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  1. Kevin Ward Lawsuit

    Maybe you could tell the IRS that your "recreational" race income is not taxable because a judge in NY said so.......or the DOT that your truck and trailer are exempt from their regulations because it's now only a hobby and not a business, even if you are getting some form of payment for doing so.
  2. Faithful Freddie and the purple/pink FL1.......about as low buck as they come, and he was partial to "Ford power" I believe. R I P Freddie.
  3. And they even had Miss Neville, a winning women driver entered to take on the men.......and this was back in 1921. So , Miller, who was the first women race car driver ? That should keep you busy readin' all those old papers.
  4. The Gobbler

    Don't know........ let's just say we have not been on speaking terms for a while. Check Zubi's facebook page.
  5. The Gobbler

    I don't think you will find any mud or standing water tomorrow........it's been a pretty dry fall this year. You like sneaks, wear 'em. I plan on going to what we locals call the "Big A".........unless I decide to go to Wall Stadium for the first time, which has been calling me for decades to their Turkey Derby. I'll flip a coin in the morning.
  6. Let's not forget the sponsors of the support classes, they want (and should be) mentioned in front of an audience to keep them interested as well.............crickets don't spend much money.
  7. So......40 cars show up........28 qualify........and guess what.......you will still have 5-6 guys riding around in the back. Out of those 28, some will be upfront, some midpack, and some at the back. When you have 40, 50 or more cars and they take 3 or 4 out of each heat and 2 from the consi's ......the luck of the draw often determines who makes the feature, and often times sending some big guns home.
  8. That's why I would run a small block Chrysler......the distributor is in the right place.
  9. Wasn't that on an episode of Seinfeld?
  10. I remember when he won his first at OCFS, and after hearing his victory lane interview in which he thanked mostly himself, I thought he was an "uppity punk smart-ass". His next victory lane speech wasn't any better. I gave him a pass, after all he was still only a "punk kid". My hope was that he would go to "finishing school" (oops....pun intended) and learn the art of victory lane interviews during the off season. Well he must have, because the next year his interviews sounded like a seasoned professional.........and he was still only a kid.
  11. Before we worry about scheduling against other tracks, we need to have a set of unified rules and get rid of track tires. These promoters make rules to prevent their racers from running other tracks....... and then complain when no outsiders show up at the special shows.
  12. Well, since an authorized 602 engine rebuilder can re-assemble the engine using genuine GM bolts that are available to him........ it should not be a problem.
  13. That was the best on track action of the night. I too was sitting front and center about 6 or 7 rows up, must have been right behind you. Actually, Mark Smith and I think it was Dewease put on a show coming out of 4 in their heat race. Smith kept his foot in it preventing a slide job by Lance. Thought there would be contact a couple of times.
  14. I'm leaving shortly.........plan on invading the stands.
  15. Hearn 😭

    It's been said that........ "old age and treachery will beat youth and enthusiasm"