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  1. DaRooster

    OCFS ???

    The weekly feature at OCFS runs 24 cars. The total purse is structured for 24 cars. Those running knew that before they arrived, and should have assumed there'd be a large field and qualifying would be tough. If drivers from your home track towed down and didn't make the field, tough. OCFS isn't one of those upstate hillbilly tracks where back-markers and sportsmen are thrown in to fill out the field.
  2. People who don't believe in God also do not believe in the Devil. Not believing in the Devil will not protect you from him.
  3. One of my favorite memories of all time (and I have tons of them) was a ES 200 at OCFS, where Sheppard brake-checked Hearn 3 times on restarts coming out of turn 3, once causing a bent-out-of shape condition that could have caused an ugly pile-up. But Hearn managed to get inside young Mattie on the next restart and slammed him into the 4th turn wall, which tore off his rub-rail and basically put him out of contention. The roar from the crowd was deafening. To add insult to injury, Brett went on to win the 200, and then parked his car in Sheppard's pit position.
  4. Very good point, but big name guys don't always do well when they switch from their weekly tracks to Orange County. Two drivers that come to mind that didn't do well there running on a weekly basis: Doug Hoffman and Kevin Collins. More recently there was another name driver (can't recall his name at the moment, dammit) who at the end of the season complained he didn't do well because of the surface (same old shit "there's no passing here") while the long-time loyals flew by him with regularity. We shall see................
  5. Wait...what? What engine did Hearn use Sunday?
  6. DaRooster

    Aluminum block

    "Enough is enough, but too much spoils." - Italian proverb
  7. Someone screwed up.........
  8. I like horses. Medium rare, with a foie gras and truffle demi glace and Spring haricots verts.
  9. You'll have to show me. Take a look at this, click on BUY TICKETS NOW! Maybe it shows $20 for you up-staters. https://www.orangecountyfairspeedway.net/schedule/
  10. The weekly admission, regular show, is $18. https://www.orangecountyfairspeedway.net/schedule/
  11. You upstate guys keep quoting $20 a ticket. Where'd you get that from, CNN?
  12. OCFS lost quite a few when Hearn left.
  13. I put a 'thanks' b/c the same is true of OCFS. The racin' is 10-15 cars back, don't watch the leader.