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  1. Eagleonemotorsports

    S T E W I E ! ! !

    I have a question cause maybe I heard it wrong. I was sure they said Rhodes was black flagged and they were going to stop scoring him. If that was true why did they let him stay out there. Again maybe I miss understood . Happy for Stewie and Jessica ! And probably just as much for Chris from Halmar!!!! He’s done an lot in the last 4 years for racing. Without his support many drivers and maybe even OCFS would have been in serious trouble.
  2. 22 its more the news outlets trying to stir up a story. I get we don’t need violence in our sports but if the line is crossed all bets are off.
  3. Eagleonemotorsports

    Did I Miss Marlar BB Ride Announcement

    Page that must have taken a lot of research to figure that out!:) tell who your driver is other than the Super 4 and we’ll see who finished ahead of who!!
  4. 22 One of many Rule #1 in life!:)) Dont start a fight or a war your not ready to finish!! That guy thought he was cool saying what he did but sooner or later your going to say the wrong thing and get yourself into trouble you didn’t expect! I’m sure Tony isn’t happy this happened but there’s also no reason a person can’t stick up for their rights!! Weather it’s Ron or Tony.
  5. Eagleonemotorsports

    Did I Miss Marlar BB Ride Announcement

    Page i think your wrong! If Bob Slack is the one going and taking the car I’m sure they will test somewhere before. They will be decent the only thing will be is lap traffic and running with cars that are different speeds and closing rates. I’d rather have a guy that is great and knows the track verses a great driver that doesn’t know the track. My opinion but with limited track time I see knowing the track a plus! And I’m betting Integra Shocks is behind it.
  6. Gasket, i didn’t think fool would be considered name calling. We all are fools at times in how we think:) let me see , it’s people like you that don’t really know the facts and just try and stir up the situation against someone you don’t like????:)
  7. Just read he has a BB ride for Eldora
  8. Ranger its fools like you that shout their mouths off and weren’t even there I’d bet good money! Want to bet the guy that got a free facial was drunk or being a total jerk?? Tony goes to the races to enjoy himself and by doing so he makes our sport better ! And ranger if you don’t play in traffic you don’t get hurt.
  9. Eagleonemotorsports

    Doctor with Sweetners?

    Did anybody happen to think that the only thing is bad luck and Vic made a business choice to cut back? I think Vic thought long as things went ok and it came close to paying for itself he had no problem. But let’s face it number 1 priorities are Kyle and Timmy. You can’t takeaway from them to find a losing idea. If they hurt a box and broke a drive shaft plus add in traveling expenses that Canada trip was great at least a $2000 loss or more! That’s 15-18 tires for Timmy . One win and a little bit less bad luck I think he’s still there. Maybe I’m wrong. I’m sure Vic was thinking he had an Ace with Danny for $100,000.
  10. Eagleonemotorsports

    Doctor with Sweetners?

    80k i totally agree that moments like we talked about are more special than wins. It’s about team work. Another thing I hate about 98 % of the teams is there’s no comrodery. If I wasn’t running the radios I’d run over and see if I could help anybody that had a problem during the race. I’m pretty sure that’s how I meet Brett for the first time. It was at Bridgeport Speedway and he was having troubles with something. It may have even been changing the engine. At the time I was helping Barefoot. I had flown down to help Bob but everything was done. Brett had troubles so I went over and helped him and Charlie Langenstein. I got the business from Bobs crew but I didn’t care. The next year I went to work for Brett and Bob crashed in Canada. Didn’t have a spare set of headers that he just crushed. I went and asked Brett if Bob could use them and he said go ahead. I walked over to Bob pit with the headers and they were shocked. I go here you go give them back after the races. That day I think bobs crew guys realized Brett isn’t that bad a guy after all. In Woo and Lucas late models and sprints teams help one another all the time change tires and fix car. Modifieds need to take a lesson!:)
  11. Eagleonemotorsports

    Doctor with Sweetners?

    Rpm, alan can be just as moody and tell you like it is as Danny!:)) remember he quit the Halmar ride at Syracuse!!!! I bet looking back he might have done differently. Hind sight is never an option you can go back to usually.
  12. Eagleonemotorsports

    Doctor with Sweetners?

