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  1. Back up car had an engine problem,so the new mono shock car,its using a combo of rear shocks,there is a version with a mono bracket cross link single shock.they had to use it to night after the back up had problems.
  2. Hes using BRP new mono shock chassis for slick tracks,hes the only one who has it,going back to standard rack tonight.
  3. buckshot44

    It’s 2019

    No one told you to move to Florida
  4. buckshot44

    It’s 2019

    Why not just do like the old days? Get in your car and go to the track.If i was running a business,i wouldn't put it on the internet so i could put myself out of business selling tickets,hotdogs and beer,would you?
  5. Bicknell stock just went up and all DKM owners will be scrambling to sell.
  6. Disappointing the way they played the sportsman points game.
  7. Here is the advertisement from the track and the points. Your welcome
  8. They realized it after they got the gate money.I know a couple guys that would have not paid the huge gate money,but they did so they didnt loose the points.
  9. The race was listed as a 30 point show up race,the 78 was found cheating with a sealed crate(what a surprise)the track didn't give any points to anyone after,if they did like they advertise the 78 would no longer be in the points lead.because he was found cheating and the points would just go to the rest of the field and those who passed tech.It just makes the track look like they have a favorite.
  10. They didn't and that is where the problem is,2nd and 3rd place points are the biggest losers,they would be 30 points ahead of the 78 because of the DQ
  11. When you are DQ,you loose your points for the night. case closed,that's been in the books since the point system.You dont get to keep if you didn't earn them, cheating,fighting etc.No different if your lite on the scales you loose the race,points and money.A DQ is a DQ not matter what scales or tech.
  12. I have a flyer,but the file is to big and i have no clue on how to shrink it,it could send to someone via fb messenger
  13. He got screwed also.He should have jumped 30 points ahead while the 78 lost 30,that would have made next week a whole different game.
  14. Yes the drivers that showed got 30 points,the guy leading the points was dq,he should loose his points,the other drivers should get there points,this dropping the points leader to 2nd and moving 2nd up,now they are just not giving any show up points witch now screws 2nd and 3rd drivers with one week left.i think we know who the track favorite is.