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  1. Any hints at who the 2 might be? And I hope Britten decides to stay.
  2. At any of the entrance gates. That would be 1,2 or 6. I would check when they open up tho.
  3. 2 pro stocks 3 for the 358 and big blocks and 4 for the sportsman I would think they’d be able to be done by midnight unless everything is a caution fest.
  4. I was wondering if anyone happens to have Fonda’s frequency for the officials to talk amongst eachother.
  5. I bought mine online when I bought my tickets for super dirt week. And all of them were mailed to me. But I’m not sure what happens if you just buy the Fulton tickets.
  6. Some of it tonight was for the Donnybrook on the front stretch. Also there was a few cautions that were for debris off of car that were leaning on eachother. It will be interesting to see what suspensions come from the donnybrook.
  7. That didn’t take too long. What happened?
  8. No double features next week for the big block. The skys opened up as they were doing the parade laps.
  9. Well it was under red for the thunder and lightning delay that they evacuated everyone out of the bleachers. Which took like 10 minutes. And the first half of the race was good but then it got to a point where cautious breed cautions.
  10. Ill be there as i am every week. I remember the fireworks on this night last year were a lot better than the ones on the 4th. Im hoping the extra coin will entice some orange county regulars such as perrago, hearn, horton and whoever wants to come.
  11. Car looked great tonight and winning that 5000 dollar check doesn’t hurt.
  12. I heard last night was a small block track. So in that case track conditions do play a part in lap times.
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