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  1. Any ideas on why next year isn't 100% figured out yet? I would think with how successful of a season he has had that next year would be already set in stone. https://twitter.com/bobpockrass/status/1193016603551522816
  2. I don't know what 2018 would have to do with it - they streamed the centennial race and I was pleased with the quality, I don't expect it to be perfect.
  3. Once it started to downpour, there is absolutely NO way of stopping. I witnessed a very similar event on a Friday the 13th at Ransomville...notice the 72 who was just about the last car to get to Turn 1, sliding down the track like he was on a sheet of ice. That rain came down HARD like a switch was flipped.
  4. I agree with DaRooster as well...but I think it was a good call to put Stewie back in his 2nd place spot, he didn't come to a stop or lose any spots. Again, with how hard he hit, officials thought he was a goner - he had what, 30 cars behind him that could of smoked him if he actually did come to a stop? I think the only "bad call" was not throwing the caution before the weather opened up, from the livestream you could see it sprinkling around lap 2...if anyone doesn't know about the Friday the 13th race at Ransomville about 5-6 years ago, do a quick search on Youtube...that was the craziest thing I have ever witnessed, luckily I do not believe anyone got hurt.
  5. If you actually watched the race and saw how high Friesen rode up onto the concrete wall, it looked like there was no way he was coming out of that. Maybe the flagger did throw the caution too soon on that, but it wouldn't of been the first time that night. If I recall it was in a heat race earlier that day a driver did a full 360 and kept going, but before he even drove out of it, the caution was thrown.
  6. I don't see the issue with posting "constructive criticism" for the fact that Fans, Racers, and sponsors alike keep these tracks in business, without these 3 things race tracks wouldn't exist.  Lets face it, all tracks need work and can improve somewhere along the lines.  Are we saying that "Ignorance is bliss" when it comes to these issues?    However, I agree that we should not be flaming any particular tracks.  I find that this thread could be helpful for fans and promoters alike.
  7. thanks for the updates wheels!
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    [quote name='NiagaraRaceFan' timestamp='1346470752' post='401167'] yep - Donnie totally called it. After that first couple of weeks Pete was rarely outside the top 5. Really exciting race as the 2 contenders battled it out all race long! [/quote] I agree, some really good racing between the two of them. If chad didn't slip up those couple of times it would of been interesting to see how things would have ended up. He definitely had a couple of good chances, and almost did get in-front of Pete several times. Got my moneys worth again tonight, that's for sure!
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    [quote name='Donnie14J-27J' timestamp='1346421463' post='401063'] Prediction- A Doctor win and a Bicknell championship. Watch, it will be a Brachman sweep. [/quote] Great prediction, glad it turned out that way, Bicknell really recovered from not having the greatest of a start in the beginning of the season.
  10. [quote name='JW91' timestamp='1346118237' post='400534'] It all started before the end of the race between Chad and Pete. Pete got by and was running the middle groove on entry, then driving to the bottom. You can't blame Pete I've watched him all my life (30+ years at Ransomville) and he's a master of making his car wide. Chad took exception and bumped him going into one.(It happened right in front of me) After the race Pete took exception and jammed the brakes. After which Chad pulled along side and so on. All I know is that this Friday is going to be a battle. I believe they said they're tied going into the final points night. It's gonna be a battle. [/quote] Oh yeah, I am really excited to watch this fridays last point race. With the two tied for points, and it being a 50 lap feature, I think we all will see some pretty good racing hopefully.
  11. [quote name='NiagaraRaceFan' timestamp='1346071105' post='400406'] na - the only guys Chad is kind to are Danny and Pete. I think he's scared of Danny for some reason. Having said that I dont think he takes it to the point where he needs any discipline. I know he is aggressive enough to piss off other drivers and fans though... [/quote] I was surprised to see Chad smash into bicknell this past friday after the race like that..I feel the same way upon him being kind to Danny and Pete, and even being scared of Danny. I think its danny's ragged edge driving style that worries him, look how stewie and danny battled at the summer nationals, and even where danny and stew got into it and stewie almost lost it in the moat but somehow recovered.
  12. [quote name='louball23' timestamp='1346028227' post='400345'] sounds like you just have issuses with chad...every post has been negative against him .... i watch every week and wouldnt say he is a dirty driver [/quote] Maybe I am watching a different race than you....
  13. [quote name='louball23' timestamp='1346028458' post='400346'] same race team that charged and suckered mat williamson? [/quote] Brachmann was not involved with Mat Williamson and his shenanigans. But has had crew members run up to another teams car coming off the track putting themselves almost in front of a moving modified...once again screaming and yelling obscenities.
  14. [quote name='gabby54jr' timestamp='1345598176' post='399373'] How about the way Chad Brachmann and his team the way that act jumping into peoples cars wanting to fight and then this week Stewie wins Chads brother goes and congradulated the owners but then when Stewie goes to the scale hes mfing him and flipping him off and calling all different names they do it all the time and yet dont see any fines or suspensions for the way they act they do have their favorites at the track that get away with whatever they want stewie did what he had to do to win out there and their are a few that cant get over it that he won [/quote] I have witnessed that team doing that several times, again without and fines or suspensions. I have seen other teams do the same exact thing and they had to face the consequences. As for the slide job put onto brachmann by stewie, its about time someone gave him a taste of his own medicine. It is nice to see he doesn't like what he does to others on a weekly basis. I can say that clearly brachmann does have the faster car at Ransomville every friday, but I would like to see him race more cleanly, not bashing off of people like bumper cars to move to the front of the field, so I can see if he even has any type of skill.
  15. [quote name='danimal' timestamp='1345986867' post='400242'] I wonder whats gonna be done with chad,as after race he was running into pete coming off track. Maybe Pete passed him "dirty" to. [/quote] When has Brachmann ever been reprimanded, other than a little slap on the wrist, if that. If any other driver was to do that, they would fine them and possibly even not allow them to race the next week. Unfortunately it seems as though there is a bunch of favoritism going on, and many of the race teams whether its the 4 cylinder class to the modifieds, are either being black flagged, fined, or kicked out, for unjust reasons in most cases, but others can get away with the same exact situation.