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  1. Why can nobody see that this punishes the fans….you know the ones that generally keep tracks and series in existence. You can’t have all of the best drivers at events with this nonsense. It’s dirts way of winning a pissing contest that Deyo isn’t actually partaking in because he’s already won. If you need proof look at the actions of the drivers. They are leaving your platinum contracts and dirts money making gimmick of home track points behind to actually race for money. You know the whole concept behind auto racing…🤦🏻‍♂️🤡
  2. Not surprised. More of the same childish 🤡 behavior from sprint car Dean.
  3. She does care about the sport. She also found a way to make money while spotlighting it. Your last line literally implies to stop watching it because she's making money doing it. Pretty sure the house is the sponsors. Jealous much? Problem with today everyone cares about everyone else's business.
  4. People race for a living and make money doing it. So, if we use your moronic theory we all better stop attending and paying our way in...because someones making money from it.🤦🏻
  5. Don’t even give them the attention. Let them sit on their keyboard pressing high horses and judge. It simple….haters are going to hate. Most likely jealousy. Whether you like it or not Mandee’s videos have brought a ton of new 👀 to the sport. They’ve shown the behind the scenes that most fans don’t get to see and give insight from actual drivers. It’s definitely far more than those three 🤡’s will ever do.
  6. What about Dippel and Heffner at OCFS STSS show coming from deep? Stangle had a great run at The Port with his and some other "normal" places you didn't name. If its a copy it should be the same as a Bicknell....There will be more competitors on track in 2022 with the '22 Teo.
  7. He never failed a drug test and the cops confirmed it was someone else’s. A lot of judging going on here from the likes of Karen’s like previously stated. He also doesn’t have an unlimited budget I’ll leave it at that. Everyone knows the on going’s of everyone’s lives apparently. 🙄
  8. So, you’re saying he can’t put together a full race. No one is denying that. Weird though because by you’re reasoning he would be 21st or worse in points….🤔 He has talent. Sorry if you’re too blinded to see that. I’m also by no means a huge Dippel fans I’m just sick of all of you on here screaming like Karen’s and trying to cancel the kid. Northeast Dirt mods are in no way in a position to turn cars or money away.🤦🏻‍♂️ You should all also think hard before you run your uneducated mouths. I have no affiliation with them and know he doesn’t have unlimited resources. He may have had unlimited res
  9. Not for nothing but Dippel just missed the truck playoffs in his last year in the series in subpar equipment. A lot of his inconsistencies the past few years has been the subpar manufacturer he’s been running but they’ve figured it out now and have been fast. Yes, he’s too aggressive at times but the kid has talent. If you can’t see it, I’m sorry you don’t know what you’re watching. There are also others that race that are just as aggressive and get the benefit of the doubt. I mean in this post alone you’re all giving the 9s the benefit of the doubt because you want to cancel Dippel; mostly o
  10. They aren’t fun but it’s not much farther than Port Royal…
  11. I really wish the mods still went to Hagerstown. Deyo is the perfect man for the job to get a race back there. Someone needs to start putting it in his ear! 😉 Plus, it’s been awhile and things have changed some in the modified world. With coils, big small blocks and American racers the old notebooks would kind of be irrelevant. Maybe leveling out the competition a bit throughout the field.
  12. I get what you're saying but if this your marquee event, postpone it. Instead they made the decision to run it knowing it would be a mediocre product. Probably because they didn't want to cut into the profits by having everyone come back for nothing but continuing to track pep, pay track workers, and officials when they came back. Some fans may be upset but its no different then if it rained. They would be happy with a race where people could actually race. At the point of making the call for single file restarts you need to think long and hard. The fans should've been upset they were robbed o
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