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  1. Whats everyone's thoughts on dirtcar basically outlawing latemodel type rearends.
  2. Can not wait to get down there, not to worried about some cold.
  3. Would not of mattered what series was running last night, teams are there for the weekend anyway. So if you have a sportsmen, u my as well get out there and get some track time which is what happened. Still a terrific car count but to me it was expected with this being a big weekend.
  4. Heard a lot of rumblings at the Fulton 200 that Utica Rome was going to go with Deyo next year. Guess time will tell
  5. 7 north and 7 south races on the stss and Sheppard won 5 of them
  6. I agree Scott, but at the end of the day it never affected green flags left since only 4 counted. Just a time thing
  7. I think Gary all ready answered this, takes time to get everyone where they should be before pit road is open. As for live pit stops, to me that is under green, do not think there is any of that anymore lol
  8. I agree with most on here, they need to have the racing in the evening and start Thursday night with Sunday as a rain date. Satellite shows are dying, Utica Rome had a very good car count but no fans. Will Brewerton and Weedsport draw decent fan support next year with everyone knowing what was there modified wise this year and likely less next year. With the ability to run your Saturday night car at Oswego, not many are willing to risk damaging it for 100 lap satellite shows paying piss poor money. I think there still is a place for satellite shows just maybe adjust what is running, maybe open 360 sprints, sportsmen etc. The reality is day racing sucks the majority of the time, u get the odd decent race but as a whole they mostly turn into freight train races. Personally I like the racing at Oswego, I hope it stays there for a very long time. They need to figure out the camping lot drainage , etc. so that is not always a mud bog. All in all it was a great week
  9. Actually the feature was good, Williamson was the show. Car count way low, maybe drivers are tired of being taken advantage of at super dirt week. Big block prices to get in with crappy payouts
  10. The track sucks there is no racing. Facilities are awesome but maybe look at the track next. Locked down on the bottom ,typical
  11. Agree , track was in great shape with multiple groves. Love Fulton and outlaw 200 weekend is always my favorite of the year . On to super dirt week
  12. still my favorite race of the year, can not wait.
  13. ferg3298

    Fonda 200

    Wow only 44 mods for a 53000 to win show. That is suprising