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  1. Was this at 417? What was turn out? I see they had 16 cars at Showyime for $10,000 to win tonight near St Petersburg
  2. Problem is now you have taken the driver that just shows up by himself or doesn’t have a signal guy and handicapped his ability to finish where his abilities would have been. You give a good driver with a stick guy he can make it so a guy would have to struggle really hard to pass, blocking 101:) If your racing a track like Volusia I bet some guys have 2 stick guys and why wouldn’t you? 1 in turn 1 and 1 in turn 3. So do you allow this for every class at the tracks??
  3. DirtVision is going to get a lot of Flack over the cancellation of 11 sprint car races:(( Paying the same for less shows makes it tough to keep for a sprint car fan.
  4. After the Modlite show at East Bay was cancelled Phil stepped up and was able to help the racers that made the long trip down. There are going to race Thursday 2/18 and Friday 2/19 at North Florida Speedway in Lake City , Florida. I went to their show last weekend and they put on a good race. Check out their Facebook page and here for updates!
  5. That was a long time ago someone was shot. Do some research with locals it’s a well hidden event. Track management dropped the ball and should have called the Police immediately and the teams escorted off property. sick I’m guessing being assaulted would have nothing to do with ones heart racing and and having a heart attack?
  6. Down the stretch I wouldn’t have posted what I did if there wasn’t some facts. A guy trying to do the right thing pays the price:(( RIP Rusty https://racedayct.com/2021/02/trackofficial-dies-following-pit-area-brawl-at-new-smyrna-speedway/
  7. Scott guilt by name association!! Appetizers are on you:)(
  8. Last night after Volusia rained out I went to New Smyrna Speedway to catch the races. What I saw and what happened at the end of the night was one of the saddest nights in racing. 2 cars got together battling for the lead in the sportsman race. Second place roughed up the leader took the lead and won. After the races the winning crew got to arguing win second place crew. what I witnessed personal was very sad in the tech area. Jason Boyd started arguing with the crew on the second place finisher. Then started in with the tech officials. In the mean time Jason Lester another driver comes
  9. I will vouch for Spazman just this one time:))) It is a very nice place to enjoy a relaxing dinner. Food is good only downfall is the wait sometimes because it’s so busy. Don’t know if they take reservations but they do have a lot of live music also.
  10. After hoping the skies would clear and the rain coming down didn’t happen, Dirt4 Racing promotions has canceled the rest of the weekend at North Florida Speedway. This is one of those times were everyone is upset because racers spent money to travel and the promoter spent money to try and put a show on for the racers and fans. But in the end weather is out of our control and there will be another race on a better day. Safe travels to the teams and fans that ventured down and hopefully getting a chance to shake your car down before racing season puts you on a faster track towards victory lane.
  11. So I was just informed that the racers would like to try and run tomorrow so the track said they will try and if weather is questionable will update at 1 PM tomorrow. Kudos to the drivers and Dirt4Racing for trying to get the races in for the drivers.
  12. I see Brad with Layin1Down Promotions looked at the forecast which is 100% chance of rain at times in the coming day and canceled the remaining 2 days. If the Super Bowl wasn’t on Sunday they possibly could have tried but I think the best thing was everyone car is still in one piece , racing was decent and incident free last night, and before mud is dragged through the trailers and hauler . Hopefully it allowed some guys to test their new stuff out before the up coming racing season. I’m sure the promoters are losing a lot but Mother Nature sometimes controls destiny. Thanks for all the guys t
  13. Wow:(( I was going to look him up. Last I saw him he was down in Florida and I go there in winter some . Any idea what happened? I meant Mike when he was promoting Black Rock. Always went out of his way to help the racers. Always smiling and pleasant! A true loss:(( Condolences to his family and especially his brother Stacey they were 2 peas in a pod. They were truly close.
  14. So for the family for their loss:(( It’s even more difficult when it happens around the holidays but hopefully Their passion for racing can keep them busy to easy the burden. One thing I’m pretty sure is there are many family videos to look back on the great times they had:))
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