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  1. Sheppard restarted from the rear after the wreck to finish 3rd. Matt Williamson praised the track surface.
  2. There's a lot of experts on here that can do the job far better Bigbird.......at least they think they can.......
  3. ".......that new clay is the glossiest/polished clay I've ever seen.........." At least you've got that part right........yes, the new clay get's "polished" and reflects like it's covered with 10W-40. I was there, BTW.
  4. It wasn't raining when they started the race.....I've seen this posted several times, by some who admitted that they weren't there (watching by live stream). .
  5. It would be a breath of fresh air if folks knew what the heck they were talking about.
  6. As it turned out, winner Matt Williamson used the 300.
  7. The times I've seen Kenny run OCFS he didn't do well. That might have a lot to do with it.
  8. I better stay away from Canada........
  9. The intended consequence of the new clay.
  10. Which means that if you're paying in US dollars, it's gonna cost you $53 to get in (in Canada)..
  11. I dug out our folding "stadium seat" that we used for West Point football games, I'll be OK now........
  12. Wait.......what? Row M has no back? Here I'm thinking all the new seats in the HC grandstand has backs.....
  13. And worth every penny..............
  14. I recall two memorable quotes from Jack Johnson about Hearn: "I'd rather be running along side Hearn than anyone else", and "Just when you think you're going fast, Brett passes you."
  15. Dammit, I forgot about that, I'm in M 14.