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  1. Jerry Higbie

    Some OCFS news

    Yes, passing has been very limited this year compared to other years. Track is very smooth, and very fast in one lane compared to other lanes. If you step out of that lane the guy behind you is by in a flash. I think the hard sun on the track, tons of cars hot lapping in the strong sun plays a key part. After hot laps it is generally narrow immediately. This week URC will be there. My hope is they can blow the track off a bit wider early in the night. We certainly have the strongest fields of cars in the northeast. If you go Saturday, and I hope you do, you will see tons of cars, lots of racing. Small blocks, rookies and sportsman always provide the best racing of the night and they will all be there. Mods have been added as well so its a lot of racing for the $.
  2. Jerry Higbie

    Some OCFS news

    I think it is twin 15's for the small blocks. Im guessing they will race the first 15 laps, stop on the front stretch and redraw the top 10 or so, similar to the big block twin 20's. That is just a guess but it keeps it interesting.
  3. Jerry Higbie

    Brett Deyo

    No Meier was not. Meier and his crew wanted to be and asked to be but Dini called it off. I do not believe it was Deyo's doing. It all created quite a stir. OCFS is really the only Deyo show that has more rules for weights and engine displacement, and also body panel styles. His rules were simple and the top 5 should have been teched. They were all certainly there and ready to be teched. It all happened really quickly. The rest of the top 5's willingness to be teched tells me there probably was no issues with them. However, the more rules made, the more tech is required. I KNOW Brett Deyo will take this situation and learn from it. Im sure he will have his own tech team next time or something. All in all I thought it was a great show. Brett and Stew put a good show up front. The big blocks struggled a bit, tire wear was extreme. That was due to the weather. Hope this clears some of the fuzz up. Brett Deyo is a hard working promoter doing his best and sticking his neck out there for fans and racers alike. We should not lose sight of this.
  4. Best thing about running Deyo Series events is in the days after you go to the mailbox and receive money/product that you had no idea you were getting. Its happened in every event I've attended. Keep up the good work. Us racers are thankful.
  5. Gonna be a great show I think. I'm going. I think 40 mods is a nice guess. Mild weather recently should keep the track in nice shape. Gary Palmer will have it worked in. Last race then a LOOOOOOOOOONG winter!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Be there!!!!!
  6. Heard up top next to the music store, far away from the race track is a possibility. Totally hear say but it is possible.
  7. Jerry Higbie

    The Gobbler

    I will be there. Will be a stout field. With the weather being as good as it's been to this point I think a lot of teams are staying in race mode.
  8. Chili Bowl is an amazing event. The racing, the people, the atmosphere is 2nd to none. LarryWight will run well out there That is a great ride. Yeah I hear rides are in the $10,000 range. You meet a ton of high profile  people n our sport heading out there. Coolest thing I've ever been a part of for sure.
  9. My $.02 is that it's a classy sponsor for a classy driver.
  10. Jerry Higbie


    Bilsteins on the rear of the car.
  11. Jerry Higbie


    On the front he did, not on the rear of the car.
  12. Jerry Higbie


    Sunday Tim didn't have Integras on it. They had a basic set of another brand shock on it.
  13. Jerry Higbie


    Yes Timmy was very much talking about shock manufacturers not chassis. He was not pleased that piece of info was left out of the article.