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  1. I disagree. If you take the commitment do it...Then it should be done in a timely professional manner. Otherwise don't start something you don't have time to finish. Jimmy Ellis, Ron Szarba Bob Sweeney, Bobby Chalmers, ED & BETTY BIITTIG are just a few; leaving out many others... Are top of the line Journalist's that get the job done in a timely fashion week in and week out. When Brett Deyo started out at Accord doing the PR and I am certain not paid or very little at that time, always got the stories up either that night or soon thereafter. So thank you to the Sports Writers that knock it out of the park every week.
  2. I used to do that for years with 4 weekly newspapers. But I would not do it for free ever again.
  3. More & more, writers are doing this. So say a race is Saturday and they put a quick overview to show the top five. Great, Thank you. But then I see this term more often when a writer waits several days to finish a story ~ (Full story to follow)~ I am not trying to bust a writers chops but many times the full story takes several days to post, and at times even longer. I may be missing something of where the full story gets posted, if so sorry for the rant, but the race is Saturday night, and now, it's Monday night, and still no Full-Story.? It use to happen often when a story or results gets posted Sunday morning, then maybe later in the day, the writer would finish the story. Totally acceptable but really 3 days later and still no (full Story) ... Just saying.
  4. Been around racing my whole life. Every single race car needs help. Roll up your sleeves and scrape the mud off one. Every team (almost) would love your help. Walk right up to the little guy and say" Can I do anything to help, I want to get involved." BANG: your now a crew member. Most will teach you anything, if you want to learn. Just a thought!!!! I can name 40 teams that only have their wives or kids helping.....
  5. For me it was the first time I won a heat race in the modified division at Fonda Speedway. RJ was second, Pat Ward 3rd, I was was well underfunded compared to the rest of the drivers.
  6. https://www.facebook.com/groups/187452364749320/permalink/1259409780886901/?sale_post_id=1259409780886901
  7. Complete CRSA 305 Sprint operation, 305 60 over best of everything Gambler chassis You will need nothing if complete operation is purchased. Images on: "CNY Dirt Race Cars and Parts on Facebook" $15,000 12078 This is a complete operation, we will separate if the prices are right but not right away. https://www.facebook.com/groups/187452364749320/permalink/1259409780886901/?sale_post_id=1259409780886901 Call Keith Shoemaker at 518-775-3325 or text or IM on Facebook. Also email at keithshoemaker24@yahoo.com many pictures available. This is almost brand new only a few races on car and motor. If bought you will be racing by next week.
  8. sign me up Keith Shoemaker 19 N. Perry St. Johnstown N.Y. 12095
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