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  1. Love the Dr and he left on his own accord, his fan page states big news in the near future. As for Graham racing obviously there is some internal going ons that do not work for some drivers. Fuller and the Dr left on their own
  2. Dannys ride for the sds small block series Starting this Sunday at Utica Rome thanks to Chris Stevens owner New 2019 Bicknell billy the kid power
  3. Wins again tonight Land of Legends Modified feature - MATT SHEPPARD, Justin Haers, Jimmy Phelps, Erick Rudolph, Billy Dunn
  4. Yes lots of cautions and took forever, but that last ten laps was awesome. Glad I purchased it tonight
  5. Quality is good, 30 mods. Track looks pretty decent considering all the rain and cold temps
  6. ferg3298


    Agree Fonda is close to home and he has 4 truck races on Saturdays, so its not like he has a chance at either Fonda or Orange County's track championship. I remember something being said about Stew and Jess both running Fonda
  7. ferg3298


    lmao Orange county is triple the money of Fonda. Definitely closer to home , but Friesen can run Orange County and still make the big paying show at the end of the year at Fonda. No conflicts there
  8. Watt had said last year at Oswego that he planned on running more shows this year with hoosier tires. Stated he needed to get a better handle on them before Oswego this year. I love seeing him race, and he will have something for Matt once he figures out the hoosiers.
  9. Fuller will be at Fulton on the 27th
  10. That's fantastic, one of the weekly runners will take home some good money.
  11. Quit destroying all their flights of fantasy of the demise of the super dirt series Baumes lol. Great car count and huge crowd, I think its alive and well
  12. ferg3298

    The DR

    Not sure of your question it was a brand new troyer from the Graham stable
  13. On a positive note , car count was great and the place was packed with fans
  14. Personally I think its time Dirt eliminated their 100 lap cautions count races. I am not sure how many laps actually raced under green last night but it seemed like maybe 40 or 45. I wish they would go to a 60 lap cautions do not count format. Love the super dirt series but that was painful last night
  15. You would think Graham would be a little miffed, both of his cars after today will literally have no chance at the super dirt series title. With both the Doctor and Perrego skipping Canam and running Orange County.