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  1. You’d never get a driver to say openly that they’re cheating nowadays and 1/4 of that field did on tape! 😂
  2. The STSS is the only series that gets creative and listens to the competitors and fans. SDS is a dying breed. It’s an afterthought to their two other series. A hell week is a great idea and works for other series but not one where 95% of the drivers have full time jobs. Also, if they cared about the drivers costs, it would be so much cheaper to allow them to use aluminum blocks. Not buy a block then spend thousands to lighten it.🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️ Im not sure what they care about but it’s not the competitors pockets. Now if only the STSS would get on Hoosiers....
  3. https://www.facebook.com/116644195124791/posts/3203971576392022/?extid=w6fduMFOtoXzKbSZ&d=n Now everyone stop bickering and wait for the word.
  4. From talking to Kevin and Kyle it sounded like one night only. Then, as previously mentioned by another member, Kyle stated in the Open Red interview he broke after 20 laps. I don’t think he has any reason to deceive fans. Even if they did go twice as you state, that’s maybe 40-60 laps practice total. Most of the guys he beat have been racing late models for a good portion of their careers. I just don’t think he needed much time. His year has just been unreal. Wins with the WoO Sprints, ASCoC, USAC, LOLMDS, Indiana Midget Week (Won all 6 events), Pennsylvania Sprint Week and the Chili Bowl all
  5. Everyone keeps saying he would need days of practice as with the late model??? He ran 20 laps in the 6 before Port Royal!🤦🏻‍♂️ Stop hating and give him the credit he deserves for what he did. I couldn’t envision a single NE modified driver stepping into a late model this weekend and winning. I’m sure it wouldn’t take him long at all to get the feel of a big block.
  6. GMS cut ties with all of their affiliates. So I wonder how much of a choice they actually had.
  7. GMS cut ties with all of their affiliates. So I wonder how much of a choice they actually had.
  8. You must also have the correct people in place. They have to know what to look for and what they’re doing.
  9. This is exactly what’s wrong with the sport. Don’t check anything because it’s lazier. These guys spend all off season seeing what they can push and get away with in the “grey area”. There are so many things you can check. Heads, gear, tires, driveshaft, ignition, body, fuel, on top of countless other things. Tracks are just fine with letting everything go because they don’t want to take the chance of losing a car and five crew members paying at the pit gate.
  10. The 358's are $750 to win. I just don't understand why you would protest in Howard's house. When the 20 big block was protested a few years ago, conveniently at the time of the protest, the tool needed wasn't "working properly" so he was legal. Its a lost cause. if you're sick of the guys running up front being illegal pack up and head somewhere else. They barely do any tech on big blocks other than a puff test because "there isn't much to check". Their words not mine. Nobody is actually stupid enough to show up with a "big" big block. If you watch they are scaled for weight and then most are
  11. I wouldn't say the valley is on life support, but it definitely isn't what it was. The prostocks seem to generally be the best race week in and week out. The small blocks you're watching 2-3 guys come from mid pack to the front and the rest just trying to hold onto their starting spot. You also see this in the big blocks as well. Hearn, Marshall, and Johnson seem to be the only ones that are consistently fast. Flach has joined that group the last two weeks. I stand in turn 1 and by the eye test those cars are visibly much faster and it shows on the stopwatch as well. With a big block if your o
  12. I’m am a super huge Matt Sheppard fan so it’s not that I don’t care. It just gets old that every topic on here is about him, whether it started that way or not.
  13. Everyone has an infatuation with Matt. There was no mention of the Dr’s run in the second feature. Heffner from p25 to p8 in the first feature (plus his slide job on Sheppard in the second feature was pretty awesome). No mention of Hearns unimpressive runs in both main events. No mention of Max’s comments about the Dr running him over. There are so many things to talk about after last night; but let’s continue to be uncreative and talk about Sheppard.
  14. He’s been caught with big motors. He’s been caught with illegal head degrees at LV and Howard made the call it was close enough. He’s been caught shrinking carbs after the race. He’s been caught running D500’s that we’re altered to say D400 because 500’s weren’t allowed. You can turn the blind eye to it like the promoters and officials that are ruining the sport. Brett was four tenths faster than anyone last night in warmups and three tenths in hot laps. It was a track with a lot of speed because it’s so cold the moisture is coming back out of the surface. He’s the only car that went anywhere.
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