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  1. We (Brogan Cadillac) sponsored the Schmidt #5 . Probably Doug Hoffman.
  2. A lot of good cars but limited passing in both the heats and feature. A couple of delays that drug the show out a little. A good crowd though. There was dust but it is a dirt track in July. Overall B-.
  3. The Reading Fairgrounds. There was nothing quite like it and I don't think there will ever be. One division, 5 events and standing room only. As far as current operating tracks, Grandview, Brewerton and Canandaigua are my favorites. On the pavement side, if you have not been to Bowman Gray you are truly missing something.
  4. In the 70's both Reading and east Windsor ran both Friday and Sunday nights.
  5. Boy, there used to be a lot of Friday night tracks in my neck of the woods.  East Windsor, Reading, Harmony, all gone.  Stop complaining and be thankful for what you all have.
  6. Wander all over the place.  You have to try the infield for at least hot laps.  The 3rd turn stands are great.  This is truly one of the great race tracks!  Enjoy!
  7. Shepard Haers Dunn Paine D. Johnson 29 mods Great show
  8. 1: Grandview 2: Brewerton 3:Williams Grove 4:Middletown 5:Canandaigua   My all time favorite: The Reading Fairgrounds
  9. 1 turn off 295.  Plenty of parking and the food is reasonable and good.  All the seats are good an there are plenty of them.
  10. I think both are great drivers. but I don't thing Varin ever won a feature at New Egypt.
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