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  1. DowntheBackStretch

    Old video request

    Who was the winner that night? Was it a special show or a regular night?
  2. Thanks for responding and good luck when we get started. Hope you guys run up front again this year.
  3. Yup, now you are refreshing my memory. Sounds very familiar. He had a line of shit that's for sure. He was always dressed in all white. Could have been selling ice cream! Lol. And you are right about the track. It was big and fast with great racing. I would go there weekly for a few years straight. I don't remember the exact years. What year was it when the Big Blocks were going balls out with leaders I think coming out of turn two and getting on it when the lights when out? Was Brett or Jack leading at the time? If I remember correctly nobody ended up crashing and it was a blackout. Those were fun times.
  4. DowntheBackStretch

    STSS Port Royal?

    Great post! Now maybe the people who didn't get it, will now get it! I mean fully understand the seriousness of what we are dealing with.
  5. DowntheBackStretch

    F1 Race in Behran Bans Fans:(

    Kinda like the Wall that Mexico was gonna pay for and the Trumpcare that he said would take one week to pass. And don't forget Trump University or the Trump Foundation! And I wont mention the Trump Fake News that he spewed today at the presser. It has already been fact checked and determined to be more lies. How about we change the topic to racing. I hope we can see some racing by July 4th.
  6. I think it was Fred like sprint said.
  7. DowntheBackStretch

    F1 Race in Behran Bans Fans:(

    Heres another one of my favs ==>https://www.bing.com/videos/search?q=trump+mocks+national+anthem&&view=detail&mid=E95A9FAAFD8B00D091E6E95A9FAAFD8B00D091E6&&FORM=VRDGAR&ru=%2Fvideos%2Fsearch%3Fq%3Dtrump%2Bmocks%2Bnational%2Banthem%26FORM%3DHDRSC3
  8. DowntheBackStretch

    F1 Race in Behran Bans Fans:(

    Oh my god I cant stop laughing! Its like a comedy show every time he lies and they have a video to show the lie. Just think of the database they are building. Better than Carlin, Chapelle and all of the best ever comedians combined! Lmao!
  9. Speaking of Car Owners and Where are they now... Where is Jake Spraker? Actually my question should really be, WHAT is he doing now? Maybe Jake can give us some info on the plans for his racing stable this season. Divisions, Cars, Motors, and where do you plan to run weekly. Will you hit any big shows? Last I knew it was Rocky in a Modified. Just wondering what else is cookin? Thanks Jake!
  10. And Beachy was also a partner in the ownership of Utica Rome Speedway when they called it New Venture Speedway. It was him, Jack and I forgot the third person.
  11. DowntheBackStretch

    STSS Port Royal?

    Thank you for your post. I find it to inspire hope when someone includes facts and the truth in what they post. I hope everyone reads your post and understands what it says.
  12. DowntheBackStretch

    F1 Race in Behran Bans Fans:(

    Your post is dead nuts right on. It is so easy to go back and watch all the video of what the moron has said. There is no way to twist it. It is ALL on video thanks to the media recording it. Lord knows we do not have regular press conferences anymore to let the public know what the administration is doing or planning on doing. Twitter just doesn't cut it. Especially with the 4th grade mentality of constant name calling. I think a lot of people are getting fed up with it and are starting to see who the real fake is.
  13. DowntheBackStretch

    F1 Race in Behran Bans Fans:(

    Simpleā€¦ Blondie decided to take a page from Birnie and provide a Welfare Program for the Large U. S. Corporations. (The GOP Corporate Welfare System) I thought they said the economy was the best ever? Why in the hell would you implement a Tax Cut for Corporations if the economy was so strong? So what did they do? They used it to buy back shares which in turn caused share prices to go up. They disbursed shares to all the Corporate Executives instead of giving them cash increases. Companies did not invest in Plant & Equipment or share the profits with their employees. Nothing but a Stock Market Bubble. Just think how helpful it would be if Blondie the Glutton didn't use up all his bullets and he could implement a Tax cut right now when it is needed. Im laughing because you drank Blondies Kool Aid. When you get time, do some reading on how tariffs work. Also, it amazes me that people don't educate themselves about their finances. Returns above 10% are not normal. The stock market just doesn't keep going straight up. Their is a saying on Wall St.... Pigs get Slaughtered! Wise investors were skimming profits and locking them in buying selling some of their stock and going to cash. Unfortunately as it turns out, there are a lot of pigs out there! Just to be clear, I don't take joy in seeing people suffer. I do take joy when a Liar, a Criminal and a Fraud has his house of cards crumbling down on his head. Remember what he said..... "The Coronavirus is a Democratic Hoax." It turned out to be one hell of a hoax didn't it? Lets hope as a country we can all get though this safely, both physically and financially. Peace...
  14. DowntheBackStretch

    F1 Race in Behran Bans Fans:(

    Don't forget how great those tariffs have worked. We had to bail out the farmers to the tune of $28 Billion. As Blondie says, the money from China is pouring in! But you have to agree with one thing... the stock market keeps setting records! Biggest one day loss in the DJIA EVER! Lmfao.