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  1. Here is a table of each driver's overall month stats, October Head to Head stats and their finishes in their head to head races. https://nemodfacts.racestatcentral.com/drivercompare.php?Da1=Mat+Williamson&D1=576&Da2=Mike+Mahaney&D2=104&Da3=Anthony+Perrego&D3=776&Da4=&D4=&startdates=2020-10-01&enddates=2020-10-31&IDseries=0&IDtrack=0&IDspecial=0&class=0
  2. 2009 he won a special at Humberstone. https://nemodfacts.racestatcentral.com/results.php?id=4099
  3. This is where I wish I had more time to keep loading older and older results. Maybe someday (please don't hold your breathe) I will be able to get a more definitive answer. But for the data I have I can give you the answer for the last 17 years. At one track, Tremont and Heffner at the Valley then Strunk at VonDohren at Grandview. I think the key thing to notice is Lebanon Valley and Orange County with two classes can rack up quite a few races in one season, then the tracks further South tend to have a much longer season. Races per season For all tracks head to head, that honor move
  4. Right I do agree that the season is just starting, and the lack of weekly racing is going to play a role in driver's win totals. But looking at the previous season's numbers only Matt and a full time Stew are the only ones to significantly go past the 20 win mark. Most other drivers are only a few over and as you can see most of the drivers are behind where they normally are to date. 100% on Larry, he has the second most wins this year, and has been looking very strong as of late. I have attached his past seasons to date numbers.
  5. Some additional information. Matt Sheppard, Stewart Friesen, Erick Rudolph and Mat Williamson statistics for where they were for this date in past seasons. Weblink for Past Season Comparison As you can see some drivers are not that far behind where they might be on starts, but since "weekly" racing has just started, most of these races have been against each other, rather than competing in separate silos with fewer interactions.
  6. For the first time (in a long, long time or ever) could we potentially see a season where no driver reaches 20 wins in a season? The latest projections from our site show that this might be the case. See the attachment below or https://nemodfacts.racestatcentral.com/projections.php. Have to think one of the biggest factors is the number of races that have been available for drivers to compete in, but also some drivers are off to slower starts than in seasons past. Does anyone think someone will get hot and reach the 20 win plateau or are we too far into the season for someone to mak
  7. I think that is the other Thunder Mountain in PA https://thundermountainspeedwaypa.com/
  8. 33.3%, best among all drivers with at least 10 starts in that time frame. https://nemodfacts.racestatcentral.com/statistics.php?startdate=2019-09-15&enddate=2020-12-31&IDseries=0&IDtrack=0&stat=7&IDspecial=0&group=0&class=0&starts=10
  9. No doubt. I was saying Williamson and Rudolph being in the top tier and I think Susice, Bowman and Lindberg have made themselves known over the past few seasons at Super Dirt Week and when the touring series' head west.
  10. If Mat had run all of the races at Merrittville, he would have easily locked it up. With two less races than the rest of the field he was only 34 points out. 7 wins in 12 races and top 5s in the rest of them. But yes I agree the Niagara region has a great group of drivers including two of the best in the business right now.
  11. Rich has made 3 starts this year. One at the DIRTcar Nationals in Feb, the Thunder in the Thousand Islands at Can-Am, and a weekly race on May 10th at Albany-Saratoga. The last 3 years he has averaged around 37 starts per year. https://nemodfacts.racestatcentral.com/profile.php?id=18
  12. Attention Android and Google Chrome users. You can now get results notifications from your favorite Drivers, Tracks and Series sent directly to your phone, tablet or computer. It is a simple process to enable your device. All you need to do is go to your favorite Driver/Track/Series page on our site. Create an account using Facebook, Google, or email. Then simply subscribe for results sent directly to you. Detailed information here https://nemodfacts.racestatcentral.com/subscription.php. This is a relatively new technology, so I am starting small before adding more notification
  13. I know our data only goes back to 2004, but Matt owns the three longest streaks that we have seen over the last 15+ years. Here is a link to the data. You can also go by a driver's streak at an individual track, series, event, engine type, or any combination of those. https://nemodfacts.racestatcentral.com/longeststreak.php?startdates=2004-01-01&enddates=2019-12-31&IDseries=0&IDtrack=0&stat=2&IDspecial=0&class=0
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