion, yet felt on Saturday that the reception in all of the Pure Stock pits was chilly at best. Did we mis-read some other issue, or should we stay away and leave you guys alone? Rusty and Sarah [quote name='BigMike52b' timestamp='1339870864' post='382778'] Either way thats very cool that you are still going to come back with your car!!and great to hear about Steinrucks old car as well! Happy fathers day weekend to all! [/quote]
  10. I can see that, considering that it isn't actually a DIRT sanctioned class, and that is where the tire rule comes from. [quote name='dirtdigger' timestamp='1339972474' post='382995'] Listen I am not here to start a firestorm and for the most part I like what they are doing with the New Legends class. I walked through the pits last night and after missing a week I saw a new car. As usual I gave it a quick glance and saw that the car had American Racers on it. No big deal to me thinking nothing of it, but the car did compete in the New Legends class and did a nice job and personally I think it is cool that they allowed the car to compete! Track time is track time and I'm not sure if they changed the tires before the feature or not? Kind of funny to see American Racers at Canandaigua! [/quote]
  11. Only place we go after the races is straight home, so Sarah can get the dust and dirt off of her. I also have dogs that insist on being up at 6AM. Rusty [quote name='BobMiller' timestamp='1339910853' post='382851'] After the races, we all have our post race rituals. Some of us head to a favorite watering hole, some of us head out for a bite to eat. I have a specific reason for asking this and I'll explain why after I get some feedback. What I want to know is -- where do you spend your money AFTER the races are over? If you know the name of the business, please say so. Again, I'll explain why I am asking this once I get a few answers. [/quote]
  12. Kimmie, I read a press release at the beginning of the season stating the the racers had voted to adopt the Ransomville Rulebook. I also spoke to Wally and was told that the Ransomville site has the rules, follow them (he then showed me his printed copy). I agree that the rulebook should be posted on the CMP site, especially for new folks looking to start in this class. I doubt that there is anyone racing at CMP currently who hasn't seen, or doesn't know where to find the rules. [quote name='Kimmie' timestamp='1339501759' post='381842'] Rusty, the problem is - are they still running the Ransomville rules, because as stated previously in here - the rules have disappeared from the webpage, and from what I have read, the techs don't even really know. [/quote]
  13. Jon, People all have different motivations for their actions. Sometimes only they will ever know why they did something. All the people on the outside can do is observe the actions and take a wild guess. If I had to take a wild guess I would say that his points lead wasn't in any danger, and he was being nice by letting someone else have the spotlight. Guide Plates - The racers voted at the pre-season meeting, and agreed to follow the Ransomville Rulebook. Under Engine #7 Sub.M - No Pushrod Guideplates. It doesn't matter if they do nothing to improve performance. They are prohibited, right there in black and white. If they do nothing for performance, are a blatent rules violation, and are easily visable when a valve cover is removed why would anyone run them? My point here is this; They did, got caught, got punished, fixed the issue, and moved on. Selah Rusty [quote name='Deacon Of Dirt' timestamp='1339494576' post='381826'] It hard for me to understand that anyone would throw a race, I know I never would. [/quote]
  14. ... [quote name='Greg' timestamp='1339468141' post='381785'] Sounds like you already made up your mind. Enjoy Sportsman. [/quote]
  15. Thanks for chiming in Mike. Watching the races you can see that Marc is fastest in the corners, and doesn't appear to have any engine advantage (except for reliability). I was surprised to hear that you guys would be using Titanium anything, especially considering that your carb spacer looks to be made out of a chunk of wood (if so I love it, and want one). Sarah and I talked to Wally and the Lead Tech (don't remember his name - I'm terrible with names) on Saturday. They kinda waffled around and admitted that they should get the rules posted. Be glad. At least the Pure Stock class can be pointed to the Ransomville site and are being told to follow those rules. Street Stock is a weird combo or Street Stock and Pro-Stock dirt rules with a dose of random CMP additions tossed in for good measure. As I understand it the techs are truly the only ones with a copy of those rules. We talk to a lot of people in the pits and some Street stock guys say that 11-1 is the compression limit, others think there is no compression rule. Some think that vortec heads are illegal, Wally stated that they are legal when we were talking to him on Saturday. It could be worse. DirtGuy, I am in the same boat as you. Are you spending time in the pits and asking questions? I'm finding this to be the best way to get things sorted out. You won't find all of the answers but talk to enough people and you start to develop a good picture. The fact that 3 people were actually teched at all is a good thing. It shows that the track cares enough about the class to attempt to provide a (somewhat) level playing field. Most of the Pure Stock guys will let you look over their car and see how they did things. As far as building an engine to spec... there is always someone who will push the envelope, and pass tech. Take a look at Ransomville Street Stock Engines in the Ransomville classified section. Take a look at the 602 crate engine that is legal in this class now. Look at the lap times, and do the math. That should give you a good feel as to where the power level needs to be to be competitive. If you ever spoken with Marc, Rod, or any of the Bush family you have likely been told, build something that is safe, and have fun. You need to decide for yourself what your personal end goal is. Then you need to build the car to that goal. Remember that the car can only do so much, and the rest is up to your driving ability. Depending on what chassis you are planning on running you might want to worry more about getting it to hold in a turn over the whole HP thing. Just my 2 cents man. Rusty [quote name='BigMike52b' timestamp='1339423302' post='381577'] Nope. I don't know where you got your information but you are wrong, We didn't have titanium retainers. I am way to cheap to buy stuff like that!lol.. Plus we don't need that crap like that on any of our engines to run good and if we did I wouldn't even race! They dqed the top 3 for having guide plates. We removed ours the next day and I'm pretty sure everyone else did too. I do agree with you on the availability of a rulebook for the class though. It seems as though the officials are the only ones who have one.The link for the rules off the CMP website is gone now too. But in my opinion this is niether techs fault or any of the racers faults. I would think that the rulebook for that class or any class for that matter should be right on a tracks website. As for Marc, The only reason he missed last week for a trip to Virginia beach with 17 other kids that they planned over 6 months ago..I encouraged him to go, He will always have racing, but This trip was an opportunity to do something that he will always remember,And one that will probobly not come again any time soon if ever again... [/quote]