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  1. They don't have an FM signal. They have a low power AM signal around 87 or 88. Very weak signal. Classic weekend I could barely pick it up in front grandstand. Hopefully Super Dirt brought there own to broadcast
  2. Breaking News Heavy rains have washed away all the dirt. Good grief
  3. Speedway has a low power AM broadcast signal. 87 or 88 range. Very poor signal. In the front grandstand if I turn my head I loose the signal. They need to upgrade to an FM signal like at Fonda Speedway. Loud and clear.
  4. I agree with that. I've sat in the grandstand at Fonda and watch Bob McCreadie totally dominant 100 lap Syracuse qualifier. Everybody else was hard on the throttle. Bob would go by and it just sounded like a car going by on the Thruway. Smooth, easy on the trottle and parked it in victory lane.
  5. Matty at Fonda had a nice low power FM signal broadcast that you can listen to on AM FM headphones. Crystal clear. You could hear everything. Oswego needs this.
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