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  1. DowntheBackStretch

    The all New Fonda

    What the hell are you talking about? They havent had their first race yet! They have to have at least one race before anybody can have an opinion!!! Lmao.
  2. DowntheBackStretch

    The DR

    How about its brand new from last year? Can you understand that? Bought it last year and it sat. Now they are using it this year. Do you get it now? Nobody is lying.
  3. DowntheBackStretch

    Fonda April 27

    Who is the sponsor or sponsors? I cant ever recall a 30 lap modified feature paying $8,000 to win. Don't ever remember seeing a 30 lapper pay $5,000.
  4. DowntheBackStretch

    The DR

    I thought Shane Andrews said the Troyer chassis was left over from last year.
  5. DowntheBackStretch

    Can Am Speedway

    That was painful. Originally I was going to Outlaw but I couldn't get there in time so I went to CanAm. That was a waste of my $30. Cautions......
  6. Could you please post the anticipated order of events for Saturday? Thanks in advance! Its gonna be a great day of racing! Cant wait!
  7. They usually list the order of events a couple days before the show.
  8. Its all just a dream. Like fantasy island. Anything goes. Creativity always wins out in the end.
  9. DowntheBackStretch


    I have to laugh every time I read the phrase "platinum drivers". In my opinion its gotten quite old. Especially when there are more than a couple drivers on the list that don't really fit with what I would refer to as "platinum drivers". Im glad to see drivers race where they want and not be held hostage by a dirt racing organization.
  10. DowntheBackStretch

    New Eqypt Win to Godown

    Hmmmm... you sound delusional with that response. Very strange....
  11. Did anybody see Godown beat Pauch Jr at New Egypt? Reading the writeup it sounded like an exciting race. I m wondering how much contact the two of them were making. The article says Pauch was leading and then the two of them were in a side by side "tussle" for the top spot. On the next circuit Godown "wrestled" first place away from Pauch. I know in the past sparks usually fly when you see Godown and a Pauch close together.
  12. DowntheBackStretch

    OCFS weekly Qualifying

    In my opinion there is nothing more exciting in dirt track racing than watching a driver come from the back. I don't care what division. There is always a buzz in the crowd when everybody in the stands has their eyes on the fast car coming from the back and finding different grooves to find the fast way around. Not very exciting to have the all the fastest cars start in the front and then encountering lapped traffic after 2 or 3 laps.
  13. DowntheBackStretch

    OCFS weekly Qualifying

    What a rip off. I pay $20 and dont get to see the top 8 fastest drivers run in a heat race? Not a fan of that.
  14. So you did what any intelligent person would do... you looked it up. Its called Fact Checking. I did the same. Its right there for all to see instead of making up a price.