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  1. Anybody have any insight on which Drivers are making the treck down ??? I am thinking of heading down for this week. Georgetown was my last RACE and it seems like that was forever ago..besides it should be a bit warmer there....
  2. If I were an owner/promoter of a RACETRACK at this time, given what 2020 did to Racing in NY state, and all the Medical info put out about MAYBE the FALL of 2021 starting to get better I believe I would hesitate planning Races also !!!!!
  3. I believe alot of the Tracks are waiting on Pandemic problem before committing to anything yet !!!!
  4. The good or bad running of any RACETRACK is all about promotion !!!!! Yes, weather hit UR pretty bad last couple of years but thats not the norm there..I worked at UR under Mr. Cole for some years and we always had what seemed to me anyway very good seasons...Take care of your RACETEAMS and your FANS and you will do just fine !!!!!
  5. May the roar of 800HP fill your ears, the dirt cover your drinks, and the sight of Live RACING fill all our hearts this coming year!!!!!!!
  6. Back in the early 70s my girlfriend bought me season passes for Rolling Wheels and Weedsport.Needless to say we are still together while she has cut back over the years on attending races I still go ALOT and she is great about it...MERRY CHRISTMAS TO ALL !!!!!!!
  7. So, has anyone heard any more on this sale ??? I sure wish it would come to reality and bring the Wheels back to life !!!!!!
  8. well, sure hope everyone had a safe Turkey Day..I just hope to see everyone back at Fonda for the 200, and other Dirt tracks we can get to in 2021...Be Safe!!!!!
  9. I would have to believe that local RACING will run as usual, if you have no FANS in the seats how do tracks support RACERS payout???? WE as Fans just need to be cautious about our keeping VIRUS protected...
  10. A few years ago I attended OCFS pretty regular for a change of pace....Looks like this may become another of the same!!!!
  11. Sooooo, A RACE TRACK puts on a night to basically THANK the FANS and people say he's pissed with someone...OK
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