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  1. Happy New years to all the racing fans, crews, drivers and promoters. Looking forward to a safe and successful 2016 racing season for all.
  2. Grew  up a 1/2 mile from The Track Of Champions. Racings biggest fan in my younger years. Raced Modifieds in the early/ mid 80s, Worked on a crew for Bob Savoie, Worked for L&R speed shop, Raced Sprint Cars in the late 90s, Founder and promoter of CRSA Sprintcar series for 5 years, Been to over 75 speedways. Shit happens and been to about 6 races in the past 3 years.
  3. You are correct Custom but because your the promoter of Fonda Speedway don't mean you can sit on your hands and hope for people to come because of its history. You as a promoter need to do anything and everything possible to make your shows a success. There are still motor heads out there, I go to many Tractor pulls during the year and they are packed , not just at fairs either (WHY?) Are we all missing something ? As kids we looked at the racecars as something we could do someday, I think todays race car prices have scared the kids of today away per say thinking they will never be able to afford it. As I said you need to do everything possible to make it work , so if it fails you can look yourself in the mirror and not question what if.  Another thing is that these promoter people need to stop thinking there going to become milliners doing this, What's so bad about making a living doing what you love to do. I know people making $10 hr and love there jobs and wouldn't want to do any thing else, I also know people who make 3 figures and are miserable all the time. I would rather be happy myself, life's to short.   Enough said, my 3 post for the year. 
  4. promote, promote , promote as some others mentioned. Ralph and Ronnie Company were grate at it. I would see them in Florida during speedweeks buying driver drinks and telling them about what big shows they were having and offering teams motel rooms , gas money ect..They had some of the best modified fields in the North East for there big shows.  Promoting is a 24/7 job even in the off season. If you want to be good at what you do, you need to work at it. Fans and teams are not just going to come just because you have it, Promote !!!
  5. Well, Haven't been on here in months, Thank God , after reading this topic. The fair board isn't  the problem here, I'm sure they would work with any one. Hope the next promoter is someone we all have faith in, Not to many in this area. It would break my heart to see it close, Glad I had the chance to see 50+ years of history. There isn't many with this much history around any more. 
  6. I had so many  with Bob  its hard to imagine him gone . From all the wins to the track championships on the CVRA circuit to just hanging at the garage. Thanks for all you did for me in my early racing days to just being there anytime I needed him. You will be truly missed my friend. Godspeed Robert ! Prayers to everyone in the family !!!!
  7. That's because Brett isn't there. (lol). I'm not a follower of any body , like them all but Brett has won a lot of races with more competition than there is these days. I would love to see him at Fonda on a weekly basis (won't happen) , Stew wouldn't get 10 wins a season that's a fact. Brett is very good at Fonda as I've seen the past 30 yrs. I'm just impressed by how long he's been doing this and still is the man to beat when he's there. JMO       Was suppose to quote NiagaraRaceFans post / ooops , didn't work 
  8. They used a lot of tractor trailer dump rigs. Don't know what they hold.
  9. I don't know the exact number but I do know it was a lot. Hope Dirtmod55 is right. I also know they brought in quite a bit of asphalt millings for the pit area. That will look good once some sun and heat  gets to it.
  10. All I ask for Christmas is to let the Mods run Drag Rubber (lol), Man I miss them days.
  11. I know they brought trailer load after trailer load in for 3 -4 days straight. I also think they added most of it to the turns and blended the straits in. Looks great and looks like a good clay content.
  12. From Fonda Speedway Webpage , Looks awesome !     Entering Turn 3, view from the Kubota tractor while tilling the new clay. Who is ready for 2015? Can't wait! http://fb.me/701wdcO1r
  13. Jake probably knows best and I think there all a little different but I've always heard around 30 - 40 % 
  14. RIP Craig. We will all miss your insight on dirt track racing. Godspeed !
  15. Impaired or not , no one will ever know if the pot helped Kevin make a bad decision or not.    Someone asked if Tony was tested ? Probably every other week in NASCAR.   Statements being made by family's we somewhat expect , I would like to see the Wards see it differently , "Racing Tragedy" and respect what there son offered as a son and a race driver.   In Tony's statement he says it will be with him forever and his thought and prayers still go out to the ward family as they lost there young son.   I'm like Bob and hopes that Tony will get back in a sprint car. I seen him race many times from Williams grove to Fonda and he is as good as they come at wheeling one.   I'm done with this because there is no wrongs or rights , just a bad deal for all involved.  Please let the healing process continue for the Wards and I hope the best is yet to come for Tony Stewart .
  16. treschPhanTom , I see your new with 2 post. Careful how you say things on here (lol). Some of these people will beat you up with a Meat Tenderizer. Have fun ! 
  17. Agreed / Please don't past judgment. Kevin s still gone and Tony will live with it forever. Tony released a statement and his thoughts and prayers are still with the Ward family. I feel we should keep our thoughts and prayers to ALL involved.     Maybe time for drug testing in all Dirt motorsports though. 
  18. I guess I should say it was a lot better than other years. It wasn't packed but Fonda holds a lot of people. If you took the people that were just in the pits not working on cars it would pack a place like the Ridge. There is just not as many fans as there once was.
  19. Going by the parking lot across the street Sunday wasn't terrible. Maybe not as many as Friday and Saturday but not bad. Another thing to is racing has changed. A lot of people seem to go in the pits , I know I do. Great weekend for Fonda Speedway
  20. Hearn, Decker. D Varin, B Varin, Ward, Romano, D Johnson, J Wilder, A Johnson/ Top 9
  21. Great run by Father and son, or should I say son and father .
  22. He is so smooth. Knows when to go slow to go fast and he also can just go fast. Many years of driving in that head !
  23. Track was getting racier towards the end, was starting to get rubber in her. Great weekend for Fonda Speedway