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  1. A thunder storm or shower possible in spots later in the day or evening.
  2. Bob Krummel

    You Can Be Hearn

    Let me get this straight...….You can be refused entry into Canada because of a DUI, but they allow drinking in the pits. WTF
  3. Bob Krummel

    Accord STSS

    Burtonfan's observation is how I saw it. With or without a bent axle, he was having a bad night.
  4. That's correct...….and therefore no "recreational" drugs.
  5. I heard he bought the car and motor used...…..
  6. ......And then some......
  7. I heard someone call him "the show stopper" last night at OCFS.
  8. Bob Krummel

    Truck pole

    I remember a midweek show on TV from Ventura Speedway in California, I think it was sprints or midgets. The track was "on the beach" or so they said. That ring a bell with anyone??
  9. Stew started 6th. It was a heads-up start.
  10. Pretty hard to drive like an idiot when you're sitting on the roof. Stewy did a peaceful protest
  11. Experience has taught me this..... Two wrongs don't make a right. Don't argue with the police on the side of the road...….have your day in court to settle it.
  12. The NJ State Police have a special motorsports division...….and I'm sure they know ALOT about racing.
  13. mhoffman.......you beat me to it. I got to learn how to type faster.
  14. Agree, I live 8 miles from the joint and avoid going to the races during fair week. I hope new management comes up with a way to not "tax" the race fan with fair admission plus race admission to see the races. And buying your race tickets in advance is not the answer. Back in the "good old days" at Reading, they had two ticket booths, one for the races and one for the fair. Once inside the two venues were separated by a third ticket booth. If you paid for the races ($2.50 +/-) and later wanted to go to the fair, you went to the third booth and plunked down $.25 and went to the fair. Worked in reverse for the people who went to the fair first..... for an additional quarter they could see some racing. I never could understand why at OCFS they would not let the people who paid fair admission, later sample the racing for a few dollars more.....and I mean a token fee......not full admission prices. All those potential new customers wandering around the fair. If it was me, I'd be tempted to let them in for free, since now days there are plenty of empty seats at OCFS. And it would not bother me that I paid and those potential new race fans got in for free or reduced admission, anything to get more fans and keep the place going. And I wish only the best for Chris Larson and what he is doing at Middletown.
  15. When they find "pot" in your blood.......as they did in Kevin's case.......it means you used pot within the past "few" hours. Note the word "few"......as in a couple or maybe 3 or 4. And, if it's in your blood, you ARE under the influence. After those few hours, it leaves the blood stream ands goes to the "piss system" where it is slowly removed from your body, sometimes taking up to 90 days. When the "pot" is still in this system.....you are not under the influence at this time. Once again, it was in Kevin's blood. Someone with real medical/legal knowledge, feel free to correct me.