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  1. Here’s my take on this from being a tech inspector before. Your job is to create a level playing field so the competitors know that they are on an equal footing as the other racers they are racing against. I call what was done chicken shit on the inspectors part if he knew before the race happened! Which if that’s the only car he checked it seems like that was the case. If you let a car that’s illegal out on the track he’s just as much fault. Part of being an inspector is walking around the pits and looking at cars before the race. I’ve pointed out things like guys running aluminum instead of lexan spoilers. Which is a Safety factor because it limits the driver followings vision up ahead. It’s sad:( What about all the sportsman running around with shocks without stickers and illegal parts inside? When is the last time you saw them take apart a sportsman shock which is supposed to have spec parts in it. I’m not saying Dirt isnt good for racing but it could do more to make sure the playing field is level for everyone.
  2. Really going to miss seeing Tommy around the track. Meant him when I worked on Brett’s car. Tommy tried really hard but the times we talked he was most proud of his son’s ,Anthony, racing accomplishments. When Tommy raced he raced without having as much as others. He made sure that he gave Anthony the best possible shot at succeeding. Anytime I walked through the pits I’d hear this voice “What’s up Spider-Man. “ Going to miss that:( Racing lost another great person that was always there to lend a helping hand . Anthony just know your dad was so proud of you and if you every need anything racing is a huge family don’t be afraid to reach out to talk :)) RIP Tommy Im beating tonight in Heaven Charlie D and Tommy are talking about set up that he should have tried:))
  3. Just announced 3 races in Jan and 4 in Feb start 2021 series for World of Outlaws Late Model series.
  4. Wheels im fully aware they are desperate weeks. But how many people can afford big expense race weekends? Many people rent campers. Team usually buy extra tires for bigger races. Now you’ve got 2 weekends back to back with 8 tires at $2000 plus fuel because they are both different!! Hoosier/VP and American Racer/Sunoco. How about time off from work. I’m just say it could stretch people’s budget .
  5. What if a miracle happens and SDW happens in Oswego. Will the cars and fans go to both???????
  6. Looking for a track close to VIR in Danville va that’s running tonight. Dirt or Asphalt
  7. First of all an I know guys are going to laugh is innocent until proven guilt. I spent a lot of time up at Mohawk and Cornwall racing . One thing I noticed was Carey invested a lot into the community building Twin Leaf truckstop and many other businesses in the area. Creating a lot of decent jobs for people that many of you know there isn’t a lot on the reservation. When the one store in Fort Covington closed down Carey stepped in and keep it open so there was a store at that end of the town for people. Far as racing goes he has helped so many and the sad part is many took advantage of him. I know if I need a part I didn’t have if I went there I could borrow one til I got one. Without Carey’s involvement I’m sure there would have been a lot less people racing and I’m not so sure the track might not have closed . Carey was always a family man!!! If his son had a hockey tournament and he was leading the points with 2 weeks to go he went to the hockey tournament. All I can say is Carey to me was stand up guy that helped many! I hope it all works out for the best because racing need guys like Carey. Funny thing is many of the people he helped will turn and run the other way. I really miss all the great Friday nights at Mohawk and the friends I had up on the reservation. They were many that were just like family to me . Carey just so you know your hardworking and efforts helping others was noticed David Surace
  8. This should tell us how bad racing is going when one of the greatest drag racers of all time and a marketing wiz shuts teams down.
  9. Was supposed to work the Indy car weekend next week at Mid Ohio. I was informed 45 mins ago Governor restricting gathers in state of Ohio so weekend is being postponed. Some said they heard it could be limiting businesses to essential business only in state. Looks like Round 2 shutdowns starting.
  10. Racermurray i was told that one track owner was informed that it was being extended from Aug 2 til Aug 20. I heard Gennesee was staying closed til the 2 because they were waiting for fans. And Chemung opened last Friday with fans and many tracks are still allowing fans in stands. I think I’m the end those following the guidelines are be hurt by those that are bucking the system. This will definitely be a year racetracks will feel for a long time:))
  11. Source tells me this is the new date being extended. Not 100% sure if true wondering if anyone else heard anything?
  12. This is going to be a I think good and bad for racing. The good is I know with Ray and Tony involved it will be done right . The bad is live on Saturday nights how many people will stay home from weekly racing to watch these races? https://www.sportsbusinessdaily.com/Journal/Issues/2020/07/13/Leagues-and-Governing-Bodies/SRX.aspx?fbclid=IwAR1a89svUZFR522te8nZ2yVrSgZEYjtcHjsBiN6we5uQcYUBkzu2Qt_2CeA
  13. What’s racing today for Sunday? I know Cornwall is but that’s across the border. Wasn’t sure about PA?
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