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  1. lol... Nope. You missed my point and that's probably why you thought I was doubting you. Who owns DV was not pertinent to my point, but it looks like you can't let it go. God's Blessing on you my friend.
  2. Your unfriendly response aside, you missed my point entirely. I never questioned your statement. Simply didn't do that. My point that Ill state for a third time is that using both DV and Flo racing requires two subscriptions. Two subscriptions are an expense I will not pay and if WRG chooses one broadcast entity, their viewership will rise. It's really kinda simple.
  3. First, the comments about one company vs both companies had to do with DV transmitting some, but not all races... Whether DV belongs to WRG or not, my point is that if you want to watch SD week, as an example, you need a separate FLO subscription in addition to the normal DV for the rest of the series. Second, FLO already has the infrastructure (i.e streaming app) so why not take advantage of an existing infrastructure? If WRG truly wants their series to have viewers, it would be better for them to choose one company rather than requiring viewers to pay for subscriptions for multiple companies. I was at Charlotte last weekend. The place was packed, with ample evidence of investment from sponsoring companies. Trust me, they have fans and they have money. Question: is the decision which company to use (FLO vs DV) a promoter's decision, or WRG's decision??
  4. Interesting subject. Can you do all of the above just to watch? Sure, but here's the bottom line. 1) Flo has an app that allows you to easily watch some SDS races on your tv without the pia complications of Chromecast, or plugging into the TV. But, DirtVision is low-tech doesn't have an app and you either watch the race on your computer or go through the pia stuff in order to watch poor quality video. 2) In order to watch all SDS races, you need a subscription to both DV and Flo. 3) If the WRG wants to get me as a subscriber, they need to pick one company (preferably Flo), not both. And they need to make it available as an app on streaming devices. I don't want to mess w Chromecast, cables, etc to what racing. If WRG gives me that, I'll watch everything they have. Hey, its the 21st century.
  5. Sirius radio reports Dippel was stopped in Wallkill last week by NYS police and was charged w possession of a controlled substance. Evidently he was doing 80 mph and had someone else in the car w him. Both people gave troopers different answers about where they had been and where they were going which prompted a search of the car. Troopers found prescription drugs in a backpack that were not prescribed to either of them. I guess that’s a misdemeanor. That charge and another stop that occurred in martinsville earlier this year led NASCAR to suspend him.
  6. While any of that can be true, I think the folks suggesting it was drug related, or bringing drugs across the border, are guessing. Typically, if it’s drug use, they (NASCAR) specifically mention a violation of the drug abuse policy. I think you have to be careful not to get ahead of the facts.
  7. Actually, Mayfield had a drug lab at his farm along with a lot of stolen property. I have no respect for either France or Mayfield, but the situations are different and Mayfield has no gripe...
  8. Curious about why Olden Dwyer was dq’d at the Valley Saturday. And how was Tremont involved?
  9. The statement about "most employers do not do drug tests" is simply not true. Most do. Its a simple matter of economics related to liability. Most folks who refuse tests for "ideological" reasons are frequently users themselves and would rather put up a false argument rather than give up their dependence.
  10. One might take a step back on this one. I have seen Gaulding's father frequently at the track and he seems like a loud and boistrous type.I'm not sure how to adequately describe him other than say he impresses me a someone who is not at the level one would expect as a businessman involved with NASCAR or DIRT. He's really a piece of work. In fact, I thought he came across as a bully in public.. So, this disagreement may have roots more in a clash of personalities rather than a genuine business deal gone sour. His son did very well in the late model ranks in NC and showed a lot of promise as a young teenager 14(?), but his father has been pushing and pushing for years with very limited results. It's too bad, because the presence of a personality like that could hurt the kids career with potential owners and sponsors.
  11. Glad to see things have changed at the Valley. Many people wanted that front row spot so they could get their win for the year. Used to be that guys would sandbag a few races to get handicapped to the front row at the start.
  12. I saw what Pitcher did to Armstrong once before about 30 years ago. Looking at the video from this week, it was a cheap shot. In the '80s, Maynard Forettte took out Gary Waters with the same cheap shot in the same spot on the backstretch. Forette continued and Water went off on the hook. Back then, someone came over to Foretttes' hauler while the feature was still going on and took out all of the headlights on Forette's hauler. I remember that Forette borrowed one high beam and one low beam from us to get back to Amsterdam. Would Hearn have won? Maybe. But, it would have been a lot better to see Hearn run down the two cars and get by both rather than having the second place car take out the leader with a handful of laps to go.
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