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  1. Although I had a great, full-covered grandstand seat for the Eastern States 200, it was lousy weather and my sciatica was killing me, I skipped the race and ate the ticket after trying to give it away. But to make myself feel better I thought "Hey, it'll be Opening Day before we know it."
  2. Brother's Trattoria in Beacon NY. Their veal marsala melts in your mouth. Like Capt. McCloskey said in 'The Godfather': "Try the veal, it's the best in the city."
  3. Football is a terribly flawed game, with a rule book as thick as the IRS Tax Code. Controlled by a clock, with far too many stoppages, there's only 21 minutes of actual play in the average game between whistles. If it weren't for gambling, if the concept and the activity of 'gambling' did not exist, the NFL as it is today would not survive. Baseball, on the other hand, is a perfect game. No clock, "It ain't over till it's over", if you're in a hurry you have no right to be at a baseball game. Simple rules that a T-baller can understand, and enjoy a major league game. Perfect dimensions of the playing fields that have withstood the test of time for over 180 years. Sixty feet six inches; not 61 feet, not 60 feet. Visit a baseball field, stand in the batters box while someone stands on the mound and see how close the pitcher looks. Then switch positions, and from the mound see how far home plate appears to be. 90 feet between the bases, making it difficult to beat out an infield single but allowing a speedster the ability to score from first on a well-hit ball. And the combination of the two distances between the mound and home plate and between the bases allows for the rare but thrilling occurrence to steal home. NFL plays on the same size field that Pop Warner little league football plays on, just think about that. Baseball stadiums themselves, past and present, are held in high reverence: The Polo Grounds, Wrigley Field, Fenway, Dodger Stadium, Ebbets Field, Yankee Stadium. No one ever says "Remember how great Shea Stadium was when the Jets played there." Never. Sitting in the right-field stands, sun at your back, close enough to the fielder that you can talk to him between innings. Baseball is chess; football is checkers.
  4. LOL!! I think it's the Syracuse (and ES 200) car's bumber, no?
  5. Notice that they passed by "The Doctor" and choose Jeff. Hmmmmm.........
  6. Some purists are saying it wasn't really a sprint car because it had a 2-speed gearbox instead of an in-and-out. Sour grapes, I think.
  7. http://usacracing.com/news/item/4234-damion-gardner-goes-well-past-the-200-mph-barrier-in-sprint-car-at-bonneville
  8. For using the n-word. Watch his sponsors pull support., as they should. dummy https://www.charlotteobserver.com/sports/nascar-auto-racing/article241971496.html
  9. Nice guy. He also has a bright roomy store under the OCFS grandstand during the season.
  10. Tim McCreadie was placed first ahead of Stew Friesen during the last laps one Eastern States 200 on a very obvious bad call. The whole place knew it, and even after video review, they didn't right the wrong. This is the infamous "Sitting Bull" incident by Stewie. Tim won, when he exited his car he had a knowing smirk on his face and shrugged his shoulders as if to say "Oh well" I was a big fan of Tim's up till then, but not after that race.
  11. Want to see racing sooner than later? STAY THE HELL HOME
  12. Hey Big, I'm 73. Back in my mid-20's I would look around and see the old gents with their grime-stained racing caps and wonder "Will I still be coming to the races when I'm that old?" Well..........Here we are!
  13. Please help me with the year, I still have the ticket somewhere. ES 200, DIRT/Bridgeport scheduled against OCFS. Bridgeport rained out, Hearn tows to OCFS, starts 38th, stop-and-go for fuel only, WINS!!!
  14. except hospitals, clinics, pharmacies. Dumb-ass Governor allowed racing last weekend, potentially exposing thousands.
  15. https://www.redstate.com/nick-arama/2020/03/12/gop-chair-explains-in-terrific-thread-what-dems-were-doing-while-admin-has-been-working-to-address-wuhan-virus/?fbclid=IwAR2JzzikZsP67KUkCdCEKF1gkO_txdS38ROviS7uOtQu6XvxeFiEwHb-5JU How's that Russia thing working out? Impeachment? Ukraine?
  16. And you make a fool of yourself every time you post. This is a brand-spanking new virus with an unpredictable, highly contagious, and deadly course. Things are changing on a daily basis. What was reported last week and even yesterday will have changed by today. When you get Governor Coumo in his daily briefings praising President Trump for his response and actions, you know he's doing the right thing. Your hatred for The President shows your ignorance and lack of information on the subject.
  17. We are two weeks behind where Italy is now. They have started triage. If you're 70+ and ill in Italy, ciao.
  18. "Pretending tha "Pretending that the Devil doesn't exist will not protect you from Him."
  19. My primary role in life is to protect my immediate family. I bought 100 masks 6 weeks ago while they were cheap and available. Stocked up on non-perishable and frozen foods, enough for 30 days should we get locked down, including Advil and OTC flu remedies, alcohol, hand sanitizer, extra propane for the grill and gas for the generator . And yes, 120 rolls of TP. (Did you know there's only 3 TP companies in the US? Watch what happens if only one has to shut down). Laugh all you like, this is a brand-spanking new strain of mutated corona, with no previous history. It should not be minimized or trivialized. There is no vaccine, no known effective treatment, unknown incubation, infection, and contagion period, and in a strange and frightening twist, isolated cases where it returns after what appears to be a complete recovery. I listen only to the CDC and Dr. Anthony Fauci, both advise an over-abundance of caution. You guys do whatever you want...... BTW: Look at Italy........
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