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  1. Racing is full of would have, could have, should have......but Williamson did it.
  2. The last cars "coming in hot", in my opinion, was because they couldn't stop or steer clear of it. My kid who started 33rd, and is usually adept at avoiding trouble, came into the 1st turn and was one of the last cars into the mess. I was shocked that it appeared he made no effort to avoid the wreck and headed straight toward it. Only then did I realize it was raining.
  3. I don't know much about race tire compounds...….. it looks like 300's made for better racing. But, being a Horticulturalist (you can lead a horse to water, but you can't lead a whore to culture) I do know a little about soil science. I'm of the opinion that the rain helped a lot and that the new, thicker clay surface can absorb a lot more water than the old surface. In years past, the amount of rain we got Saturday night would have ended the show. While there was a 2 hour delay, once they started to run the track in, it was amazing how quickly the track was race ready. I hope they give the water truck a good workout the next couple of weeks.
  4. You can find it on the OCFS website, in rules and forms section, under Centennial weekend.
  5. I'm thinking it now might be $130,000.
  6. The "slow" crate sportsman put on the best show last night at OCFS. I took a nap during the big block race......... and my kid was racing in it.
  7. Last week the water truck actually put water down between each feature...…… tonight it just drove around and "tamped the dust down". What a dust bowl. And yes, I know it's a dirt track...… but when you can't even see the cars, there is something wrong.
  8. Just got back from Kutztown, and from where I was sitting in the stands, I'll agree the backstretch is hard to see. First thing I thought was I must have made a wrong turn and I'm back home at OCFS. The USAC race was a good one.
  9. Who actually makes the call ……… the host track or DIRT ????
  10. I called the track today and was told Fair admission for this Thursday ….. opening day …….is $1.00. Plus...… the crappers are air conditioned.
  11. Held up fine...…. smooth as glass...….slick as ice...…..very little dust...….slooooow lap times. Looks like they covered all the bases. To me it looked like the "Jet" had the best handle on it...….. with 24 second lap times.
  12. Maybe Valleyfan doesn't know a sprint car from a modified ???? The Sunday All Stars sprint race pays $7500 to win and a $1000 to take the green.
  13. Bob Krummel

    STSS at Fonda

    Talk about staying on topic...….. your reply is the pot calling the kettle black. You managed to express your political views on a forum that would prefer that you didn't. Being a Trump supporter, I'd rather you be deleted because of your Trump comments, instead of RJO. Gotta go...… the president is about to give his "Salute to America" talk
  14. Bob Krummel

    plastic wrap tire

    Go-Kart racers like chemicals........
  15. He got to put blankets down before us. LOL