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  1. DaRooster

    Brett Hearn

    A couple of scenarios come to mind: 1) Weekly racing only, Fridays at A/S, Saturdays at OCFS. 2) Fridays at A/S, race director at OCFS, which would make it difficult and very unpopular with other teams for him to race there on Sat. Which then begs the question, why do you need a new hauler for just weekly racing, a new hauler suggest a traveling schedule? Puzzling. I guess we'll find out this weekend..............
  2. DaRooster

    Brett Hearn

    Frankie Schneider comes to mind first.............
  3. He got caught with this:
  4. There will be 360 sprints on Thursday night's STSS card.
  5. I hope not. 305 Sprints on that size track is like a jail sentence.
  6. "I'm just happy to be alive!" - Brett Hearn when asked if he was happy finishing third.
  7. Did you fellows discuss giving Brett Hearn those additional 5 wins that he rightfully earned and owns?
  8. True story: One year the 200 didn't get over until almost midnight. My cousin and I walked to the car in complete darkness Had to stop at the 7-11 near home to get milk for the kid's breakfast. I walked in first, and the girl behind the counter backed up and screamed...."ALMOST ALL THE CASH HAS BEEN DROPPED INTO THE SAFE!" It was then I saw my cousin's face as he walked in.....we were wearing hooded sweatshirts and both our faces were jet black as if we used burnt cork as a mask......she thought we were going to rob her!!! LOL
  9. Like the Eastern States 200 used to be? 8:00am to 11:00pm. No bullshit yellow laps, boom boom boom, 1-2-3.
  10. If they did, I would not go.............
  11. Long-distance races should remain LONG-DISTANCE RACES. Pit stop strategy adds another level of excitement to the race. First, the Chinese fire drill that ensues is heart-stopping, and secondly, just like second-guessing the coach or manager to leave the pitcher in or to pinch-hit, or to go for three instead of the first down , guessing the best time to stop for fuel and or tires is a large part of the enjoyment. We've seen some brilliant decisions made by crew chiefs, and some poor ones as well. NEVER "schedule a break".
  12. And you can't see shit.
  13. Sheppard don' need no steenkin' quick refill........
  14. DaRooster

    New Egypt 10/5

    Buzzie Reuitmann with his 501 CID engine?