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  1. Let me go and spend a fortune to cheat up my sportsman so I can win $600 n. And to be clear this is not a knock of the payout, its a knock on the competitors who drop a ton of $ for this class.
  2. Any time I read these stories about younger kids getting into full size cars, I can't seem to understand the rush to get them up a class. This same conversation went on a year or 2 ago with another driver. The explanation was that driver was tearing it up in the smaller cars so he wasn't going to learn anything new so it was time to move him up. I think that driver is still racing sportsman. I just don't understand what happened to patience, he's only 12. There is plenty of time for him to get "noticed" which is one of the reasons Derrick Sr gave for allowing Jr to move up this soon. He said that when he was racing he may have gotten overlooked because he stayed in sportsman. Yeah, you were 30+, your son is 12. There is time.
  3. scotty29

    Coil Car

    Thanks Gary. I like when you lend your expertise on here. I've seen cars with coils with right side panard and also with left side setup. How do left side and right side panard setups work? Is there a certain type of track surface where one works better?
  4. scotty29

    Brett Hearn

    When someone who transcends their sport retires, its a very big story regardless of their age. Like the guy or hate the guy you have to really look at what he has done to change the way people do things (in the shop) and look at what he has accomplished on the track.
  5. The point I was trying to make is that it doesn't seem to make a lot of sense that today you are inspecting 5 cars and each car is inspected differently. Each car should have the same exact inspection completed.
  6. This seems to be to problem is that they check different things each day. There has to be some uniformity to what they are doing. I know they can't check each an every bit and piece of every car, but a standard check on common problem areas needs to be done not, eh today we''ll check this, but not that.
  7. The issue that seems to arise a lot with Tech is that they are inconsistent. Inconsistent in their rulings, but more importantly inconsistent in what they are looking at. There should be a clear printed out checklist that each official follows. It seems that too often there are multiple officials doing the tech and one guy is looking at 3 things, and the other guy looks at a 4th area. For the officials in the Pecore case to say, well our pre-race tech is more about safety is nonsense. Yes, part of it needs to be for safety, but it also needs to ensure that there are no rule infractions. Even back in the Syracuse days they looked at the doors to ensure guys weren't getting too creative with aero stuff and......didn't break the rules with their creativity. If the pre-race is for safety it should be noted as such, A Pre-race Safety Inspection, not so it is confused with a rules tech.
  8. One that sticks out to me was Syracuse not sure which year, but within the last 10-15 yrs, when Horton took the lead from Danny Johnson looked to be cruising to the checkered, then he was snoozing at the wheel with a handful of laps to go and Johnson blasts by on the outside going into turn 3 for the win. Doesn't make it the best ever, but a great moment nonetheless. I just looked it up, it looks like it was the 2006 edition of SDW.
  9. I think they should have stuck to their guns and said you are out for this year, but you can come back in the future. As a professional, Matt should always conduct himself in a professional manner. He would have learned a valuable lesson by losing the STSS championship because of his outburst and the possibility of the Eastern States Paycheck.
  10. Please clarify what you mean by this. I would love to hear the theory of how they played points games.
  11. It is hard to tell in the video if this conversation started as civil and then escalated to what we saw or if Sheppard just went right to shouting expletives at Gurda. I think as a professional it is important to act like a professional in all situations even if in this which was a sad example of lack of communication between the race director and track manager.
  12. It seemed to me that the tower saw the contact and figured with the way he climbed the wall that he was broke. I think that is just being smart so if he did have a broken front end, that the field is not bearing down on him coming out of 4 at full bore.
  13. Why don't you call the track instead of starting a complaint session on a message board prior to having any information. OCFS Speedway Office Open: Monday Thru Friday: 9 am – 5 pm Saturdays: 9 am to 10 pm – End of Races (During Race Season) For General OCFS Questions/Comments/Concerns: Email Us Here 239 Wisner Avenue Middletown, NY 10940 Phone: 845-342-2573 Fax: 845-343-8765 E-mail: info@ocfsracing.com
  14. I think that we've learned enough about NASCAR team's hiring practices to know that a driver getting into a top caliber car is either opening up his wallet or decorating the side of the car.