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  1. Who are the first 16 spots for? And only 33 mods? Seems like a really small field compared to previous years.
  2. The track was super tacky the entire night too. Hanson set the track record in the first mod heat only to have it broken by Varin in the second one.
  3. Seems like it was a great race, thanks for the updates gc.
  4. I planned to go there more often this year but I can't stand seeing Stew win every week and the single file racing gets old fast.
  5. Where do we park if the lot does end up being full?
  6. My car is a lot slower than all of the AI cars even on the lowest difficulty. I'm assuming it's because I don't have any setup. Is there a base setup that I can download somewhere? Any other tips would be appreciated.
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