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  1. Fonda Speedway management is delusional. Go to the source of the problem if you want to place blame. Donnie "Fake News" Trump is the reason we are not able to attend racing. The self admitted sexual predator managed the virus by hoping it would just go away. He thinks leadership is going on twitter and calling people names. His child-like mentality has done so much damage to this country it will be quite awhile before we get back to somewhat normalcy. He will be remembered as the worst president ever. He has been exposed as a total fraud. He is in debt up to eyeballs and thats one of the reasons he hides his tax returns. The banks will not touch him. He carries too much debt and there are only 2 banks he could find that would still work with him. Donnie The Con Man .
  2. Notice in the photo you can see the left side of the building and the left side of the bleachers which means the photo was taken off center so there is no way to tell where the cars are in reference to each other. If there was a line painted on the track then that would be a different story.
  3. So the majority of people who go to the races are more interested in drinking instead of watching the races huh? Lmfao! Uh ok. Lol. Really glad you clarified that for us.
  4. That answers the no sales of alcoholic beverages but not the No Re-entry. Not that it really matters since it was already mentioned that they usually don't have that policy.
  5. That sounds good. If you are gonna have a one lane track Id rather it be because it was wet. Correct me if Im wrong, but Ive noticed on mylaps and also when attending in person that there is often not a lot of passing in heats anyway. So as long as the track came around for the features that is a good thing I would say.
  6. From doing some reading I found that there is a fiber optic wire loop embedded below the track surface and when the transponder crosses over it, the time is recorded. Im not sure if that is exactly true or not. Maybe some others on here know more about it.
  7. Theoretically, if you have 100% identical chassis' but one of the transponders is mounted a 1/4 closer to the front than the others car is, an actual deadhead will show up as a win for the car that had it mounted closer to the front.
  8. More important things to talk about.... how big is the track at Genesee and does it remind you of any other tracks as far as configuration goes? Did you have anything at concessions? How was the overall program run? I know they hustled it because of weather. Were announcers any good? I heard there was a lot of "rubbing" going on.
  9. Thanks for that info. I would really like to get out there and check the place out. Sounds like Leroy had an enjoyable night!
  10. Living every day like its your last is a wonderful cliché. It doesn't mean you forego your common sense. Unfortunately we cant turn back the clock. But if we all worked together instead of promoting division amongst us, there is proof that masks and social distancing work. Just take a look at NY. Now look at the states where people ignored the guidelines. With one central plan from the top, the country would not be in this mess right now. Businesses would be open and the economy wouldn't be in the shitter. We have a moron who contradicts the country's leading infectious disease doctor. That would be equivalent to me going into the pits and telling Sheppard he used the wrong setup on the nights that he finished behind Friesen. I don't know shit about the technology that makes race cars go fast. We all continue to go round and round with our posts, and several are about the NY Gov. The problem starts at the top. I have never in my life seen us in such a mess from A to Z. Real leaders take responsibility. This clown has continued to say he isn't responsible for anything unless it makes him look good. Total chaos and several lawsuits trying to hide the facts. That is one hell of a long tax audit isn't it? Lmfao.
  11. Just be like Lyin Donnie and pretend the virus doesn't exist. Its a hoax. Not real at all. Its "fake news" as Lyin Donnie likes to call anything that proves him to be the Liar and Moron that he is. Drop the masks and the social distancing and get on with life. If half a million people die so what. As long as its nobody in my family who cares!
  12. Glad you had a good time and saw some racing. If the "No Re-entry" is a standard policy I wont waste my time going out there. But like Matts86 said it is not normal policy so if that is true I would like to check the place out some day.
  13. Cool! Ive always wanted to get out there. Let us know how you make out!
  14. Im glad you said it. Im just sitting back laughing at the people who think losing $10 to save $4 or $5 is the smart thing to do. Lmfao. Talk about clueless. I love when I hear people say "Oh he just writes it off". Lol. They have no idea what a write-off is or how it works.
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