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  1. When the tracks get shutdown the ignorant fans will have nobody to blame but themselves... all over a little piece of cloth. lmfao! You cant fix stupid.
  2. I hope you feel better soon and make a full recovery with no lingering side effects.
  3. Bob said his leg strength/muscle tone have been compromised in a big way. Almost every single time somebody posts about the virus you and some others laugh like it is some sort of joke. The virus has affected Bobs health so you must once again be laughing likes its a big joke like you always do. Funny thing is, when it hits close to home you will stop laughing because there is nothing funny about it. My breathing is not back to 100% since I was sick January of 2020. Go ahead, laugh.
  4. Im talking about your expertise on the virus....Lol. "The overwhelming majority who test positive function normal. Some did not even know they had it, until they tested The virus definitely is not the black plague it was made out to be . Most people slowly but surely have realized that. Even if many will never admit it." As time goes on they are finding the virus causes more damage than they thought. You are behind the curve. Wake up!
  5. There is probably no doubt you had it. I think there is no doubt that I had it also. At least you know that everybody here is having a good laugh at your expense because you have lingering health issues from the virus. I think that is the point the medical community and the media is trying to get out there to people. Getting the virus isnt always a death sentence but there is a good chance it will have a substantial negative effect on your health for the rest of your life. Imagine people thinking its funny because you have a difficult time breathing after getting the virus. Not sure what
  6. Thanks for putting that up, but that wasnt the one. I wish I could remember if it was a writeup or an on-camera. I dont remember. Im thinking maybe on-camera. I think I saw it almost 2 weeks ago.
  7. Keep living in fantasyland and pretend it doesnt exist. And I have news for you. People DO CARE! And thank you Brian for considering others and possibly not infecting people. Ignoring simple guidelines is whats causing another spike in cases. Many fans at CanAm followed guidelines contrary to the disinformation you are trying to promote. And many people enjoyed the races while following guidelines. Somebody asked a simple question about the crowd and capacity. The question deserves a simple answer and not a response about being scared and staying home. The pandemic is not over no matter what
  8. I think it was a writeup. I was looking for it but cant find it. I read it about a week or so ago. He said people always talk about Friesen and Sheppard but they dont mention his name, He said he always finishes ahead of them both in all the big money races. He said hopefully his name will start to be mentioned when they talk about the other two.
  9. I thought it was interesting that Williamson was mouthing off in an interview I read about how he always beats Friesen and Sheppard and then ........ also, one can see why it would be very difficult for the 9s to win 50 times this season like some have said he could or may. But I guess ya never know.
  10. There are pros and cons to everything. In this instance I have nobody but myself to blame for going to one track versus the other. Its not a knock against CanAm. Track was decent and the facility is a good one. Im glad a lot of people got to go to a race track on a beautiful day. I was just swayed in my decision about the reputation of Outlaw running shows for 7-8 hours and going until after midnight. I was swayed into thinking I would see better racing with "top" drivers Friesen, Rudolph, Sheppard, White, Decker, Williamson, Fuller, Mahaney, Fuller, Maresca, etc. I should have gone with m
  11. Thanks for pointing that out. At one point I was out in the parking lot talking to myself when I could hear them still giving laps times. It was a longggg time before anybody got to see cars actually racing. Thats their format and I should know better but I went to the wrong track. Better than not going I guess but not worth $30. As has been discussed here before, lots of times you get to see a much better weekly show at your local track for less than half the price.
  12. I am kicking myself for not going to Outlaw. I would have seen 10 times the racing! Stupid me!
  13. No more SDS for me... wish I went with my gut and gone to Outlaw instead. First hour and a half watching 3 divisions going against the clock... Boring! No way in hell I could ever take somebody to that and have them want to go back for more. Then heat races were strung out follow the leader.
  14. I am seriously torn about where to go..Outlaw or CanAm.. both 2 hr drive for me. I really like Outlaw and Ive been to CanAm once where there wasnt much passing. But since they changed the track Im wondering what it will be like.
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