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  1. Sierenga Farms sponsored # 0jr, owned by Jim Sincerbeaux. I remember him in that car at RWR. I found the owners name here:
  2. Imagine a WRG race, paying $53k to win, that allowed American Racers... I think American Racer is a major contributing factor to Brett Deyo being able to offer the purse he's advertised. He has supported the racers and fans more than anyone else during this debacle, it's time to support/continue to support him, and is "get it done" way of doing business.
  3. If I am reading the site correctly, despite advertising the Gateway Nations on their schedule, FloRacing is referring subscribers to dirtondirt.com to pay per view the live action, nothing actually on Flo? Am I reading this correctly? Seems like a bait and switch if this is the case. Any other FloRacing subscribers here that can comment?
  4. The first 4 races of Indiana Sprint Week have higher predicted heat indexes than back home in NY. They are starting an hour later each night. Gas City was packed last night, 43 sprints and nearly SRO in the stands. I wouldn't miss this week because of the current heat situation, and if USAC cancelled races because of it, we would see a single race. The track was real racey too!
  5. Right here. DirtCar sucks. STSS is in the middle of sprint car country tonight and 24 is a full field. WoO constantly has 360 filling out the ranks when they come to NY, so your point seems weak, when looked at objectively. No more crickets...
  6. I have speed Shift and love it. You can watch 3 or 4 races a night sometimes, since they have races from all different time zones. If you get Chet Christner on the mic, it's an added bonus, he's the best IMO. Try the VIP, I think you'll like it.
  7. Also heard CVD, Strunk and Howard. Shepherd must be coming. Hopefully some of the Thunder Mountain and Woodhull guys make the trip too.
  8. To me, the problem with the yuke tires is the inconsistent placement and their ability to be "relocated" during a race. The wall is in the same position, lap after lap, week after week. IMO they suck and cause unnecessary damage.
  9. I can't argue with your math, but at least another 200 show up to see him get beat.
  10. Looks to me like the next 27J will be a Cyclone. But will it be racing at Fonda weekly in 2019?
  11. Not this NY'er. I drag my ass to every USAC show I can manage. There is no comparison! Why people that have the means to venture out of state and watch different classes of dirt racing, but don't, puzzles me.
  12. Now VP knows where to send the $100. Maybe you should go to the SDS shows that weekend.
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