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  1. Josh IMSA is a little different but I’m not totally arguing. I work the IMSA events mounting tires and the number of teams is only about 10 in the class and there’s only 6 teams that had the same drivers at each race. So a bad day you only need to make up 6 spots to catch up.
  2. It’s on Julie Facebook. We’re friends. I tried copying it over but I’m not tech enough. slack looked earlier and it was gone but I’m sure when Bob Pockaruss reported it got reposted. Either way all I care about is someone as great as Mike was and a true sportsman of our sport deserves better!!
  3. Leroy When they announce your induction into the Hall Of Fame your brought up and make your speech. In the past if someone is deceased someone has spoken in their honor. Now they changed it so no one can speak. How do you think his wife feels? You know the family is usually just as much a part of them getting there.
  4. Earlier in the week a sponsor was approved for the NASCAR series. It was announced on Jayski.com. Yesterday it was disallowed. Now Jayski not only doesn’t report which I’m sure pressure came from the sanctioning body. Now I find out that Mike Stefanick wife or anyone is allowed to make a speech when Mike is inducted into the NASCAR Hall of Fame. They made it a new rule this year:(( A man gave his life to making the sport what it is and can’t even be recognized by his wife.VERY SAD!!!!
  5. Just learned that CJ Rayburn passed away today:( it hit me hard because less than 3 weeks ago I was sitting in his living room and talking for hours. Ever year on my way to PRI I’d stop in and we’d talk. That night we went to his favorite place to eat, Shelby Street Saloon. CJ Loved their chicken. He said it was the best he’d ever had. I hadn’t checked into my motel yet and CJ tried to talk me into staying at the house. Now I wish I would have. Gone is a true Legend! RIP The guy who was Tougher Than Dirt!
  6. Calling hours are today Dec 30 from 4-7 at Hart and Bruce funeral home in Watertown. https://www.hartandbrucefh.com/obituary/Rosalind-Thurston My thoughts are with the entire family but especially Bob Sr. Due to airline chaos I wasn’t able to make it back:(( . The entire racing family in the North Country is indebted to all the Thurston family has done for racing over the years. And that started from the top with Bob and Rose!! Rose you’ll always be missed:) Bob and family we are all here for you!
  7. Tonight I learned of the passing of Rose Thurston. It’s a really sad moment:(( She passed away on Christmas Eve. I can remember back in 1979 if I’m not mistaken was the first time I met Rose. My dad and I got to know Bob Thurston Sr through a mutual friend, Dave Maitland ,in the fall of 1978 . Dad and I use to go to the coffee shops at night time when we were out plowing and one we went to was Howard Johnson on Arsenal Street in Watertown. There would be about 6-10 different people that would stop in . We got to know Dave and then we found out about his gas station on Washington Street ,
  8. Tonight East Bay has a full card of racing to finish off the racing season. Also there a possibility a guy in a red suit is going to show up for the kids Come on out a support the sport we love if your in the Tampa area.
  9. TL 10 cars i would consider decent anymore. Not that I’d say it great but many tracks head lining classes are 12-20. but say 5 came over and you got 5 locally you got 10. Here’s the deal. 5-7 cars at can am will be a snooze fest. Track is so big when they get spread out there will be little excitement. Maybe I’m wrong.
  10. So if we are going to try a grow upon this plan of an affordable sprint car option why not go with a set of rules that Brockville and Osweghan all ready have? Action Sprint Car Tour When border opens up there’s already a decent group running Brockville why alienate the class that’s already established?
  11. It’s actually simple. We create a fabrication and racing school that teaches kids a broad range of skills . Like a BOCES . I always thought if I could get backing I’d love to do this. Even doing night classes for adults. If you peak people’s interest they become excited and want to learn more.
  12. The place to be this Thanksgiving weekend if you enjoy Late Model and Street Stock racing is Cochran Motor Speedway. Super late models will be running for $21,000. Scott Bloomquist and Brandon Overton are just a few that will be there. 602 and 604 late models will also be running. Street Stocks are running for $5000 to win. Don’t miss a great weekend of racing with good weather forecasted. Hope to see you there. There will be a practice 6-10 on Thanksgiving Night.
  13. This Friday and Saturday North Florida Speedway will hold the annual Turkey Trot Weekend. Have been to the last 2 and each year it’s gotten bigger. With the new clay Phil has put down and the hard work Liz and the rest of the staff have put in definitely makes it a family environment when your there. So head up to Lake City for some good racing and fun time with your racing family. Hope to see you there. Racing starts at 7 both nights.
  14. Here’s something I think you need to remember. The ump cars are on hard 8” tires no grooving . The northeast are on 13” softer tires. Put a softer wider tire on ump I think they are lights out faster.
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