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  1. Congrats! Is Stewie going to Merrittville Speedway on Monday?
  2. Why Mike Maresca, Carey Terrance and Louie Jackson Jr didn’t go tonight. An event presented by St. Lawrence Radiology and other companies. That company give sponsors to them.
  3. Is Billy related to Steve Paine? He raced at Outlaw Speedway.
  4. Rez X team? Mike Maresca, Johnny, Brinnia, and Carey?
  5. Who is going on race this Saturday? I know group of Platium members will go.
  6. Most Circle K bought Mac’s stores in Ontario.
  7. Any excite news around from Cornwall, Mohawk, Brockville and Can Am? Anyone who jumps in the categories?
  8. Just saw on his facebook that Billy is selling his modifieds and hauler. That means he will not race next year? Any knows?
  9. Wondering, Why Gage Morin didn’t race at Cornwall Speedway. But only he went to Mohawk and Brockville. Anyone knows why he didn’t attend at CMS this year?
  10. Stephane said he hopes someone can offer him a ride.
  11. Batman

    SDS drivers 2018

    What about Mike Maresca?
  12. Mike brought his Modified for Volusia but he rode only one time. He used his Late Model. That mean he will ride his LM tours? Will he go to Fonda, Utica Rome along with Tim Fuller this year?
  13. Will Joey Ladouceur return to Mohawk with his father's car. Hope some Sportmas drivers to move to Modifieds for Mohawk.
  14. Just wondered any news around the corners... Is someone jumping to new categories? Brianna Ladouceur? I have heard Mike Maresca is still racing for Super Dirt Series, and maybe at Cananaudagai with Tim Fuller.