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  1. This should tell us how bad racing is going when one of the greatest drag racers of all time and a marketing wiz shuts teams down.
  2. Was supposed to work the Indy car weekend next week at Mid Ohio. I was informed 45 mins ago Governor restricting gathers in state of Ohio so weekend is being postponed. Some said they heard it could be limiting businesses to essential business only in state. Looks like Round 2 shutdowns starting.
  3. Racermurray i was told that one track owner was informed that it was being extended from Aug 2 til Aug 20. I heard Gennesee was staying closed til the 2 because they were waiting for fans. And Chemung opened last Friday with fans and many tracks are still allowing fans in stands. I think I’m the end those following the guidelines are be hurt by those that are bucking the system. This will definitely be a year racetracks will feel for a long time:))
  4. Source tells me this is the new date being extended. Not 100% sure if true wondering if anyone else heard anything?
  5. This is going to be a I think good and bad for racing. The good is I know with Ray and Tony involved it will be done right . The bad is live on Saturday nights how many people will stay home from weekly racing to watch these races? https://www.sportsbusinessdaily.com/Journal/Issues/2020/07/13/Leagues-and-Governing-Bodies/SRX.aspx?fbclid=IwAR1a89svUZFR522te8nZ2yVrSgZEYjtcHjsBiN6we5uQcYUBkzu2Qt_2CeA
  6. What’s racing today for Sunday? I know Cornwall is but that’s across the border. Wasn’t sure about PA?
  7. Leroy heres how I look at it and it probably sounds stupid:) if John Wight , OCFS, and Howie Commander could figure out a way or loop hole to have fans don’t you think they would? And if I’m a small track I would think to myself if these guys can’t figure a way then there’s a pretty good chance I can’t have fans. What I would have done was just keep doing the pits only til they allowed fans long as it was profitable. If not just wait til it is opened up.
  8. Rpm i know Swan Bay Resort in Alex Bay had their liquor license pulled because they didn’t follow social guidelines. Look at the pics from the races. How many were wearing mask and 6 feet apart? If a race track can’t sell beer that’s a Huge profit loss at the end of the night. Hopefully guidelines can be set and followed so all tracks can open .
  9. They were told No but they still went ahead . Let me ask you this, in today’s day and age if your doing something that’s questionable wouldn’t you want something in writing to cover your butt? Here’s what happened to AIS Speedway https://www.wwnytv.com/2020/07/03/state-issues-cease-desist-order-muck-park/
  10. Rpm so let me ask you this. If the state rules mandate no fans are allowed and you own a track is it fair that one track can have fans and you follow the rules and don’t open your track because you need the fans to make it profitable? Evans Mills is in the same county and I know they are waiting for the fans just like Brewerton and Fulton.
  11. Was just reading another article where a racer 39 years old built like the Hulk drowned this week. Leaving behind a wife and 2 kids:(( Another late model driver had a heart attack on the pace lap at Davenport Speedway. And we lost a huge asset to racing over the years in Andy Phelps this week. I think we all need to think for a moment that life is a ticking time bomb and we never know when it’s going to go off. But I can tell you this I want to enjoy , be happy, and bring joy to others I’m around as long as I can. With that being said I hope those families affected this week can find strength to move on. It’s not easy losing a love one but is even worse around a holiday. Be safe to those that are traveling. I next time you want to get in a typing war on the forum:) the best way to piss the guy off is not to respond back to his comments and let’s try and keep positive things and information about racing. Have a safe weekend! David Surace/aka Spiderman
  12. https://www.wwnytv.com/2020/07/02/can-am-opens-fans-despite-state-guidance/ Hope the tracks and state can get on the same page sooner before we lose tracks:(
  13. I meet Andy way back when Roger was running 320. I’d say the Big 3 were Barefoot, Donnie, and Roger. And was a big supporter and I think part owner with Roger in the car. Andy was always there to lend a helping hand. I bet Andy helped out more racers become successful than most. Will miss seeing him on his Golf kart:( condolences to the whole Phelps family. RIP Andy
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