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  1. HMMM ,, I love to see rocky win but I never realized you tell him to stay on the track no matte rwhat as long as the car is running
  2. from the bleachers

    Fonda Speeedway

    From the fans point of view both races were excellent and what impressed me the most is they changed the order of running moving up the modifies and not any intermission at all ,, also a A PLUS for there announcing team as they also did a great job ,, As far as the track surface well I don't have a penny invested but I do hope they get it to the drivers liking
  3. from the bleachers

    Thunder Mountain STSS Series

    Thanks for the info
  4. how about some info on this ,, start time ,, what exit off 81 ? who's excepted to be there ?? any other info ,, Thanks
  5. from the bleachers

    CNYRP ??

    Time for Glen to make another video showing us morons that we can clearly see all the things they have done already ,, wait its still a empty field ,, and also up till a month before Oswego happened ,,, still saying it was a go at his track
  6. from the bleachers

    5 mile point

    EXCELLENT JOB LAST NIGHT ,,, I had said a few years back that I wouldn't be back because of length of the shows but thought I would try one more time and I was more than pleased and even changed the schedule and moved the modifieds up as most people are there to see them ,,, GREAT JOB
  7. I just had the same problem as every time I try and log in I have to reset my password then its fine till the next time I try and log in ,, any help is appreciated ,,thanks
  8. from the bleachers

    Dale Planck

    Does Dale Planck eat pizza
  9. with outlaw not running tonight will Matt or anyone else try Brewerton ?
  10. anybody know what outsiders may show up or confirmed for this show ,, thanks for any info
  11. from the bleachers

    2 weedsport questions

    great show and race last night at a beautiful facility , just wondering thou if there could be a way of putting starting lineups on the jumbotron not sure if that's the word but anyways show each car and name as they come out for the feature
  12. so It says warmups at 4 but what time would you guys think the actual racing will start and please be serious, also any list of whos going not sure as that might have already been listed thanks
  13. very poor promotional group that they cant answer a legit question its not like were asking exactly what time Saturday will get over, , the 4 of us from Syracuse have now decided not to come , Im sure the, say hundred and fifty dollars we would have spent will not kill the track but if theres 10 more groups out there like us now it starts adding up
  14. although Im not a Larry wight fan I give him lots of credit as after the races he was out helping pull cars out of the mud
  15. from the bleachers

    $2 dollars at brewerton

    thanks for your offer highbanks but instead to make it easy on yourself why don't you offer to double the sportsman purse this week to show people that you are a man of your word, no one was complaning about the 2 dollars it was just how they did it would have been better to say it was for the spectator races t cover liability, thanks in advance