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  1. Ive never gotten a flu shot. I will get the Covid vaccine though. Hopefully Cuomo eventually gets voted out like the golfer who is hiding in the White House. This whole mess didnt need to happen. Too late now.
  2. Two completely different vaccines. Lol. The flu shot is only 40% effective in preventing the flu. You obviously were not aware of that. Covid-19 is not the flu. And the vaccines for Covid are not the same as the vaccines for the flu.
  3. No need to wonder if.... Just go to the Pfizer website. They claim 95% effective in helping to prevent Covid-19. Also if it mutates they claim they can easily adapt and modify the genetic code to address any changes in the virus. Sounds like that means these vaccines will stop the transmission of the virus.
  4. I cant wait to see what Brett has lined up for Fonda next year. Hopefully people will come to their senses and every person will do their part so we can see race tracks in NY open again. Only time will tell. Hoping for the best.
  5. Why would they release something they didnt have results on?
  6. You are right on with the factors that you mention. I couldnt agree more. What makes me feel hopeless for the country is that I do not see a plan. Where you could look at an organizational chart to see the operation and function and who does what. All I see is failure and a fractured society where there is no cohesive group of experts who can interpret the the data as it is acquired and as it changes. Then apply the measured inputs in the equation to solve the problem to get the desired result. At one time this country was good at that but we have changed for the worst. The WH COVID advisor
  7. Why are you talking about mortality rate? This virus is a vascular disease and attacks your organs. It kills approximately 2.48% according to the data you just posted. The real danger is what it does to an individuals health for the rest of their life. Last week an old friend of mine was in tears telling me his daughter caught it and had a heart attack. She is at home and is having breathing problems and now a damaged heart. She is 36 yrs old with no preconditions. I dont think people care about the 233,00 family members it has killed.
  8. Wow! We are headed for serious trouble and there is no plan to handle what is coming. I wonder if the race will go off? https://covid.cdc.gov/covid-data-tracker/#trends_dailytrendscases
  9. Here are some pretty cool trophies from a driver who likes to keep them.
  10. Common sense will tell you that is total bullshit. No way anybody can predict what will happen in 22 or 23.
  11. Very impressive run for the 9s. He hasnt been able to do that more than a couple of times this year against that type of competition. Coming from the back like that is what Friesen does consistently. Hats off to the 9s.
  12. I would like to see Friesen or Pauch win the race tonight and win the title. I would like to see Sheppard finish back in the pack. Im saying this because I think it will make it interesting for next year to see how Sheppard performs. MS has performed at such a high level the last couple of years that it now looks like he is in a slump or something is wrong. When in fact he is still having an impressive year, especially if you changed his name to John Doe. I honestly think it was great luck on top of his ability that enabled him to rack up the stats that he did during the last 2 years. This yea
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