    Any1, i see the same thing at the races I go to:((( I worked for Brett in 1984 and I’ll tell you he’s dedicated!! But I can tell you this Brett needs to hire a leader . Maybe there’s one there but like you said I’m not seeing it. I can remember in 1984 when I went down there in late June he had only 1 win maybe and was behind by quite a bit to Carl Collis . I think we won like 4 out of the next 6 and the track title . Brett has been fortunate over the years to have had great free help. Free help now a days doesn’t have the 30 plus years experience or the never quit til I make it better mentally. When I worked with Doug Hoffman one Eastern States 200 we broke a rear panhard bar. Put a hole in dry sump tank. We made 6 pitstops! I told the guys after we saw what it was get one out of trailer and had Doug go back around so we didn’t lose a lap because back then you couldn’t have a picnic in your pits under yellow for 5 laps then pull back out before green and not lose any laps!:)) so Doug came back in and we got the new panhard on and dumped some oil in. I told the guys to get some brake clean and start cleaning around hole. He went back out again so we didn’t lose a lap. I had the guys make a big square patch out of duct tape and put A tube of silicone in the middle. He came back in we cleaned it and slapped the patch on. He went back out again. We came in and topped oil of and finished 3rd in the 200. Scott got Billy Decker back out the other night at Granby and finished 5th. Dedication like that is lacked on a lot of teams. When I ran the radios for Doug I told him and it held true. No matter how good or bad that cars going we fight til the end with everything we got!! Flat tire we’re fixing it and getting back out to get every spot we can not just saying we’ll call it a night. If we aren’t going good and going backwards let’s come in and try to mak it better. Let’s take a 15th place car and try and make it a top 5. Trust me what Brett May lack in reflects and eye sight to younger guys , I’ll take his mentality in a race car over just about anyone. Right now Brett lacks the confidence he use to have. He just needs to find a combination to get it back going in the right direction.
  13. Eagleonemotorsports

    Doctor with Sweetners?

    Rpm your missing what I’m saying:) no different then in nascar or woo the driver is the smaller piece to the puzzle than before.Brett when he’s driving the car can’t tell how much his Lr is hicked up compared to others. A driver can’t tell how the guys gaining on them from behind or if their pulling away. Randy Kisacky is watching that car and thinking if I do this it will help us here but may hurt a little there and figure what the best changes are. Trust me Matt Shephard Cherish’s 4 things . His child, his wife, his dog , and Randy Kisacky being in his pit! Your correct Danny could do that because his talent carried a car . But now there’s 6-10 that have their cars set up close enough that talent can’t over come technology. Lots has changed in 5 years. Yes they are younger but I think a lot is taking they are willing to take a chance . The older you get you don’t want to get hurt because let’s face it there are many out of control over aggressive drivers.
  14. Eagleonemotorsports

    Doctor with Sweetners?

    Rpm let me give you and example of why I say the team isn’t as on top of their game as they use to be. Brett the other night comes in for a tire change and the wrap is still on when the rr is already off and it’s time to put the new one on. That would have never happened 10 years ago. As a driver you better have a team behind that’s as hungry to win as you are!!! I was a Mohawk for the smalll block race and after the race Charlie Rudolph was pissed. Not just because they didn’t win but he was made at himself for not having a better set up that could have won the race. Matt S and Randy K, Stewie and Eric, Eric and Charlie, and Matt W and Randy W !!! In my opinion that’s what separates the top 4. A driver can’t see were other cars are always better than they are but a great crew chief can and relay that to the driver and come up with a better set up. With the right crew guys Brett and Danny can become contenders again but probably not as dominate
  15. Eagleonemotorsports

    Doctor with Sweetners?

    Slick your 100% right! But let me tell you what most guys will tell you. What works on tracks down South many times does work up North. Heres the deal, time trialing is everything. Everybody goes with what they think is their best set up. If your running the SDS you better have a good qualifying package that can put you in the top 3-4 spots. Any farther back if your off your not going to qualify. For 8 laps the cars are pretty equal. The top drivers get better as the race goes on. Many up front starters will fade by 20 laps. The problem also with testing early is you don’t now what problems you need to fix. If you worked on forward bite but know your shoving the nose too much you need more data!!