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  1. I would really appreciate an interview (if he's willing to give up his secrets) with Jeremie Corcoran on how he preps a track that drivers rave about without using calcium chloride.
  2. Madsen/Salerno/Keiser...……...he ain't called "The Corporate Jet" for nothing...………. Way to go Brett!
  3. He did very well at OCFS, 4th in points I think .
  4. Great car, best of everything, knowledgeable crew. Only issue is the propensity to swap out drivers.
  5. Now now.......everyone's entitled to their own opinion........no matter how wrong it may be.
  6. Well deserved Jeff........Congratulations! http://raceproweekly.com/rpw/2019/12/mike-mclaughlin-johnny-mcardell-jeff-heotzler-charlie-langenstein-to-be-inducted-into-nyssca-hall-of-fame/?fbclid=IwAR3WnsIDPMemUxX_6faU_n9Mxt4s8IWsYztMTXDurl0AUZsoeajkV85ouWc
  7. True. I had mixed emotions when I saw that. I like that the DIRT drivers will have to be there, but I'm worried that it will turn out like Oswego.
  8. Because they chose the wrong compound the last time they ran there. Frank Cozze knows OCFS, ran a harder tire, and finished third, I believe.
  9. I wonder what's the difference between jalopy and semi-stock?
  10. Right.......God forbid they should get together 6 months before finalizing the following years calendars....that would make too much sense......
  11. Nobody wins with those types of pissing contests,
  12. DaRooster

    Brett Hearn

    No complaints with the back gate. The front gate could use a boost.
  13. DaRooster

    Brett Hearn

    As to his plans for next year, which came first, the chicken or the egg? Meaning, was the decision to buy the new hauler made before his confirmation to semi-retire and take the job at OCFS ? If after, one has to wonder......what "10 or so races" are in the works?