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  1. So you want fellow competitors to put it to vote and decide who can race or not? Is that for racers of all ages? or just the underage ones?
  2. Joe Bagadonuts

    Outlaw 200 Coverage

    Do we need to start a gofundme to buy Bobby his own mic?
  3. Joe Bagadonuts

    Penn Can

    Well there was an announcement today, But none of this was mentioned.
  4. Thunder mtn cancelled at like 10 this morning
  5. Joe Bagadonuts

    5 mile point

    no intermission tonight. Ran them straight through.
  6. I also saw the sign. And it opened up my eyes. Regards, Ace of Base
  7. Im amazed that anybody lets ryan godown drive their race cars.
  8. You can only keep half of the winnings if its an illegal fuel cell
  9. Earlier this morning they posted a picture of a new looking logo, with the words "The next generation". Cant help but think its going to be Dans sons running it.
  10. Joe Bagadonuts

    Sim Racing

    The way I see it is, If you go out bowling you'll spend $20-$30 a night( I think? I havent been in a while) or golfing you're up to $40-$60. For one time only. With iRacing you "license" the content for $12 or $15 and you can use it as much as you want. It does take a little investment to get started. But if you upgrade slowly its not bad. After 5 years I went from a wooden chair, a g27 on a tv tray about 5 feet from a 22" screen. To a nice office chair, wobbly desk and a 27" monitor, Now Im on a solid rig I made out of old pallet 2x4's, triple monitors, $60 logitech surround sound system(subwoofer mounted under the seat so it shakes the rig) and bucket seat I got for free. It also works for flight sims. Im just a little bummed that I joined well before dirt came out and paid for a lot of pavement cars and tracks that I will probably never use.
  11. Joe Bagadonuts

    Sim Racing

    Im curious, Do you know if caution laps count on iRacing?
  12. There are a few empty buildings in the industial park already.
  13. Joe Bagadonuts


    Who was the guy on the outside that came down and caused the whole thing? granted he probably didnt know there were 2 cars under him. but that was a pretty aggressive block