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  1. I seen a video of that mess in front of the flag stand. I hope there will be a suspension
  2. Malta runs big block and 358 together. It's a matter of what you want to run
  3. Does this change the HOF ceremonies?
  4. I watch the truck series because of Stewy. While I dont like that one interview I've met and talked to him a bunch of times. Always been nice to me. I dont hold that one interview against him and will route for him whenever I can. I do think the napcar people dont like him but that's their issue not mine. So I say GO STEWY bring the truck championship back to "modified country"
  5. That may be the case but the "support" classes dont get the credit they deserve. The way I look at it is I'm glad cars were on the track
  6. tiracer43


    Pro stock race was awesome. 3 way battle for the lead/win couldn't ask for more. Congratulations to Brandon Emigh for the win. Jay Corbin and Josh Coonradt deserve respect also
  7. It's a shame because alot of people were excited to see it happen
  8. I'm pretty sure its Ronnie
  9. While I dont particularly like every track I've been to I understand others do. Regardless of where it is every track has its drama. I for one know that before I go and I'm fine with it. No I dont want to see any track close they all have something to offer and tracks closing doesn't help our sport in any way.
  10. It's about a half hour from me I'm going to do some research this weekend. Thanks bob
  11. Where can I find more information on the tracks in Scotia?