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  1. Its Mr October , not Mr year round. I will take the 100,000 Williamson won in October and head to the bank. U can have your consistency and eat bologna sandwiches. Not to mention Williamson was every bit as consistent as Mahaney and won all the money. Then throw in the fact Williamson did it in Three different cars with different owners. This whole question is a no brainer
  2. Being consistent does not make u Mr October, doing something special does. Williamson won the two biggest races of the year against the best of the best. That makes him Mr. October hands down, plus u can throw in the 96 lap 10.000 to win falls nationals victory in Brockville October 3rd. Williamson is the man
  3. Give it up buddy, Josh is by far the most knowledgeable late model poster on this forum by far. Sheppard would easily dominate the lucas tour just like he does the WOO
  4. I keep hoping cuomo loosens up his restrictions and the border opens so I can do the 6 nights of big blocks in October. Still nice to have a big weekend of racing close to home, but only 100 fans allowed in?
  5. I think you are correct Tyler, racing in Canada will definately be later if at all this year. American tracks I think will see some racing late May early June. Personally I think my racing season is over all ready, who is really going to feel comfortable sitting with a few thousand people watching racing this year.
  6. Whats everyone's thoughts on dirtcar basically outlawing latemodel type rearends.
  7. Can not wait to get down there, not to worried about some cold.
  8. Would not of mattered what series was running last night, teams are there for the weekend anyway. So if you have a sportsmen, u my as well get out there and get some track time which is what happened. Still a terrific car count but to me it was expected with this being a big weekend.
  9. Heard a lot of rumblings at the Fulton 200 that Utica Rome was going to go with Deyo next year. Guess time will tell
  10. 7 north and 7 south races on the stss and Sheppard won 5 of them
  11. I agree Scott, but at the end of the day it never affected green flags left since only 4 counted. Just a time thing
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