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  1. DowntheBackStretch

    Plattsburgh Airborne Speedway 2020?

    You are half correct. Brewerton doesn't open until May because they have a high water table on the property. They don't even attempt to race in April. Not sure what you are talking about when you say they cant get shows in during May. They raced May 13, 20 and 27 during 2016, May 12 and 19 during 2017, May 18 and 25 during 2018 and May 24 and 31 during 2019 last year. Looks like they were rained out one time on May 26 in 2017.
  2. Someone correct me if I am wrong, but I dont believe Mike races "full-time (as their career)" as you are trying to spin it. If I remember, his first priority is the family business. Maybe that has changed... I dont know.
  3. That's EXTREMELY misleading. How many trailers in each park? Three or four? You have to go by the number of trailers, not the number of parks. Post your link.
  4. I googled it too. I googled Mobile Homes and found this ===> https://www.statista.com/statistics/1038637/states-with-most-mobile-homes-usa/ I guess the question is what is a mobile home? Im finding that it is a home that is not attached to the land. Thus it can be moved like a trailer. I guess we can agree the south is loaded with them!
  5. Not true.. Texas has 94,298 trailers, Louisiana is second with 34,333 and Florida proudly boasts 32,637 trailers as of June 2019. Those numbers are straight from the headquarters at Club Mar-a-Lago.
  6. DowntheBackStretch

    Dirtcar new rule

    I don't know DICK about all these motor options but it seems to me that this post makes an awful lot of sense. Let them all spend, spend, spend, and just change the weight breaks and that should make some people think again. It sure would make things interesting for the teams that want to "buy" their way to a top 3 finish. Cant we all agree that would "level" the playing field?
  7. Harris ran a Big Block. So for now, I think it would be accurate to say that Brewerton is still a weekly Big Block Modified Headliner show. Not gravitating to 358's I hope ever.
  8. On Brewerton's website they have a writeup saying Ron Davis III won the 2019 opening night race in his first time ever driving a Big Block.
  9. Just listened to 2 interviews with Doug Elkins and Andrew Ferguson talking about his Big Block last year in the pits at Brewerton.
  10. Witko won a feature in August with a new Bicknell and new CC Performance Big Block.
  11. Yup. sorry, I see that. Just researched and found Roy Bresnahan was running a Big Block last year
  12. I thought Ferguson, Witko and K. Hile were all Big Blocks?
  13. Im sure everybody can name a promoter that they feel somehow screwed somebody over in some way or another. I have seen some great racing at FMP and I am looking forward to attending a show or two this upcoming season. Why bash a track that seems to be walking a tightrope between staying open and selling to a real estate developer? I like the way the track sits and seating is good. Concessions and admission prices are good. I would strongly suggest checking it out if you have never been there. I would attend more often than 2 or 3 times a year if I lived closer.
  14. Oh ok. Are you sure about nearly half the field being 358's at Brewerton? Would it be more accurate to say maybe a third of the field? Just wondering. It would be interesting to get the actual numbers from all of their regular season events from last year. I really enjoy the fact that it is still a Big Block track and that is part of the attraction for me.