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  1. Sure they will, Erick Rudolph. Him and Matt were the class of the field there the past two years
  2. Correct, super Matt didn't like being super bad
  3. No stacking of springs, with the exception of the LR. One rubber per spring, only a 5# tender is allowed unless the spring is a stack (LR). It's a good rule. I'm all for it
  4. It's the spring rule that was passed.
  5. His grandfather builds them, have used Breuneu (spelling)
  6. The stss has a rule that on a restart of a race , first, third , twenty ifs a start of a race lap, if u continue , the lap isn't counted and it's a complete restart, only stopped cars are penalized
  7. To answer the original question, Bicknell chassis will win every race, they out number the competition.
  8. Can't win with a big block in the stss 🤷🏼‍♂️😂
  9. Or how about maybe big blocks are a thing of the past and small blocks should be the big show. It's a fact that big small blocks are the choice over big blocks. Times are changing.
  10. Are you referring to Dave Bailey? He basically dominates the western region
  11. Grizzley111

    Rick Laubach 2020 ride

    Completely badass