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  1. DowntheBackStretch

    Dutch Hoag Memorial

    That's right, I remember now.
  2. DowntheBackStretch

    Dutch Hoag Memorial

    Im not up on the motors but I know Ive seen Pat run there a time or two the last few times I was there.
  3. DowntheBackStretch

    Dutch Hoag Memorial

    Thanks. How about Decker, Wight and Ward? Anybody know if Friesen will be there? I predict Paine wins it again.
  4. DowntheBackStretch

    Dutch Hoag Memorial

    Is Sheppard racing at Outlaw or going elsewhere?
  5. Im looking forward to this weekend at Outlaw Speedway. Can we get the scheduled order of events for each day please? I know it will be some great late season racing and weather looks good. Thanks!
  6. Just saw it is $5,500 to win for 50 Laps and $1,000 for 10th and $400 to start.
  7. Qualifying starts at 6:30 at Afton for this race. What drivers will be showing up here after the 358 Feature scheduled for 2:00 pm at Oswego? From what I saw in points standing, Sheppard is leading the Short track series for both North and South.
  8. DowntheBackStretch

    Outlaw 200

    Oh, I was talking about the show starting at 4:30. It says heat races start at 4:30.
  9. DowntheBackStretch

    Outlaw 200

    Start time is 4:30.
  10. What were all the issues the rain caused at the concessions?
  11. Since you have decided not to respond to what it was that caused you to voice your opinion about the security issues and the place being "Un Fan friendly", how was the race?
  12. Security vs Fans & DTD? Huh? What the hell is that all about? I wasn't even there and my first thoughts are at least Management had the foresight to "beef up" security a little bit. I agree that its a shame that security didn't even know who the press was. Poor Ed. He contributes a lot. So what was it that security did wrong? Im sure they were told to make their presence known. Did they go overboard in some way? Please be honest in your response.
  13. I see from tweets that JZ is running in 5th. Maybe she will win tonight.... ya never know.
  14. I agree with them being generous with seat space after you said such. I had been checking it out the last few times I was there and me and my son both had a lot of room in our two numbered seats. I just got a little gun shy about what it would be like with a full grandstand. I wasn't sure if it would be gridlock inside the gates. Its a little restricted once you get through the gates.
  15. Easy Big Boy... ya gotta have a little foreplay before they throw the green and all hell breaks loose!!! Lol.