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  1. jmo  the pits being moved out of the infield  was the start of the decline in crowd counts.Always looked forward to crossing over into the pits.Just don't get to see the drivers anymore.My grand babies will love it.
  2. The thing is Jake and Rocky being so dominant is the same as a minor league baseball team doing the same. Its kinda cool but who really cares ?
  3. I was standing in turn two last night. Looked totally like a racing deal. RJ checked up a little Stewart didn't close hard racing very entertaining, both bouncing on the inside. jmo
  4. class act in victory square dedicated his win to another 50 plus year fan of dirt mods that passed away.RIP Alfie you will be missed.
  5. 33fan

    Rocky Warner 1j

    what r u whining about jake, you cant win every race.
  6. went to the ridge fri nite a great track great racing good food . cant understand why more people and racecars don't go, Ill be back for sure.Bravo Pete keep up the good work and they will come.
  7. 33fan


    I was in the pits 2 weeks ago and they announced if anyone stopped and brought out the yellow and then drove away into the pits they would be put down a lap..  I guess it was for that week only. What a joke that was plain and simple bs
  8. track was in a lot better shape this week,and very racy.still little rough in turn one, but over all way better than last week.when the racing surface is tacky everyone is fast and they get in over their head jmo.
  9. It will be boring without you there jake
  10. don't know if your joking or not Jake, but come on man rocky?
  11. that's four guys that would work on the cars and bring there crews with them .I would think
  12. jake, heres four guys that would be a good fit for you at the ridge or fonda or anywhere for that matter,J Wilder B Bellinger K Wilder  J Hoenforst local guys,good on equipment,and im sure would be willing to work on the car Wilders and Bellinger many wins at the ridge and past champs multiple times Hoenforst also has wins at the ridge
  13. come on jake, who you kidding your not going race two nights a week. if you are racing twice a week im sure finding a driver would be not a problem
  14. the talk of  new troyers is just rumors?