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  1. I wonder if this means his modified will end up with a toy-motor too
  2. I hope it works out for him, I just hate Toyota
  3. I hope not. I think it would be a bad choice
  4. I remember Brett driving a Pontiac not a ford
  5. As a satellite team for hendrick lol
  6. If he goes I hope coonradt wins
  7. Albany Saratoga, utica with the red clay
  8. This was talked about with 4cyl cars at Albany-Saratoga a few years ago. Wish it would've happened. I know hearn was asked and he said no. Stewy was asked and said hell yeah
  9. Congratulations Marc on championship #2
  10. I was wondering the same thing. Cant find any information on it
  11. I understand so well. The people in the town of Malta buy houses in the winter then comes spring and holy crap theres a racetrack... people should look around the area before buying a house
  12. I seen a video of that mess in front of the flag stand. I hope there will be a suspension
  13. Malta runs big block and 358 together. It's a matter of what you want to run
  14. Does this change the HOF ceremonies?