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  1. The track did the right thing!!!! The 115 was out of line with the way he acted in the pits slamming in to another competitor as members of other team are walking around could have hurt some!!! In my opinion he should have been sat out the rest of the year by the track!!!
  2. I have many tracks that please me an have been to many!!! I think at least 1 or more in 43 states
  3. Was there a Scheduled practice for lasts Saturday? Track wasn’t ready then!!!!
  4. No my complaint the night I was told I have other options was about how I was blocked in the parking lot and had a family emergency and the wouldn’t use a tow truck and I had to wait!!!!
  5. I wend by Monday the tires the go against the wall in 3 in 4 they were in the mindle of the tack must be racing around them? Piles of dirt around the track in random spots must be off road this year? There is a reason why many have left once Pete took over reasons why the track on the hill was falling when Pete was in charge... but that’s why I won’t go back one of his management members told me if I didn’t like something that was being done there’s plenty of other tracks to go to and I took him up on that offer!!! Just like Pete has said to some and they also left!!!!
  6. I loved the place it was my home away from home for 30 years hate to see run into the ground
  7. This is only my opinion Fonda is over charging for what they are offering compared to Malta. The track doesn’t look like it as been touched yet!!!! Car counts won’t compare at all!!!!! And the promoter doesn’t care!!!!! I know Fonda has been my home for many years but I won’t go there for free as of now!!!! Big changes are needed!!! MAKE FONDA GREAT AGAIN!!!!! maybe it’s time for rick to come back? Who know?
  8. Hearing a new promoter at glen ridge any truth?
  9. Got to go out and buy a cyclone it was fast for one lap that must mean it's going to win a lot of races!!!! I would rather have the same chassis as the guy that won and came from 19th!!!!
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