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  1. I looked at the person next to me and asked why is Anthony running so hard with that big of a lead. I was thinking more that he was going to break something with how rough the track was. Anthony has proven himself at each level that he has raced at, whereas some of these other young drivers have not stuck around long enough to become proficient at any kind of racing. I hope he makes waves on the DIRT series.
  2. I think Karma bit Anthony a little bit. He made a questionable pass to win 2 weeks ago and this week its comes back to bite him. I think the bottom line and this is especially in the Sportsman class, the track needs to enact rough riding rules and penalties. Then enforce them strictly. There are a handful of drivers who week in and week out make dumb driving decisions and it usually costs someone else a lot of money in repairs. You put them a few spots back for avoidable contact, then to the back of the field, park them for the night and if they still don't get it, then you sit them for a week. The only way to change behavior is to address it and thus far it has gone unaddressed so people keep on doing as they do. The big thing is to have a conversation with the parties so they understand why. Communication is the key thing and that is not a strong point for the folks at OCFS. I hope they work on this.
  3. He may have been, but in the today's climate of social media, he would be horrible.
  4. The reason there were no cars staged for features during the memorial is because there was an intermission planned for right after the memorial. The radar over and around the track was lit up bright green and erring on the side of caution is not a bad idea. Should we post the video of Canandagua (I think, somewhere up state) from years back when a storm hit and cars were piling into turn one as a reminder of why they may cancel prior to a downpour? I am all for avoiding a situation like that. Track conditions were dusty, but I have seen it worse at OCFS. Brett's flat was caused by body on tire, not by track conditions. I certainly look forward to a day where I log on here and see people talking about great racing from Saturday rather than all of the sidebar stuff. It may be a way off, but as long as progress is being made each week, that's good enough.
  5. Better equipment does not translate to better driver. There are plenty of guys out there with top notch equipment who can't get out of their own way. Nothing beats track to time for improving skills. I would like to see OCFS strictly enforce a rough driving rule and a 3 incident rule. If you keep drilling people to get around them, you can go park it for the night. Next time you are in that situation you will think about using skill to get around someone and not your bumper. 3 incident rule is just what it sounds like 3 spins, crashes, etc, and you go and sit for the night.
  6. The Valley is one groove follow the leader? How is it that Tremont, Hearn and others work their way through the pack just about every week?
  7. It doesn't seem like the expectation is that other tracks should bow to OCFS, but when we are talking about what is good for the sport some tracks should consider it. These big events are definitely a good thing for the sport and the more drivers that can attend the better. The more buzz that is created about big block racing beyond the northeast, the better and that is done with these big races. For the sport to really flourish, more cooperation between tracks needs to happen rather than competition between one another.
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    Mad Max

    It has been said that if a driver can make it 3 years in Cup, that even as one of the bottom finishers, he can live more than comfortably for the rest of his life.
  9. FYI - You don't have top back up each post reminding us that you are stating your opinion.
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    Are you making a statement or asking a question?
  11. I can't take the nonsense 'story lines' that Fox and NBC create and watching on NBC is like listening to 4 muppets announce a race. The really sad part is that aside from the some of the stuff CBS Sports has on there aren't a whole lot of televised motorsports (I don't have MAV). I really wish that somebody would do a Thursday Night Thunder thing again where we would be introduced to not only the new talent, but different forms of racing.
  12. In the racing world people talk, speculate, and even just make stuff up. Sit in the stands for 5 minutes and listen to the nonsense people 'heard', its good entertainment, but you have to take it with a grain of salt. If someone says I'm out of a ride, it doesn't matter to me unless its the guy I'm racing for.
  13. Generally the 'house' driver is someone who is willing to experiment and someone who can provide quality feedback to the chassis builder. The experimental parts are usually provided to the driver. I don't know that they would give an entire car to a driver, but a good parts deal is likely.
  14. Track surface is one thing, but when you are involved in this sport taking your frustrations out like that can get someone hurt. I say this about any driver, if they can't handle the lows, which in racing there are many of, this is the wrong sport for them. If you want to throw your baseball glove after a loss go for it, it weighs about 4 lbs and chances are nobody could be hurt by it, when you are hurling a 2500 lb race through a crowded area the chances of hurting somebody are greater. I don't know Drellos or his financial situation, but if he has all this money he should put some aside for a Sports Psychologist to help him better handle negative outcomes.
  15. This is a racing forum. If you wan to talk politics, I am sure you can find one elsewhere.