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  1. Don't know about this year, but based on last year....... let's see......Stew, Horton, Janiac(sorry Matt about the spelling), 2 or 3 Ricci cars, and maybe another. That's half the field. LOL
  2. Orange county

    The fairgrounds are not owned by Orange County.
  3. STSS

    Thank you Gary Tomkins for your input.......from the drivers seat.
  4. STSS

    Does the phrase "jump the shark" apply here........
  5. STSS

    Me.....the one that had salt potatoes But, that is a good and valid question.
  6. STSS

    And one more thing..... No matter how you slice it, no matter what method you use for qualifying........one guy will start up front and one guy will start last in the feature, and 22 +/- guys will fall in the middle. Some will be happy, some will be unhappy. Put your gloves on, close your visor, step on the gas and race. Otherwise take up golf or boating or....... By the way, just to be clear, the only racing I did was a little karting at age 45+, using the kids leftovers during one of those so called mid-life crisis that old guys sometimes are stricken with. How did I do ?
  7. STSS

    If they are that good......they will pass the lucky ones.
  8. STSS

    Oh those poor, big name drivers that have to start their faster cars behind some slower cars ............ I feel for ya....I really do.....
  9. STSS

    What about the "lap down, go-around" rule they will be using this year. Sounds like the STSS is going the NASCAR "lucky dog" route. I'm not really fond of either of these changes......but then.....I'm an old fart and set in my ways. As I was typing this, Maxim410 said it the way I wanted to say it.
  10. Talk about a lite weight driver.....I wonder if he weighs less than Rico?
  11. I agree. I'm a bit old school....and I know times have changed....... but, if you wanted to race modifieds in the 50's and 60's, you just jumped right in and learned fast.

    You can even out the field aerodynamically, mechanically, financially, etc............and when everything is equal, one thing remains different..........those same top drivers that manage to find there way to the front. Next Nascar will make those top drivers drive with one hand tied behind their back. ,
  13. Well, you could have driven to Florida, stayed in a hotel, bought food, paid more than $25 a day for tickets.......and still be in the same boat.
  14. Volusia

    And this is when the race team is "sold" to the wife, or other friend or business partner so as to get another 3 years to "show a profit".
  15. Do a web search.... Times Union Center parking.....list several parking lots. One of them , I think called Green/Hudson lot, list $2.00 parking from 6pm till 12am. Seams pretty cheap to me.