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  1. I would have to believe that local RACING will run as usual, if you have no FANS in the seats how do tracks support RACERS payout???? WE as Fans just need to be cautious about our keeping VIRUS protected...
  2. A few years ago I attended OCFS pretty regular for a change of pace....Looks like this may become another of the same!!!!
  3. Sooooo, A RACE TRACK puts on a night to basically THANK the FANS and people say he's pissed with someone...OK
  4. All I can say is, If all these rule changes are for real and RACERS stop following SDS then I'm sure Mr. Deyo has a very big smile on his face at this time!!! I for one hope its true, STSS has been my favorite series for awhile now, the more the better …...
  5. I think this is GREAT..2 Tracks relatively close enough to draw some very good competitors, that's what RACING needs, a little shot in the arm for the more local teams that don't travel...Thank You Utica Rome and Thunder Mountain for trying something to rekindle local RACING !!!!!!
  6. Should still be a good show for the Ridge!!!!
  7. I have always believed that if you bring out Yellow with 10 or fewer laps left, then proceed to pits under your own power you should automatically be put 2 laps down....
  8. SO !! I'm #1 or2 or even three in sds points and I want to go to Fonda for the money but there is a SDS race same day, if I chose Fonda cause its my living, I have my SDS status taken away, So, I guess your right its my choice...….WOW !!!!!!!!!!
  9. IMHO Rolling Wheels always produced great RACING Action with the Who's Who of BB Modifieds !!!!!!!!
  10. If I were a RACER OWNER/ DRIVER I believe that OC would for sure be on my schedule, that's just to much money and bragging rights to pass up.....Sure top drivers are favorites to win but that does NOT put them in Victory lane many things can and will happen especially at a place OC....I'll just have to try harder at my home track to get enough points to not worry about missing one night!!!!!!!!
  11. That's why Motorsports expo always did so well, most if not all tracks always had their season schedule handouts available..
  12. It's also Towmans Birthday, What present for me...….I got the day covered!!!!!
  13. Should be a question of "Who Isn't Going" But I understand that a lot of posters on this site say RACERS don't RACE for Money so I guess its a legit question. LOL
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