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  1. Just wear your mask...... they won't be able to identify you.
  2. Never thought I'd be calling a modified driver "adorable" Yes, I know it's a 602 sportsman, but a mod none the less. The poor sportsman guys complain when a more experienced BB or SB driver runs the bigger races and takes their money...… now they got kids taken' the loot. They just can't get a break.
  3. The only time there is any passing at that place is when it rains just before the races start.
  4. That sounds good...... but if they let the sprint fans keep their season long reserved seats, the mod fans will be standing in the infield.
  5. I have to admit, I was impressed the with the tunnel the first time I walked thru it. The steps down to it, the lighting, hand rails the entire length (I think) and no standing water to walk thru. It looks better than the Lincoln Tunnel. LOL
  6. I'm jealous...… I can't even operate a regular TV remote control.
  7. Go to 3widespicturevault.com I'm sure they will have pics of the chevette. Ask on their forum for some pics also. They like people who restore old modifieds and I'm sure will be glad to help, and they like pics of your progress on the restoration.
  8. Since 1965, my opinion...... either as a fan or participant ....... on ⛈️☔ is that you pays your money and you take your chances. Oops, those emoji are kinda small.
  9. I'm in for 58 cars. What's the prize for the correct number?
  10. I noticed something last night that was a first in my over 55 years of going to races. Very few people left the stands until after the victory lane interviews. Usually, as soon as the headliner race is over, sometimes even before, there often is a mad dash for the parking lot. Not last night. I don't know if they were waiting for the E-Mod feature or to see if they were going to win the $11,000 50/50. But I think they realized that this was a "once in a lifetime" moment. I'm not a late model fan, and even after last night , I'm still not. I was at Kokomo Speedway in Indiana for 3 days o
  11. Why not ??? There is already plenty of people with "artificial " intelligence driving in the winter.
  12. I'll make corn on the cob an official "at the track" food........ The fresh sweet corn on the cob at Kokomo Speedway sure is tasty. I'm good for 2 or 3 ears a night at the Smakdown show.
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