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  1. The Petruskas are great, hard working people who do it to have fun! If there not having fun, then for them, their is no sense racing. They really are a great family! A family who works first and races second. Duane Howard Is a great race car driver and will move on. Nobody on that whole team is flighty! Maybe the most strait up people in the sport and its always been great working with them!
  2. He had two bad time trials, went forward in both heats. He finished right behind Friday's a main winner yesterday in the C main. Bad times can kill your whole night.
  3. Stew didn't realize it was blowing smoke with 3 to go, he said if felt like it was down a cylinder, like a broken rocker. Brett lost a cylinder on the parade lap at rolling wheels series race and thing stayed together! Sometimes luck is or isn't on your side!
  4. Post like that GasketCase, I'm thinking Stew might need a order of protection from you!! Lmao
  5. [quote name="7FT8" post="519205" timestamp="1443413364"] [quote name="DaRooster" post="519201" timestamp="1443408092"] I've been a huge fan of Stewie (Sally)ever since he pulled that pre-menstrual syndrome hissy-fit at ESW.[/quote][/quote You mean the most talked about Eastern States ever??
  6. All I can say, is Stew starts 8th on Sunday!! Thank you Mr. Dirt!!
  7. [quote name="Dirtmods9s" post="516614" timestamp="1441374115"] I heard is going to UR[/quote You heard wrong, I kinda talk to Stew from time to time and he says he will be at the 6'er!
  8. He will be at Grandview with bells on!!
  9. 7FOOT8

    Mr. Dirt Track USA

    If Stew didn't jump the start on that one restart, Brett would of had enough fuel! Lmao
  10. [quote name="jumper12a" post="514329" timestamp="1439871259"] [quote name="7FT8" post="514327" timestamp="1439867510"] Bring us a cool grand and we make sure he doesnt even show up on Sept. 19th!!![/quote]No need to pay for that, Stewie wont be at Fonda that day anyway. SDS event @ Brewerton![/quote Canadian 360 nationals! Lol gee thanks bud!
  11. Instead of wasting money on a bounty, just come down to the pit area and hand Loren, Bobby, Ancle, and Eric cash! We are your best option of keeping him out of the winner circle!! LMAO $500 and we unplug the TC! hahahaha   Bring us a cool grand and we make sure he doesnt even show up on Sept. 19th!!!