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  1. Does Flo still have the Super Dirt car mod series? I don't see the Feb FL shows listed.
  2. I use google chrome cast. You open the website in google chrome then there is an option top right header of the screen to cast it to the fob hooked into the back of the TV. It works well. I got the fob for Christmas a couple years ago. I think they go for about 25-35 bucks. Biggest pain is remembering to use google chrome for a web browser if I want to cast.
  3. I will say the coverage is good when they do cover the event. Its just you cant figure out what is covered and cant be sure it will be covered if its on their schedule. Overall I wasn't upset as there was a bunch of USAC races covered during my one month which made up for the Mod races I thought I would get and the reason I joined. I definitely felt I got my moneys worth. Also last year they only covered the Mods from Charlotte didn't show the LM and Sprint cars, you had to buy another sub through dirtvision for that. Last year, if you bought Flo for superdirt week you also got the Charlotte show within that month. Not sure if the dates lineup this year. FLO just bought out dirt on Dirt Late model site which does a lot of live streaming. I haven't seen any LM events added to the schedule. So it looks like they are keeping the services separate. It would have been nice to see some LM events added to Flo racing live coverage schedule. Maybe next year.
  4. I was on FLO racing trying to figure this out. Here is what I found. They have a cut and paste schedule for Super Dirt week on their web site which lists all the Oswego and satellite events. They had a banner ad List 10/9-10/13 Dirt week live coverage which seems to be replaced by another banner ad now. They have an events schedule listing Super Dirt Week 10/10/19-10/13/2019 without any description of what is covered. So its about as clear as the mud in the camping area at Oswego. Now I joined them for a month when Super Dirt Cars were at Eldora after looking and seeing there would be a few additional Mod races would be within the month. A week later Lebanon Valley was off the schedule. So you cant even trust their event schedule. I think I am going to wait until tomorrow. Not sure if they are covering the satellite shows or not. The coverage was good when they did show the races. They do a lot of USAC shows and they were consistently shown if on the schedule. They didn't have the habbit of disappearing a week or two before the show like some of the mod shows.
  5. The only article I found from a quick google search was a change of ownership announced in March. I read that article and the new owner said the intent is to make Bridgeport speedway bigger and better. Perhaps he meant smaller and better. There was another line in which they said they are the only track to offer big block Modifieds in NJ. I thought New Egypt went back to Big blocks? I am a firm believer smaller tracks provide better racing. I have only been to Bridgeport a couple of times and thought it was too big. It looks bigger than a 5/8th. The change will probably entice some of the lesser dollar teams to race there feeling they arent at such a disadvantage anymore. Didn't they just put in a 3/8th speedway within the last couple of years utilizing the front stretch. Are they abandoning the 3/8th all together and just making a half mile. 3/8 isnt much different then 1/2 mile.
  6. There was a dirt track in NH called legion speedway in Rumley NH. They ran Sundays for awhile with sportsman mods and mini sprints. They may have been sold and reopened as Rumtown Speedway in Wentworth NH. I believe it is the same location and configuration as Legion. The speedway sits between Rumley and Wentworth. I know the SCONE sprint series used to be a frequent visitor of the facility.
  7. Bill I think you are thinking of canaan fair speedway. It had a quarter mile dirt track which ran Fridays and a 1/3 mile pavement track run Saturdays. Rumor has it was bought up by a road racing enthusiast and they put in a road race course. I was told the dirt was fairly successful and the pavement track struggled.
  8. I found this on youtube tonight. I know they tried Dirt mods on asphalt at Albany Saratoga and it didn't work out. The Dirt mods ran walls turkey derby for a few years. There was a one off dirt sportsman race with Pass late models at Stafford several years ago. It was not well attended by racers or fans. Is it the cost or just not much interest? It looks like they had a good field and crowd for this one. I found it very entertaining. I was surprised how close the Dirt mods (110mph) times were to Asphalt mods (116mph) the same year.
  9. The best 3 day show in my area is the Thompson World Series. It has around 17 divisions spread out over a 3 day weekend. Includes ISMA, NEMA midgets, Whelen Modifieds, SK mods, ACT late models, Pro Stock/Super late models, street stocks. Pretty much any pavement race car division racing in the Northeast will be in attendance.. It is almost too much racing.
  10. Hearns 900+ wins. Do we actually know what the number is?
  11. I watched Eldora online. The racing was awesome. They had around 95 cars there for the 3 day race event. 4 preliminary features pay 10k to win Thursday and Friday then 50k on Saturday. The place was packed. I was trying to find an estimate on attendance. All I could find was that Eldora holds 30k. I am not sure if that is grandstand or includes the lawn chair seating. My guess they were well over that. The 50/50 was about 85k Saturday. The winner of that walked out of Eldora with more money than any driver that weekend. Curious, what people think is the most popular race division in the US? I am thinking the Late Model is currently the most popular race division over the sprint cars. The LM have lot of big purse races, two national series a bunch of regionals, tv coverage. Maybe I am biased as the late models are my personal favorite.
  12. csg

    Dippel suspended

    I agree the reckless charges are his fault but I think those charges are more fine violations and probably wouldn't get you suspended from Nascar alone. Someone pointed out the two very different accounts of the moving violations. Tylers explanation definitely minimizes the event significantly compared to the police version.
  13. csg

    Dippel suspended

    Seems like good work all around. The police did the right thing when there is unclaimed drugs in a car, the judge when presented with new evidence and a reasonable explanation did the right thing dismissed the charges. Good to see the justice system work as it is supposed to. Now Nascar quick to judge before all the facts are established, well they probably ruined his reputation and caused irreparable damage to the kids career.