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  1. The way racing oughta be... no bullshit dry slick crap. The sprints were turning laps in the feature between 98 and 102 mph on the 4/10 oval. And the mods were turning laps in their feature in the 86-87 mph range. Fast track WITH passing! Fun to watch.
  2. Oh ok... now I understand what you meant. Even though I didnt understand your original post, I still thought enough about it that you got my interest. And it got me thinking. In particular, what is it that Deyo is doing that is so different than other promoters? Is he really doing anything much different? I could answer that with a yes or I could also answer that with a no. So I continue to ask myself what he is doing different? He does seem to be promoting somewhat more than the other tracks do. It seems like he is building excitement about his product which like you say is entertainment. Thoughts?
  3. "To whom should you be catering, if anyone? I think no one." What made you come up with that statement? I'm guessing you don't really mean what you just said. Any successful business person will obviously cater to the people who provide his business's revenue. That would be the drivers, crews, and fans. I agree with you as far as giving him a pat on the back for what he is doing.
  4. DowntheBackStretch

    Lebanon Valley

    Wonder if it is motor?
  5. Great Friday night at Brewerton as the track was very racey and guys were turning fast laps coming from the back. Lots of passing! Didn't mind the dust when the mod drivers were turning laps in the low 15 second range. It's fun to watch fast race cars, smell race fuel and get dirty!
  6. DowntheBackStretch

    Lebanon Valley

    It was daytime track conditions for the first feature? What did they run before the first mod feature took the green?
  7. DowntheBackStretch

    Saturday night fever:(

    Sure puzzles me... why would you have the guy who ran the place into the ground come back and help out? I eventually stopped going to Fonda when he was the promotor. I remember the place was a ghost town when he ran it. Just looked on Speedhive and saw the 21 second laptimes.
  8. DowntheBackStretch

    Doctor and Ray Graham part ways

    Maybe... you might be on to something. Interesting observation.
  9. DowntheBackStretch

    Doctor and Ray Graham part ways

    I Love The Doctor! So flamboyant and unpredictable! Pretty much says and does whatever is on his mind.
  10. DowntheBackStretch

    Fonda Speeedway

    You need to grab the mic and go down into the pits and ask the owners and drivers about that. Lmao. Please.... you are due for some interviews. Redd can be your first interview. Then maybe Jake.
  11. Maybe you can do one of these every Monday. It helps to balance things out.
  12. DowntheBackStretch

    Malta Come and Get it!

    That doesn't sound like a complete program from what you are saying? I just checked and heats were already run So its not a complete program. LCQ's and feature.
  13. Must have been more entertaining to watch the 9s come from the back instead of row 2 or 3.
  14. DowntheBackStretch

    Malta Come and Get it!

    Great thinking! Why the hell didn't I think of that? Lol.
  15. DowntheBackStretch

    Malta Come and Get it!

    Thanks for passing that along. I wish they would post something about how many heats and in what divisions they will be. I would still plan on going but I like to know what to expect before I get there. Sure doesnt look like weather will cooperate.