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  1. I really hope they can smooth it out here soon.... idc about my $12. Has it been this bad the last 2 days?
  2. I’m getting about 10 seconds before it freezes up. After refreshing 10 times I get it back for another 10 seconds
  3. I didn't care for him personally, but prime Roy jones jr was the best fighter I've ever seen. What he did to another all time great (James toney) was nothing short of amazing, the Roy jones in the ring that night was unbeatable by anyone. He was shot after the tarver knockout. The problem with fighting on pure athleticism is when you age and lose that athleticism, you drop off very quickly, much quicker than a technical fighter like a Hopkins. It's a shame and embarrassment that hes still allowed to fight......
  4. Naz was a lot of fun to watch, with his off balance style he was never going to beat the top guys when he finally crossed the pond. Was a fan, but he got exposed by MAB.
  5. Alan won 2 years ago with a small block at cmp... The traction off the corner is a factor with a sb on a slick track but also with a weight break the car will rotate the center of the corner better
  6. Friesen in a tough heat, between reddick and Larson. Anyone know where he has to finish to qualify ?
  7. Congrats to Dave on the big win...but yea I have to agree Ron Davis got screwed
  8. Also A former driver , have raced at atleast 3 different tracks with youth flaggers and never once did I notice them or feel distracted by them ... As Gary said the flagger is posisitioned in a way where he/she is in the normal line of vision.. With advanced seats and Hans devices it is extremely difficult to see a friend/family at the fence waving to you during the wave lap let alone a few kids with flags 5-10 ft off the fence under racing conditions.
  9. Yep Robby is super talented I remember him in underfunded cup and Busch cars at road courses putting on a show everytime.. Usually wouldn't qualify great but his ability to out break and out shift the next guy under racing conditions was unvelievable and he always drove to the front .. Talking about a guy who also lead the Indy 500 multiple times and prolly should of won at least one without running out of fuel..early in his career car and driver said he would be the next Ayrton senna and I believe he may of been if he stuck with open wheel.. He is a as good of a "raw" talent as we've seen, but the problem is no one was ever able to mold him into a complete driver
  10. Yes you can camp at the track , by the go kart track to the west of the speedway. i believe i paid 15-20 bucks a night a few years ago with a tent, obviously more with a camper/rv. I don't know about the prices across the road
  11. LM- Sears Jr IMCA- Fleming MODLITE- joe Isabella 4 CYL- powolcyck
  12. If the Dr. Had home track points I believe he would be leading the series right?! No he would be 5th and roughly 175 points behind hearn..with no home track points Decker would be your points leader
  13. Not trying to be..your funny because your a joke...yes a freaking joke, who takes every chance he can to burn stew and cries every time something doesent go your boys way.. Your more annoying then kimie ever was. I'm not gonna continue arguing in this thread I'd recommend letting it go..but if you feel the Need to keep arguing pm your # and we can get real
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