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  1. The Valley is one groove follow the leader? How is it that Tremont, Hearn and others work their way through the pack just about every week?
  2. It doesn't seem like the expectation is that other tracks should bow to OCFS, but when we are talking about what is good for the sport some tracks should consider it. These big events are definitely a good thing for the sport and the more drivers that can attend the better. The more buzz that is created about big block racing beyond the northeast, the better and that is done with these big races. For the sport to really flourish, more cooperation between tracks needs to happen rather than competition between one another.
  3. scotty29

    Mad Max

    It has been said that if a driver can make it 3 years in Cup, that even as one of the bottom finishers, he can live more than comfortably for the rest of his life.
  4. FYI - You don't have top back up each post reminding us that you are stating your opinion.
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    Are you making a statement or asking a question?
  6. I can't take the nonsense 'story lines' that Fox and NBC create and watching on NBC is like listening to 4 muppets announce a race. The really sad part is that aside from the some of the stuff CBS Sports has on there aren't a whole lot of televised motorsports (I don't have MAV). I really wish that somebody would do a Thursday Night Thunder thing again where we would be introduced to not only the new talent, but different forms of racing.
  7. In the racing world people talk, speculate, and even just make stuff up. Sit in the stands for 5 minutes and listen to the nonsense people 'heard', its good entertainment, but you have to take it with a grain of salt. If someone says I'm out of a ride, it doesn't matter to me unless its the guy I'm racing for.
  8. Generally the 'house' driver is someone who is willing to experiment and someone who can provide quality feedback to the chassis builder. The experimental parts are usually provided to the driver. I don't know that they would give an entire car to a driver, but a good parts deal is likely.
  9. Track surface is one thing, but when you are involved in this sport taking your frustrations out like that can get someone hurt. I say this about any driver, if they can't handle the lows, which in racing there are many of, this is the wrong sport for them. If you want to throw your baseball glove after a loss go for it, it weighs about 4 lbs and chances are nobody could be hurt by it, when you are hurling a 2500 lb race through a crowded area the chances of hurting somebody are greater. I don't know Drellos or his financial situation, but if he has all this money he should put some aside for a Sports Psychologist to help him better handle negative outcomes.
  10. This is a racing forum. If you wan to talk politics, I am sure you can find one elsewhere.
  11. Lets take just those 4 drivers you just mentioned. They probably have more laps on track than the field of Sportsman drivers at your weekly track. Hearn and Tremont have run and won how many extra distance races between them? I'd say the likelihood of there being more than 1 Sportsman regular in the top 5, barring any catastrophic wreck, is slim. So, yes it would be sooo sweet to do it, but it's just not likely to happen. Aside from all of that, I'm sure its going to be a great race between all of the professional and semi-professional drivers though.
  12. I'd like to see a race like this have a rule in place that the drivers must have run X number of races in a Sportsman to be eligible. It would be nice to see more high dollar races for Sportsman drivers/teams, because at most weekly tracks they race for next to nothing. With that said, with nothing in place stating otherwise, I totally understand why top drivers are entering. I'd just like to see it as something nice for the Sportsman drivers.
  13. You have to keep in mind that the jump from a Sportsman to BB is a difficult one. The power is much different and takes a bit for most normal humans to figure out. Also with the cars so equal I think the days of someone moving up and just dominating each class right away are gone. Even Matt and Stew took a while, but once they figured it out we see what they have done over the last several years.
  14. It's also about the competitors too. trying to save the drivers some money in towing is a big deal. I am all for the promoters watching the radar and cancelling early to help save people the time and expense of driving to the track. I have a tough time trashing a track promoter for doing what he can to make the smart decision. I saw an immediate comment on FB from one of the car owners that it was a joke that they cancelled. Give the guy a break.
  15. I like the idea that someone threw out earlier about having run a minimum number of races in a sportsman during the year. I would even like it if they said that if a BB driver wins he gets a smaller winners share. As far as guys saying I'm fine with a better funded, more experienced driver from a higher class coming down and outrunning me, that's nonsense. You hear nascar xfinity and truck series drivers say that so they don't rock the boat against the mothership.