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  1. It seems funny when the good guys run and feature the names don’t show up on my end waiting for data appears in the name section. A friend told me promotors have figured a way for that to do it so you can’t follow. Has anyone heard this too?
  2. Eagleonemotorsports

    Airborne 6-15-19

    So bababuoy, has he cut the purse since the start off the year? Cause if not everyone that was there early on knew what the purse was. Racers would love to have increased purses and promoters would love to have standing room only. But I feel long as a promoter is paying the purse he stated he was going to be he shouldn’t be held hostage by racers saying he should pay more. Haven’t been there yet but from the sounds of things he’s doing an above average job!
  3. Eagleonemotorsports

    Canandaigua/LoL - PST

    Paul is a class act promotor. Pays a really good purse, has made quite a few improvements, and the 2 times I’ve been there this year keep the show moving along. He was considerate to come on here and explain the pricing. Sprint cars add exite to the show. I get some don’t like them but if you enjoy racing like many of us do be thankful we have tracks to go enjoy racing still!
  4. Eagleonemotorsports

    Canandaigua/LoL - PST

    Happy racer and mike, i think you guys made the track look like the bad person here by charging $27 for grandstand admission . It’s been listed as $20 and $7 extra if you want reserved seats. Reserved seating wasn’t required and seldom do people get it. I hope there wasn’t some one that saw your bashing of the track and doesn’t get back on before the race next weekend and finds out the correct info. Tracks have a hard enough time getting fans now a days.
  5. Eagleonemotorsports


    And this has what to do with racing?
  6. Eagleonemotorsports

    Doctor and Ray Graham part ways

    I will tell you this, Danny could give to sheets in the wind what you think about him so I’m sure he won’t waste his time stick up for himself!:) stew the deal is I think teams say they are all in but don’t understand the cost and Danny isn’t kissing anyone’s ass. Someday he will run out of rides but have you noticed Danny isn’t super fussy about rides. He will jump in a sportsman and run 100 lap modifieds feature if the car will stay together. Other guys will just take a lap and quit. He is has a no quit attitude on the track. He will race as hard for 20th as the win
  7. Eagleonemotorsports

    Doctor and Ray Graham part ways

    Speedway, maybe you could help me with this idea you have. If your saying it’s all the driver can your name me an owner that brought another driver in after Danny and had a drastic difference in performance and wins than Danny with that team? How long was it before he got his first win with the Graham ride or top 3 ? I’m sure you have the answers cause you made an accusation.
  8. Eagleonemotorsports

    Doctor and Ray Graham part ways

    Macho, are you calling out RPM on fake news???:)) unbackupable accusations??:)) Cool !
  9. Eagleonemotorsports

    Doctor and Ray Graham part ways

    Stew , i don’t think it’s got anything to do with Danny’s driving or wrecking. I think and could be wrong Danny is old school in that he will tell you exactly what he’s thinking and feeling! And sometimes when a person is spending money they don’t want to hear the raw truth. Danny missed his Dale Carnaggy classes or he might have been in NASCAR!:))
  10. Eagleonemotorsports

    Doctor and Ray Graham part ways

    Rpm , i hate to disagree with you but I think you all wrong. Give me a number on what you think it takes to put a big block team together and on track for a year and I’ll tell you how close you are! Second I’m good friends with Ray Bramall and we had a talk one day. He was telling me that during Danny’s time racing for him he spent less on equipment than he did when Brett drove for him. He told me about the 2 wrecks Brett had that wiped out 2 cars. Plus I’m going to say and there nothing wrong with it Brett drove cars that probably had nicer keep Sheetmetal more often. Did you ever notice Danny can start towards the back and usually get to the front. What I’ve seen lately is the equipment he’s been in hasn’t been well prepared or matained. I don’t care who it is if a car can’t make it through 35 laps without issue nobody’s going to win in it. Did you get that list of owners by any chance yet?
  11. Eagleonemotorsports

    Doctor and Ray Graham part ways

    Rpm, I’m wondering if you have a list of people that Danny has driven out of racing? I’d be interested in seeing that because if I was an owner and thought the driver I had was the problem why would I give up something I enjoyed doing? Or was the people your talking about not understand what it really took to run a modified team?
  12. Eagleonemotorsports

    Doctor and Ray Graham part ways

    Let me just say this, if anybody thinks that having Billy Colton be part of the team or making a call when to pit is a bad thing I think your wrong!! Billy is very knowledgeable and dedicated to winning races. We all can be bullheaded at times . Every company that’s building cars wants to do whatever they can to help the racers racing their cars out.
  13. Eagleonemotorsports

    Bill Shea

    Get well Bill !!!!! It never seems to amaze me when some knows what thier doing is wrong but yet still says it anyway:( Nc
  14. Eagleonemotorsports

    Doctor and Ray Graham part ways

    No Danny didn’t race anywhere last night. He was in the pits helping his son on his car at Canandaigua.
  15. Eagleonemotorsports

    Doctor and Ray Graham part ways

    Here’s what lacking in my opinion for Danny. I’ves been around him a lot and he’s one of the most talented driver. He lacks a crew and a crew chief!! Think about this when Graham switched to Troyers and Billy Colton was around to give good guidance look at the results? A great driver today need a good crew chief and crew. The crew chief can almost know more by watching the car and comparing to others. Danny excelled at Freightliner because of Charlie and the crew around him. Matt has Randy and a very dedicated crew. Same with Stew and Eric. Billy and Scott. To this day I say Brett could run back up front with the best of them with the right crew chief. I look at them around the track and I just don’t see the team that he use to have . So til Danny gets with a team that gets him a good crew chief and crew I say he will be bouncing from ride to ride with limited success.