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  1. Years ago a certain well known driver (he's still at it today) picked up a ride from a local OCFS team for the ES 200 (both brothers are still racing today). The hired guns "prescription" was to set the car up the same way they would have done if driving it.....and said driver would adjust his driving style to fit the car set-up. But in addition, and the point of this story, was to do the following...…..drain the radiator, empty the fuel cell of fuel, remove a bumper and/or a rub rail, and …..mount the smallest, most worn out bald tires on the lightest wheels you have.....and then make sure it makes weight. I'll see you at the track he said as he left the shop. Names have been eliminated to protect the guilty. LOL
  2. "not for hire" or "personal use only" does not exempt you from any laws, regulations and what not required for the vehicle.
  3. A crowd of more than 2500 fans seems incredible as well ……. at least by todays "standard size" fan counts.
  4. I can see the flashing neon sign for the race track. All nude......All the time.
  5. Just what do you mean by …..s l o w....? After doing some math based on lap times of BB vs. 602 cars at OCFS, a 200 lap BB race could take less than 2 min. longer to complete. With a full second difference in lap times, it's close to 3 1/2 min. longer. Have another beer ......and I don't think you will notice the slightly longer time.
  6. Other than the top 5, which is posted here, where can one find the results of the heats and consi and the full field results of the main. I tried mylaps but nothing is posted.
  7. More advertisement space...….oh sh%t….I hope NASCRAP doesn't get wind of this idea.
  8. Can you provide a link to this news? I can't seem to find any info on their website or facebook.
  9. And the entire state of New York has no clue what a Philly cheese steak is.
  10. Bob Krummel

    MR. Dirt $25,500

    And speaking of those politicians at the races last night.....I just wonder if their opinion will change if they think they will get more votes siding with people wanting to close a racetrack down.
  11. Bob Krummel

    MR. Dirt $25,500

    I like Kolby and am glad he got 4th.........but Tremont, Hearn, and Stew started up front. Yes they passed among themselves, but did not come from deep in the pack. Most of the passing among the others was due to cars dropping out. Started 31 with only 16 or 17 running at the end. For example the Dr. started almost last.....passed maybe two cars and finished 14th I think. So yeah......I didn't see much passing......but then it's a known fact that I should be wearing glasses.
  12. Well at least your getting paid...…..You could be married and have to pay for that privilege.
  13. If you want to be champion...… you come to the track prepared for any situation. But I do think it's odd that all of a sudden there was no tires. Maybe one of the pitfalls of having to have stamped track tires.
  14. I can think of a few of "our" guys whom we should send across the pond to run an F1 race.
  15. Update.....I stand corrected.....A customer told us that they were caught in a cloudburst at Walmart (1/2 mile from track), so I guess the rain did hit the ground first. But I got some clearing and blue sky to the north and west of my location now. Still pretty dark toward the track. I just wish these tracks would put some more effort into trying to get the show in, instead of calling it hours before start time. My problem is I'm old and remember the "good old days" when it could rain at 4pm and the races would still get run.