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  1. I think they should have stuck to their guns and said you are out for this year, but you can come back in the future. As a professional, Matt should always conduct himself in a professional manner. He would have learned a valuable lesson by losing the STSS championship because of his outburst and the possibility of the Eastern States Paycheck.
  2. Please clarify what you mean by this. I would love to hear the theory of how they played points games.
  3. It is hard to tell in the video if this conversation started as civil and then escalated to what we saw or if Sheppard just went right to shouting expletives at Gurda. I think as a professional it is important to act like a professional in all situations even if in this which was a sad example of lack of communication between the race director and track manager.
  4. It seemed to me that the tower saw the contact and figured with the way he climbed the wall that he was broke. I think that is just being smart so if he did have a broken front end, that the field is not bearing down on him coming out of 4 at full bore.
  5. Why don't you call the track instead of starting a complaint session on a message board prior to having any information. OCFS Speedway Office Open: Monday Thru Friday: 9 am – 5 pm Saturdays: 9 am to 10 pm – End of Races (During Race Season) For General OCFS Questions/Comments/Concerns: Email Us Here 239 Wisner Avenue Middletown, NY 10940 Phone: 845-342-2573 Fax: 845-343-8765 E-mail: info@ocfsracing.com
  6. I think that we've learned enough about NASCAR team's hiring practices to know that a driver getting into a top caliber car is either opening up his wallet or decorating the side of the car.
  7. Hmmm, Maybe NASCAR squashed the deal to really screw a northeaster.
  8. That's what I took from all of this too. The officials were dumbfounded by what they were looking at and told them they couldn't run it. Now there will prob be a rule outlawing this particular item.
  9. A lot of the cars were playing around with the softer compound. Word is that OCFS is considering allowing drivers the choice in compound. They would be smart to do so. Tire wear was minimal yesterday and to see a second groove utilized, they need the 300s.
  10. Ever hear of a soft open. They are trying to work the new surface in and evaluate what they have going on. Unfortunately that involves drawing a line at how many cars can come. 45 cars is a reasonable, maybe even high number to run on it, but I guess its a amount of competitors to get some feedback from.
  11. ......last year when people were saying that Jake should get rid of Rocky?
  12. Are you going to go on every OCFS thread and say this same thing? Yes, sight lines are tough, but without a complete overhaul of the property this is what we have to deal with. Maybe you could put up some of your hard earned money to lend your expertise and vision for the future of the track. I am sure track management would love to have such a positive, constructive player on the team.
  13. scotty29


    The grandstands are like 3 times taller at Indy than OCFS, so not the best comparo. Also if you sit up high in the stand at OCFS, you get a view of 90% of the track.
  14. I looked at the person next to me and asked why is Anthony running so hard with that big of a lead. I was thinking more that he was going to break something with how rough the track was. Anthony has proven himself at each level that he has raced at, whereas some of these other young drivers have not stuck around long enough to become proficient at any kind of racing. I hope he makes waves on the DIRT series.