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  1. Kokomo Smackdown should definitely be on everybody's bucket list
  2. Rhoads was black flagged before they even took the green so he shouldn't have even been out there racing after that. But they went green anyway because he wouldn't get in line and they didn't want to continue to run more yellow laps.
  3. I'd love to see BB mods here. Unfortunately this place is in Iowa
  4. Little bit of bite on the bottom, slick in the middle, and a nice big cushion up top
  5. The track was really rubbered up? I am the biggest non wing sprint car & midget fan you'll find and i'll admit that the modified race was a better race. I actually thought that they did too much track prep before the sprint feature because everybody was hammer down on the bottom for the first 1/3rd or half of the race. The modified race was action filled pretty much all the way through between Watt and Godown, then Watt and CVD, then Watt and Howard. I am glad I stayed for the Mod feature.
  6. The race is typically 6,000 to win. Guessing they bumped it to 10 because it was the 10 year anniversary from when Jesse Hockett won it back in 2009?
  7. My week consists of Grandview, Kutztown, and Williams Grove. I'd love to go to Weedsport too but that's up in the air right now.
  8. Big Diamond and I don't think it's that close. Duane Howard, CVD, Jeff Strunk, Pauch Jr, Rick Laubach, Jared Umbenhauer, Frank Cozze, Matt Stangle, Danny Bouc, Brett Kressley, Ryan Krachun, Ryan Godown, Brandon Grosso, and Ryan Watt on occasion. Any one of those 14 guys can win on any given Friday night
  9. That team has had it going for a few years now
  10. I don't really have much on my racing schedule this year, but I do have a trip out to Illinois planned with another photog that I am looking forward to. Macon 7/4 Farmer City 7/5 and Fairbury 7/6. The first two shows are super late model hell tour races and Fairbury has Powri Midgets, winged 410's, super lates, and ump modifieds that night. Local races I am looking forward to are the USAC midget races in PA. Planning to hit most of them if not all of them. The USAC Sprint car races in PA, and the Williams Grove silver crown race.
  11. That's the only downside for racing down there. Time trials for all divisions, even the supers when I went there. It is what it is. Bad ass race track
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