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  1. You are wasting your breath. Safety will not come into play until somebody gets burned up. Just look at all the tracks that have safety crews dressed in shorts and t-shirts. I have posted about this before. The ignorance is mindboggling and simply I cant understand how a track could allow it. Maybe when they read the headlines about the "Human Fireball at the Dirt Track" then they will take safety seriously. Ya cant fix stupid.
  2. That clay is different than most tracks. I was surprised how long it took to get the track back from what you said about the delay. It actually took longer than I thought.
  3. I heard they were arguing about the flag and Facebook. Not even kidding. But thats what I was told by somebody who was right there.
  4. Did you say friendly? Nope... Couldnt have been me. Lol. Actually the parking lot was dead compared to most years I have been there. Usually get a chance to talk to a few people but not this year. Obviously weather didnt help but there were a lot of parking spots available.
  5. Thanks for the update. Im glad I left. I will be busy next weekend so I cant even think about trying them again.
  6. I went back in to look at the track at 5:15 after the rain stopped. They only had 2 pieces of equipment on the track and there was visible water laying on the track. I figured it would be at least 6:45 before they started the next heat so I headed back home. AT least I saw 2 heat races. I just dont have the patience to sit around for 6 hours before I see the rest of the show. The damn weather report was fine until Saturday morning. What time did they drop the green for the next heat? Just curious to see if I was close in my estimation.
  7. Thanks for the update. Im heading out there today. It will be a long winter as you say.
  8. Rain will have no bearing. The track would have been sealed if they had rain in the forecast. If record breaking downfall was expected then that would be a different story.
  9. Good move imo. Ive been to the Dutch Hoag weekend several times when they run it during the day on Saturday and I have no complaints. More enjoyable to sit in 50 degree weather versus weather in the 30's. People will complain about day racing but Ive seen the track in good shape during the day especially when its not sunny and windy.
  10. Thanks for letting me know. Im looking forward to getting there this weekend.
  11. Leroy, Dundee is one of my favorite tracks. This weekend will be my first time there this year. Have they been starting on time and running them off decent? Ive never had any complaints whenever I go except for the fact that the shows are so packed with racing I usually dont stay to see the last race. Not a major complaint unless its the headliner running at midnight. I still enjoy watching the racing there.
  12. Prepublish: to publish in advance of publication. Is that kind of like Prescheduling? They dont schedule until they schedule? Lol.
  13. Probably because unstable people say and post very strange things. Lol. Just look around and you will see what Im talking about. Very strange.....
  14. Yup.... and if I make a comment .... I end up taking the blame. Pretty obvious how it works. Lol.
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