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  1. DowntheBackStretch

    Lap times are down

    Whats your point? Compared to what?
  2. DowntheBackStretch


    Total Discrimination against anybody who has smoked marijuana on their own time days or weeks before a race. They should make alcohol testing mandatory. And if anybody tests positive they should be suspended. A hair test would work fine. Detection of alcohol in hair samples can show up as long as 90 days. Automatic suspension. No different than marijuana. Stop discriminating! Make it safe for ALL drivers to get strapped in!
  3. This should be a good show Im thinking. Especially since it is a qualifier for the Fonda 200. Im wondering if they will draw some of the past top performers who have done well at The Ridge. Any chance Godown, Bachetti, Ward, or The Doctor might show up?
  4. DowntheBackStretch


    Great news about no cancer. That will be the first of good news for you. I hope you get more good news soon and the pain subsides so you can begin heling your body. Stay strong Big Guy!
  5. Ronnie hardly ever travels. Are you sure he is going?
  6. I just think that Matt should have stayed tucked in down low behind that lapped car instead of letting off and drifting up just high enough to let Erick thread the needle and make the pass underneath him. I was actually kind of surprised to see Matt allow that hole to open up like that. Matt screwed up and Erick made him pay. He schooled him.
  7. Lol... Hell yes! Very good!!!
  8. You don't win all those races by not being fast on a slick track. He makes it sound like Matt struggles on dry slick tracks. I don't believe that to be the case.
  9. What the hell are you talking about? Going crazy? You had better lay down and take a nap. You must be exhausted. I asked how the race played out. Lol. Finally Bob MIller told me. Lol.
  10. Thanks for playing! I finally know what happened.
  11. Rudolph 20.7 secs and Matt 20.9 secs at Utica Rome. You been in racing a long time and I have only watched for just as long. But do you think those times at UR should be referenced as "on ice"? I don't think they should. So I say Erick was simply better than Matt again on a track that wasn't what should be called "ice".
  12. I know. Kind of funny I ask a legit question and nobody gives me their opinion on the last couple of laps.
  13. Sounds like an exciting race last night. It appears Erick was a little faster than Matt. And as we have heard many drivers say before, sometimes its better to be in second so you can watch the guy in front of you. Seems like Erick raced behind Matt the entire feature and then made him a sitting duck with one to go. Was that the way it was? I wasn't there but I looked at the Lap Chart and Lap times. Did Erick set him up perfectly for the pass or did he simply drive by him?
  14. DowntheBackStretch

    S T E W I E ! ! !

    Congrats to Stew!!!