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  1. Here is what I remember and it sorta makes sense. With a standard plug the strap allows the spark to go in multiple directions. That’s why I would index plugs all the time weather they needed to or not. To try and direct the spark towards the center of the piston. With the open center in the higher dollar plugs it directs the sparks with no restrictions from strap. Maybe I’m all wrong on my thoughts but it sounds good:)
  2. I’m think the deal is they are trying some new things because in the end they will 90% chance not be running for the points title. Testing is one thing but during a race is the best because more cars change the air around the race track. Im going on the limb and saying he wins tomorrow night and 2 of the 3 WOO races this weekend.
  3. I’m being told fans are Now allowed at Cherokee!!
  4. My first place back here in Florida was IHOP. I took my Aunt out for her 80th birthday. Many restaurants down here have yet to open up the dining rooms. It’s been over 2 weeks and not 1 fast food place has opened their dining room McDonald’s, BK, Taco, K of C . Many of the restaurants are scared because like I had mentioned before the businesses have found that if they do open and get sued their insurance companies have told all businesses they are fully responsible and on their own. Restaurants were only allowed to operate st 25% capacity for the first 2 weeks. Today they went to 50% and gyms opened up.
  5. Johnny yes you could. I built a brand new Bicknell and assembled with a engine for a customer and he raced about 25 races. Key is if you wipe out a front end and bend the clip it could be $2,500 to fix. Key is to finish races , get experience, and the nights your running good try and seize the opportunities to get good finishes.
  6. Tort, ive been there both weeks luckily!:)) I would say fans maybe 100-car count first week was about 70 for 4 classes and last night maybe 70 for 5 classes. They are running again next Saturday. It’s about 3 hrs from Sanford airport so if you want to catch a cheap flight you can go to the races;)
  7. Fonda, wouldn't it be only 3 nights in motel? So it sounds like you guys aren’t getting any money from ads? If that’s the case you need to renegotiate:) I would say each side is allowed to pursue some ads . Granted if DTD gets a commercial and does the filming and editing they should get some credit!! Fees for credit card are about $1 per subscriber. I am not knocking what your charging just agreeing with the majority that for it to pick up many new subscribers it needs to be a deal. This show is about testing the waters for deyo in NC. Like to place bets there’s a show around World Finals if this track races and is received by the driver ok.
  8. Outlaw in a way I understand what your saying. Sony camera is $2700 each and there is probably 2 . But let’s understand that stuff is paid for wasn’t acquired just for this show. Same with production equipment. I say 4 people for 4 days. $600 a person is $2400. Hotels $400. Rental car with fuel $400. Food $500. Bandwidth guessing $150. I guessing $4500 total. What they are say is true to an extent. $50 will scare or keep the curious away. $19.95 they’ll take a chance. The ideal way is you guys guys give a promoter a set price for doing show up to x number of people buying and over that you guys get extra:) dirttrackdigest does a lot for the modifieds!! Problem is today people want value.
  9. John ive always realized some people are really simple in life:)) comparing a tv show to a world problem with people dying would be like comparing you to someone with intelligence :)) not even close to the same thing, more like polar opposites:)
  10. Bob why don’t you try showing that to someone whose lost a love one, or whose mother is sitting in a nursing home and no family can see her, or someone whose lost their job and is going to lose their house. Let me know where they punch you first and if your left laying on the ground saying WOW I guess they didn’t think it was funny:))
  11. Sorry Bob guess I don’t measure up to your humor meter:) when people have lost love ones and their homes and jobs I’m sorry but to me they is no joy:( plus look at the toll racing has taken.
  12. Ok there was 9 late models , a street stock class that had I think 20, pure stock that had 21, and 4 cylinders that had 19. Was just glad to be at a track! Lights are a 10! Sound system are a 10! Bleachers are a 9:) Restrooms and playground were very nice. Racing was ok but they had Yuke tire on the infield that keep catching cars:( once the cars got going it was decent dusty free racing. Definitely a track work visiting. They run first 3 Saturday’s of each month. They claim to be the Southern most track in the USA. It’s 3 hours from New Smyrna. Next week they have open wheel mods. Down, does your brother want to be part of a race team? I was offered a late model ride tonight:)
  13. Jack there needs to be 1 source that’s held accountable and there is no question on legal ruling later . Thing is if done right it saves the 90 % that run legal from having to venture to the cheater side!! In the end it equals the competition.
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