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  1. Eagleonemotorsports

    Volusia On Dirt Vision Fast pass

    81 late models total 24 -602 Late Models 41-604 Late Modrls 16- Florida Late Models
  2. Don’t forget if you have DIRTVision FastPass the next 3 night are live !!!
  3. If you like late models Volusia speedway is the place to be this weekend!! They are running Super Late , 602 Late Models, and Florida Late Models. And the guys will be shooting for over $100,000 in purses and the big winners check of $10,000 on Saturday to the feature winner. Weather is looking good so if your in the area or a short drive away head on out. Heck jump on a plane for a weekend get away:)) ill keep you updated as weekend progresses. I’ll be heading out there . i believe racing starts at 7:00pm
  4. Eagleonemotorsports

    Volusia Practice Tonight 1/15

    There was a good field of cars practicing tonight. I’d say 25-30 at least. Kyle Bronson I think was fastest. Tomorrow night is the first of 3 nights. New grandstands are looking great and are on schedule from what I heard to be done by speed week. They will definitely be a game changer far as seeing the back stretch even better.
  5. I see Volusia is practicing tonight for the big 3 day weekend for the 604 late models . Weather is great tonight nothing better than seeing race cars in January in a short sleeve shirt:) stop out if your in the area!!
  6. Eagleonemotorsports

    Dirtcar new rule

    Inthecuse, the tire rule help a smaller team only have to have one brand of tires to carry if they want to run a certain track. It’s a great rule because if not larger teams would have 2 and maybe 3 brands of tires mounted . I think it’s a rule that saved a lot of racers from getting out.
  7. Eagleonemotorsports

    Dirtcar new rule

    Florida first of all there is only $275 difference second WRG makes nothing on systems sold third if you add a third nozzle like you should you need the extra suppression. If I’m on Fire the more suppression the better chance I got of not getting burned
  8. Eagleonemotorsports


    Uncle how it usually works with Nascar top series is they pay nothing for fuel. It’s supplied to them by Sunoco for free. I’m pretty sure I’m right. Plus there is commitment money for owner points for showing up plus tv money and exposure. Plus it’s probably easier to find decent used stuff from the top ixfinity team that sell stuff verses Arca where I’m sure there’s less availability of quality used stuff. And I wouldn’t be surprised if many of the Cup teams don’t use ixfinity stops as training for pit stops of new team members.
  9. Eagleonemotorsports

    Merry Christmas!

    Hope everyone had a great time with families and travel safe back home!
  10. Eagleonemotorsports

    Dirtcar new rule

    Johny sad thing is that’s the way the whole world of life pretty much is now. Those with talent in their workmanship skill don’t get a chance to get the equipment they need to grow your business as easily. Reason many race is it’s either spend it on racing or give it to government in taxes. Why do you think there’s so many nice haulers especially
  11. Josh so all the old races from the past are gone too? I was thinking about getting it again for Kevin Kovac’s articles and old races I missed this summer
  12. Eagleonemotorsports

    Dirtcar new rule

    Rob not sure if I was one of those you were referring to:) Happy Holidays to your whole family David Surace
  13. Eagleonemotorsports

    Dirtcar new rule

    Dan I don’t think I said he had no clue as to what is going . If you reread my post I said no clue about the talks I’m talking about I had with Dirt .
  14. Eagleonemotorsports

    Dirtcar new rule

    No ones pulling my strings!!!! Not saying Mark doesn’t do a good job .ive known Mark for over 30 years back when he raced. But I told him about that car with aluminum spoiler and nothing was done. It’s illegal according to the rule book. Also Dirt seals were given to an engine builder without Mark being there to inspect it being assembled and I’m pretty sure there was an issue . So jumper is it ok not to follow the rule book in your mind? What about the only time they check sportsman shocks for the Dirt stickers is Oswego and maybe a series race.
  15. Eagleonemotorsports

    Dirtcar new rule

    A puppet is letting someone else make decision for you!! All season long at a track I went to and at Super Dirt Week there was 2 cars running aluminum spoilers instead of Lexan . That’s a safety factor because drivers following their view is blocked 5 inches taller! I think you better do some research of puppet in dictionary. Trust me Dirt inst ready for a Dick Brook style tech inspector:)