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  1. Eagleonemotorsports

    Brett Hearn

    Gasket if the teams weren’t getting the money back I’d have to agree. But they paid better than any track this year which is very impressive! I think as well as you know Brett knows how to promote and give the fans their Monies worth.
  2. Eagleonemotorsports

    Brett Hearn

    Darooster his hauler was actually supposed to had been delivered sooner than it was but he made a deal to let another guy have the one he ordered originally. A hauler is the best investment a team can make. It’s a great right off and doesn’t lose much valve if taken care of. I would saw 2 races definitely are Mr Dirt at LV and the Big Show at Malta. Possibly 4 in Florida to do some testing .
  3. Eagleonemotorsports

    Eastern states

    Funny how a guy first post ever and he’s complaining about getting paid from a race track. Wish the moderator would tell us who the person that’s chicken enough to come up with a new screen name because they don’t want to be a man about and sign their really name! now maybe I’m wrong and this just happens to be the first subject this screen person has ever commented on.
  4. Eagleonemotorsports

    The Year of Mat Williamson continues!

    Johnyc its not the most but pretty impressive!! They really set the bar high for guys to get a next year.
  5. Eagleonemotorsports

    World Finals

    So is tonight’s race on Flo Tv for the modifieds? my friend says it’s not showing it’s going to be on only Usac from Paris Auto any idea what time or how long before modifieds feature
  6. Eagleonemotorsports

    World Finals

    I thought it was announced everybody qualified now running last chance races for modifieds? Did they rechange what they said or did I misunderstand?
  7. I saw that Randy Sweet has passed away:( He was a true innovator in all forms of racing. This man was never satisfied with anything. AlwYs looking for something to make the cars go faster. RIP Randy
  8. Eagleonemotorsports

    Come On Flo Racing

    I’m hearing rest of tonight rained out??
  9. Eagleonemotorsports


    Rpm unless it’s change you can’t. And it may have . HBR has exclusive right for dirt engines. Roger Phelps had told me a friend called Bruneau and was told this.
  10. Eagleonemotorsports


    If you also remember HBR had their own motor program and still do today far as I know. I think the bigger asset it drive ability of the motor combos
  11. Eagleonemotorsports


    Rpm do you realize how many shock companies Maxima builds shock oils for?
  12. Redd you mean a big small block right? Not a dirt legal one. Does he do a dirt legal one? I think the deal is the sportsman are so affordable it’s taken the lead at many tracks. Sportsman is less for engine, burns cheaper fuel, less tire wear , and puts on pretty competitive racing. Switch the modified class over to crates do you think the racing wouldn’t be as good? Good drivers always get that last 1 or 2 tenth out of a car.
  13. Eagleonemotorsports

    OCFS Shouldn’t Be Counting Cautions

    Neal this has been a rule for as long as I could remember. They ran 10 laps under caution. That could come into play with those that putting on lap 20 making it or not on fuel. Plus it’s 10 laps that could have been run under green possibly. I think the series are going in the right direction. I think the rule should be 3 laps count under caution then lap counter freezes til you go back to green. At least 1 complete green lap needs to be completed under green when you go back to green or counter remains froze if a quick yellow happens.
  14. After a red flag the lap counter is frozen til you go back to green!!! They should still be on lap 80 til after they go back to green after Max red flag.
  15. Just ready a driver was killed in a wreck tonight in a late model:(( Days like this I really hate racing because the pain in causes families:((( thoughts go out to the Jacobs family