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  1. The CEO of a corporation, and the CEO of a union are both in it for big bucks...….at the expense of others. Don't complain about one without complaining about the other.
  2. You call driving from MA to FL "self quarantine"...….what a dufus. I hope you didn't leave a trail of virus on your drive to FL for your vacation by the pool. And how does "not getting paid" , make it NOT a vacation.
  3. Moderators...…… once again DowntheBackStretch has brought politics into this topic, which I thought was a no no, Can we do something about it? Thanks
  4. And "Valley fans" will not be admitted to the Ridge...….. if LV has to take some time off.
  5. One way to prevent obsoleting new equipment is not to allow it in the first place.
  6. But, what if the future does not look so rosie.
  7. I say this in jest ...….. let's go back to leaf springs. But then, I wonder, "would that be so bad". Any one care to respond?
  8. I'm of the opinion that while a race car and a street car both have a steering wheel, brake pedal, and gas pedal...…… how you operate them on the street and on the race track are two different things. A person with no street driving experience could learn how to drive a race car. Happens all the time with kids in Karts or 1/4 Midgets and other small car racing. The advent of power steering in race cars and much better safety equipment (seating being one), opened the door for younger and smaller kids to compete. Having parents that want to make their kids the next rising star does not help matters either.
  9. Setting the age debate aside...……. how many past and present bb mod drivers started racing in that division with no previous racing experience at all. I'm sure some on here can name a few. While they may have been 16 or 18 yrs old, they got into an injected big cube modified and learned how to do it. Brightbill and "Slideways" come to mind.
  10. The injected hemi powered #7 dirt modified coupe of Leon Manchester.
  11. I hope he turns a 19 second lap......... and Stew says it was at half throttle.
  12. Correct me if I'm wrong, I thought I heard the announcer state that they invited 40 teams, some from other tracks, to this race. Let's assume some of the OCFS regulars were not invited. How is it fair to award points of any kind, to be applied to the regular season point tally, if the non-invited OCFS drivers are denied the same opportunity to earn those points ???? Maybe the track realized this and that is why they did not issue show up points.
  13. Rooster, don't give up...…...Ticketmaster may not have access to all the seats that are available. Go to the track.