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  1. What was wrong with Hortons interview, he answered every question.
  2. Will he get 70 wins this year, like he was supposed to get a few years ago?
  3. If this is the case why do they run Mods at the end of the evening. If they do run mods early the stand are less than half full by the next feature.
  4. Didn't the weather also have alot to do with Syracuse. I was there and it was miserable
  5. I'd be very interested to hear what Gary Tomkins has to say about this.
  6. Friesen ran Malta the first year. i remember talking about how he cost Madsen a lot of money and he'll never make it. didn't Apples crew for him?
  7. thinking the DR. is lucky Fonda cancelled will give Varin a extra week to cool down.
  8. Howie's tracks having favorites come on you guys must be pulling my leg. I can't believe it. Tell me a promoter that doesn't and I'll sell you swamp land in Arizona. This totally changes my opinion of Malta.
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