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  1. Exactly what I'm talking about. Equipment is best of the best but man it plows through driver after driver in that seat.
  2. That ride becoming the new Atlas with the amount of people driving it
  3. That's because they want the sportsman out because most of the people from deyo show stay for the mod and 358 stuff and they wouldn't have to move the pits around if sportsman are gone by Thursday. Actually a perfect idea
  4. That's life.. some thing you can do and some you can't. Why in racing do exceptions always need to be made?
  5. Oc normally announces the schedule right after the banquet they have every year. Plus I'm sure with Hearn taking over he's got some work to do securing the schedule and outside divisions coming in.
  6. Can you post a pic of the article
  7. Iceman44

    Brett Hearn

    Hearn has already stated he will not run ocfs while being promoter. He said he does not believe in that. He even said no to ESW as well next year.
  8. Atlas and Graham going head to head to see who can go through the most drivers in their cars
  9. Iceman44

    Brett Hearn

    you rebel you.. man you really showed him with those hard hitting questions.
  10. No way it gets moved lol ESW is all about the end of the year final races. It would change the whole feel of it. That's all part of the weekend. Cold wet and good times
  11. If that was the old surface no way racing would of happened today. Luckily the track slicked over last night and it helps with this track for the water to be able to get under control better. Plus it's a huge race. Reg sat night no way they even attempt it lol
  12. No stew either sat for smb he's in the trucks
  13. Yeah Horton always leaves on after Friday and comes back Sunday
  14. It's not dirt sanctioned but they follow the exact same rules and formats of the race being run