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  1. When i read it I kind of thought it was a reincarnation of the old IROC series. I like the idea of running a different variety of tracks, dirt, short tracks and road courses. The old IROC I remember was basically nascar ovals. The thought of a 12 car field wont entice me to stay away from the local short tracks on a Saturday night. If they can be successful TV ratings wise maybe it will rattle some cages at Nascar and force some changes. Perhaps they will adjust their schedule so it doesnt include so many cookie cutter 1.5 mile tracks.
  2. these dead heat finishes are so few and far between that I dont think it justifies increased expense of putting in a photo finish system. The pole at the bottom of the track would make for a great reference point. The only problem would be how long it would remain standing. I could see it getting taking out by spinning cars. The picture posted above certainly looks like EPJ got him. I was hoping to find highlights from the lucas broadcast online. I only found the attached cell phone grand stand video, which would also indicate EPJ got him. This is in complete contrast to what I saw on Lucas broadcast. The lucas video was shot from between the starting stand and turn 1. It looked like Rice got him by a couple of inches. It reallly is all about perspective which is why I think you have to go with the electronic scoring loop which showed EPJ. What a great race though. If Mavtv broadcasts this one try to catch it.
  3. I watched the race you are talking about. It was a great race. I will agree on video it looks like the local kid Rice edges EPJ at the line. There are a few things that might play into the video deceiving us. The video isnt set dead on the start finish line like you might see at a horse track or NFL goal line. The angle may have played into it looking the way it did. Then like you said without any paint on the track to determine the exact location of the start finish line it really is difficult to know where the finish line is and who was leading at the finish. A foot earlier would be EPJ a foot later would have been Rice. It was that close. I think you have to rely on the electronic scoring loop in finishes this close which is what they did. I will agree checking the location of the scoring device while EPJ is in victory lane celebrating doesnt look good. Hold off on victory lane until that is completed. The local kid handled the disappointment in a post race interview really well. Overall it was just a great race. They run it back tonight with a full second show. I have seen Stafford CT call a dead heat in a local late model feature race. They declared both drivers the winner. Victory lane photos had two cars nose to nose with two drivers. I was there and it looked like one driver was clearly ahead but timing showed a tie. Then again when one driver clearly leads about 10 feet past the line your mind tricks yourself into assuming he was leading at the line.
  4. This was a cut and paste from the LVS website. I thought it was a pretty clever way to circumvent the regulations imposed by the state. I think LVS may have been open last week for some drive in event in which everyone had to enter through the pits. I believe this is the first time they went the route of outdoor restaurant seating concept. I hope it goes well for them. Everyone tries to keep a distance and has face coverings. Stafford CT got approval to open up at 25 percent capacity this Friday. Tickets sold out a week in advance. They are making fans sign a waiver to attend. They have one section of grandstands where face masks are required at all times.
  5. For Immediate Release: Due to ongoing regulations promulgated by N.Y. Gov. Andrew Cuomo (D) Lebanon Valley Speedway will be unable to invite spectators to view this Saturday's races. However, according to a relaxation of restrictions on restaurants, the world-famous Lebanon Valley food service will be open and serving its popular cheese burgers and other items for outdoor dining Saturday evening. Social distancing and masks (except when eating) will be required. The management hopes that the competition on the Speedway will not diminish your dining experience. Cover Charge for Dining $12.00 No Spectators Participants in Pits Only
  6. Thanks for doing this I have used your schedule to keep track of races online. Its an excellent resource. I noticed on FLO they have a Super Dirt Car race scheduled for Sunday the 28th from Canada but it isn't on your schedule. Has that race been rescheduled or cancelled and Flo just hasn't gotten around to removing it.
  7. I am confused what does a tailgating event mean. No fans in the stands but fans in trucks in the infield. They don't really have any place outside of the track for fans in cars. Is there going to be any PPV option?
  8. The state approved horse racing without fan attendance. You would think racing should be allowed without fan attendance. You would think the dirve in should be allowed to open based on movie drive ins being allowed. Can they space out the haulers at OCFS, every time I have gone it seems packed tight in the infield.
  9. Nascar just announced a Whelen Mod race scheduled for May 30th at Myrtle Beach
  10. RI is a struggle there isn't a race track in the state. They had some indoor shows a few years back. I made sure to make one of them to make sure I got a RI race in the books. Good luck.
  11. what is this 20% off promotion with Dirtvision? I was thinking of signing up for the monthly pass to see the WOO races this weekend. That may be the incentive to get me to sign up. I have yearly subscriptions with flo, lucas oil racing and speed51. They were the way to go before everything got cancelled. Now I kind of wish I signed up monthly as the schedules are a lot leaner than they were when I signed up. Obviously it is NO fault of the providers. I did get to see several races in Feb and early March. Though I am finding with Speed51 several of the events which were listed as included in the yearly sub are now listed as TBD meaning I think they will end up going to PPV. The promoters probably need more money given they are limited on front gate.
  12. I have had no issues with floracing.. There is an imca mod race from OK. It look like they may have fans there. That race is on speedshift tv.
  13. I watched the race. It was great to see a live race even if it was on the computer. I will say I am a little disappointed that caution came out when the front two where battling for the lead. It was getting good. The guy who did go to the back ended up with an additional 2k from sponsors. I am not sure where he finished, I wish I had seen a few people at the track wearing a mask just for optics. I don't think I saw anyone with a mask on anyone at any point during the event. Last thing we want at this point is a local news network showing some pics from the event with people shaking hands, not wearing masks. It might close down the next race event.
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