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  1. GoFast39Fan

    Oswego race

    Not as much of a snoozer on tv as it was in person
  2. Graham still runs Teo. Dunn’s has beenselling all his Bicknells. He must be going all Teo this year
  3. For sure 2 of the best from the north country. Whoever gets to the front first is gonna be tough to pass. Whenever Mohawk rains out I head to can am.
  4. Last race I went to there this year in September between Dunn and Fuller was a hell of a race. Just cause it was big it was still racy.
  5. But the difference last year at Mohawk and Airborne was these were increased to 10K to win not 4K like previous years too. I went to both and they did seem to be well attended.
  6. Promoters dropped them. My guess would be they didn’t make much on the return of hosting a series race. Mohawk I’d say this is definitely the case. Fulton got rained out most the time in late April
  7. No BB series race for Mohawk or Airborne which is for sale.
  8. If it was NY he wouldn’t of ever seen jail cell. After January 1st hardly anyone will see jail in lieu of bail. Be releasing almost everybody at arraignments. Gonna be a real joke
  9. Thunder mountain switched as well. AR couldn’t coff up what Hoosier would. Business deal
  10. I just read where he destroyed a car at eastern states cage was bent and another I believe at Bridgeport a week ago. So he called it a year.
  11. Southern tier gun season starts tomorrow in Ny. Regular season in upstate NY started 10/28.
  12. GoFast39Fan

    Mike Maresca....

    Since he’s switched to Bicknell he’s went from a top 10 car to a guy you can’t count out. I think next year he’s gonna be tough to beat especially weekly
  13. Rob Knowles did a great job there this year. Mike Perrotte isn’t gonna draw anymore cars. Only so many gonna go there. They are drawing about the same as Can Am or better actually weekly. Airborne had average of 16 358s a week but late in season they had 10. Can Am had about a 14 average. Should Bartletts run and beg someone else to run it???